Active Pokémon: Your Pokémon that's in front of all your other Pokémon. Only the Active Pokémon can attack.

Attach: To take a card from your hand and put it on one of your Pokémon in play.

Attack: 1) When your Active Pokémon fights your opponent's Defending Pokémon. 2) The text written on each Pokémon that shows what it does when it attacks (a Pokémon can have one or two attacks on it).

Basic Pokémon card: A card that you can play directly from your hand on your turn to put a Pokémon into play. See Evolution card.

Bench: Your Pokémon that are in play but aren't actively fighting sit here. They're ready to come out and fight if the Active Pokémon retreats or is Knocked Out.

Damage: When one Pokémon attacks another, it will usually cause damage. If a Pokémon has total damage greater than or equal to its Hit Points, it is Knocked Out.

Defending Pokémon: Your opponent's Active Pokémon during your attack.

Discard pile: The pile of cards you've discarded. These cards are always face-up. Anyone can look at these cards at any time.

Energy card: The cards that power your Pokémon and make them able to attack. See Basic Energy card.

Evolution card: A card you can play on top of a Basic Pokémon card (or sometimes on top of another Evolution card) to make it stronger.

Hit Points: A number every Pokémon has, telling you how much damage it can take before it's Knocked Out.

In play: Your cards on the table are considered to be in play. Basic Pokémon, Evolution cards, and Energy cards can't be used unless they are in play. (The cards in your deck, your discard pile, and your Prizes are not considered to be in play, but your Benched Pokémon are.)

Knocked Out: If a Pokémon has damage greater than or equal to its Hit Points, it's Knocked Out. That Pokémon goes to the discard pile, along with any cards attached to it. When one of your opponent's Pokémon is Knocked Out, you take one of your Prizes.

Pokémon: The colorful creatures that fight for you in the Pokémon trading card game. They are represented in the game by Basic Pokémon and Evolution cards.

Pokémon Power: The special abilities some Pokémon have. These are written in the same place attacks are, but they always have the words "Pokémon Power" in front of them so that you can tell they're not attacks.

Prizes: The 6 cards you put face-down at the start of the game. Every time one of your opponent's Pokémon is Knocked Out, you take 1 of your Prizes into your hand. When you take your last Prize, you win!

Resistance: If a Pokémon has Resistance, it takes 30 less damage whenever attacked by Pokémon of a certain other type. Resistance is indicated in the lower middle of the card.

Retreat: The act of taking your Active Pokémon and switching it with one of your Benched Pokémon. To retreat, you must discard Energy equal to the Retreat Cost of the Pokémon retreating. This cost is written in the lower right-hand corner of the card.

Sudden Death: Sometimes both players will win at the same time. In this case, you play a shorter version of the Pokémon game called "Sudden Death" (using only 1 Prize each instead of 6).

Trainer card: These are cards that you play during your turn by following the instructions on the card and then discarding it.

Weakness: If a Pokémon has Weakness, it takes double damage when attacked by Pokémon of a certain other type. Weakness is indicated in the lower left-hand corner of the card.