Gym Heroes

# Name Rarity Type
1 Blaine's Moltres Rare Holo Fire
2 Brock's Rhydon Rare Holo Fighting
3 Erika's Clefable Rare Holo Colorless
4 Erika's Dragonair Rare Holo Colorless
5 Erika's Vileplume Rare Holo Grass
6 Lt. Surge's Electabuzz Rare Holo Lightening
7 Lt. Surge's Fearow Rare Holo Colorless
8 Lt. Surge's Magneton Rare Holo Lightening
9 Misty's Seadra Rare Holo Water
10 Misty's Tentacruel Rare Holo Water
11 Rocket's Hitmonchan Rare Holo Fighting
12 Rocket's Moltres Rare Holo Fire
13 Rocket's Scyther Rare Holo Grass
14 Sabrina's Gengar Rare Holo Psychic
15 Brock Rare Holo Trainer
16 Erika Rare Holo Trainer
17 Lt. Surge Rare Holo Trainer
18 Misty Rare Holo Trainer
19 The Rocket's Trap Rare Holo Trainer
20 Brock's Golem Rare Fighting
21 Brock's Onix Rare Fighting
22 Brock's Rhyhorn Rare Fighting
23 Brock's Sandslash Rare Fighting
24 Brock's Zubat Rare Grass
25 Erika's Clefairy Rare Colorless
26 Erika's Victreebell Rare Grass
27 Lt. Surge's Electabuzz Rare Lightening
28 Lt. Surge's Raichu Rare Lightening
29 Misty's Cloyster Rare Water
30 Misty's Goldeen Rare Water
31 Misty's Poliwrath Rare Water
32 Misty's Tentacool Rare Water
33 Rocket's Snorlax Rare Colorless
34 Sabrina's Venomoth Rare Grass
35 Blaine's Growlithe Uncommon Fire
36 Blaine's Kangaskhan Uncommon Colorless
37 Blaine's Magmar Uncommon Fire
38 Brock's Geodude Uncommon Fighting
39 Brock's Golbat Uncommon Grass
40 Brock's Graveler Uncommon Fighting
41 Brock's Lickitung Uncommon Colorless
42 Erika's Dratini Uncommon Colorless
43 Erika's Exeggcute Uncommon Grass
44 Erika's Exeggutor Uncommon Grass
45 Erika's Gloom Uncommon Grass
46 Erika's Gloom Uncommon Grass
47 Erika's Oddish Uncommon Grass
48 Erika's Weepinbell Uncommon Grass
49 Erika's Weepinbell Uncommon Grass
50 Lt. Surge's Magnemite Uncommon Lightening
51 Lt. Surge's Raticate Uncommon Colorless
52 Lt. Surge's Spearow Uncommon Colorless
53 Misty's Poliwhirl Uncommon Water
54 Misty's Psyduck Uncommon Water
55 Misty's Seaking Uncommon Water
56 Misty's Starmie Uncommon Water
57 Misty's Tentacool Uncommon Water
58 Sabrina's Haunter Uncommon Psychic
59 Sabrina's Jynx Uncommon Psychic
60 Sabrina's Slowbro Uncommon Psychic
61 Blaine's Charmander Common Fire
62 Blaine's Growlithe Common Fire
63 Blaine's Ponyta Common Fire
64 Blaine's Tauros Common Colorless
65 Blaine's Vulpix Common Fire
66 Brock's Geodude Common Fighting
67 Brock's Mankey Common Fighting
68 Brock's Mankey Common Fighting
69 Brock's Onix Common Fighting
70 Brock's Rhyhorn Common Fighting
71 Brock's Sandshrew Common Fighting
72 Brock's Sandshrew Common Fighting
73 Brock's Vulpix Common Fire
74 Brock's Zubat Common Grass
75 Erika's Bellsprout Common Grass
76 Erika's Bellsprout Common Grass
77 Erika's Exeggcute Common Grass
78 Erika's Oddish Common Grass
79 Erika's Tangela Common Grass
80 Lt. Surge's Magnemite Common Lightening
81 Lt. Surge's Pikachu Common Lightening
82 Lt. Surge's Rattata Common Colorless
83 Lt. Surge's Spearow Common Colorless
84 Lt. Surge's Voltorb Common Lightening
85 Misty's Goldeen Common Water
86 Misty's Horsea Common Water
87 Misty's Poliwag Common Water
88 Misty's Seel Common Water
89 Misty's Shellder Common Water
90 Misty's Staryu Common Water
91 Sabrina's Abra Common Psychic
92 Sabrina's Drowzee Common Psychic
93 Sabrina's Gastly Common Psychic
94 Sabrina's Mr. Mime Common Psychic
95 Sabrina's Slowpoke Common Psychic
96 Sabrina's Venonat Common Grass
97 Blaine's Quiz Rare Trainer
98 Brock Rare Trainer
99 Charity Rare Trainer
100 Erika Rare Trainer
101 Lt. Surge Rare Trainer
102 Misty Rare Trainer
103 No Removal Gym Rare Rare
104 The Rocket's Training Gym Rare Rare
105 Blaine's Last Resort Uncommon Trainer
106 Brock's Training Method Uncommon Trainer
107 Cerulean City Gym Uncommon Rare
108 Cerulean City Gym Uncommon Rare
109 Erika's Maids Uncommon Trainer
110 Erika's Perfume Uncommon Trainer
111 Good Manners Uncommon Trainer
112 Lt. Surge's Treaty Uncommon Trainer
113 Minion of Team Rocket Uncommon Trainer
114 Misty's Wrath Uncommon Trainer
115 Pewter City Gym Uncommon Rare
116 Recall Uncommon Trainer
117 Sabrina's ESP Uncommon Trainer
118 Secret Mission Uncommon Trainer
119 Tickling Machine Uncommon Trainer
120 Vermillion City Gym Uncommon Rare
121 Blaine's Gamble Common Trainer
122 Energy Flow Common Trainer
123 Misty's Duel Common Trainer
124 Narrow Gym Common Rare
125 Sabrina's Gaze Common Trainer
126 Trash Exchange Common Trainer
127 Fighting Energy Common Fighting
128 Fire Energy Common Fire
129 Grass Energy Common Grass
130 Lightning Energy Common Lightening
131 Psychic Energy Common Psychic
132 Water Energy Common Water