Hidden Attacks

#55 Mew

PsychicColorless Strange Wave
The attack may cause a random effect to the Defending Pokemon. The e-Reader randomly chooses between Burn, Paralyze and Poison.

Mini Games

Diving Corsola
Name: Diving Corsola
Cards Required: #102 Corsola, #127 Qwilfish
A or B: Swim
Control Pad: Control Corsola
Start: Pause (Restart/Quit)
Objective: You control Corsola, as you make your way down 100 meters to the bottom of the sea floor, while avoiding Tentacool and Quilfish on the way. The top of your screen has an air-o-meter telling you how much air your Corsola has left. As the time passes, your air bar runs down, going from the maximum to the minimum, and when it reaches the minimum, your game is over. As you dive, air bubbles of three various sizes rise from the bottom, and swimming into them will refill part of your air-o-meter. Also, as you dive, the Water/Poison Pokemon rise from the bottom in left-to-right zig zagging patterns. Touching one of these guys will take air away from your Corsola. Touching a Qwilfish will take more air from you than touching a Tentacool, so avoid them at all costs! The game incorporates the concept of water resistance and gravity, so Corsola floats upward when not paddling and dive faster when the paddling gains momentum. If you manage to make it to the bottom of the sea, you'll get to try it all again!

Flower Power
Name: Flower Power
Cards Required: #38 Butterfree, #87 Metapod, #96 Caterpie
A or B: Flap Wings
Control Pad: Control Butterfree
Start: Pause (Restart/Quit)
Objective: Playing as Butterfree, you must gather the pollen from the center of the open flowers. If you touch the yellow center of a flower, it will turn blue. Avoid contact with Beedrill, Koffing and Rattata or your game will be over. Koffing basically stays in one place, while Beedrill flies right to left and Rattata runs on the bottom from both directions. Koffing never floats low enough to prevent you from flying under it. The e-Reader saves your high score.
Distance - 100
Flower - 2,000

Go, Poliwrath!
Name: Go, Poliwrath!
Cards Required: #60 Poliwrath, #89 Poliwhirl, #115 Krabby, #120 Marill, #125 Poliwag, #129 Shellder
A/B: Alternate to swim faster
Start: Pause (Restart/Quit)
Objective: Racing against a Golduck and a Marill, your Poliwrath wants to beat them both to the goal. Try to get the best time possible by quickly alternating between A and B. Pressing the same button twice in a row will cause Poliwrath to slow down, so don't do it. If you don't win, Golduck will.

Hold Down Hoppip
Name: Hold Down Hoppip
Cards Required: #58 Pichu, #112 Hoppip
A: Jump/Pull Rope
Control Pad: Move Pichu Left/Right
Start: Pause (Restart/Quit)
Objective: Controlling a Pichu, you run around on the ground in front of five Hoppip that are tied to stakes. When the game starts, the five Hoppip slowly begin to make their way toward the top of the screen. As they float, your job is to move Pichu to the left side of each Hoppip pole and jump up and pull the rope connected to each Hoppip, pulling the Pokemon back toward the ground. If even one Hoppip gets to the top of the screen, your game is over. As the game continues, the Hoppip travel faster and faster. The Hoppip are actually able to make it just past the top of the screen before their rope becomes untied from the stake, so use this to your advantage. Play this game over and over and try to beat your best time. The e-Reader saves your high score.

Kingler's Day
Name: Kingler's Day
Cards Required: #42 Cloyster, #50 Klingler, #111 Goldeen, #118 Magikarp
Tap A: Dip Claw
Hold A: Dip Claw Deeper
Control Pad: Move Klingler Left/Right
Start: Pause (Restart/Quit)
Time Limit: 2:00
Objective: Playing as Cloyster, you are sitting on the edge of the riverbank with lots of Goldeen, Magikarp and Cloyster swimming below. Before time runs out, you must catch as many Goldeen and Magikarp as possible, while avoiding Cloyster. Hitting a Cloyster will put your Klingler out of commission for about four seconds. Don't hold A for too long, or Klingler's claw will get too heavy and he'll knock himself out for about two seconds. The e-Reader saves your high score.
Magikarp - 200
Goldeen - 2,000

Machop At Work
Name: Machop At Work
Cards Required: #51 Machamp, #85 Machoke, #117 Machop
A: Punch
B: Uppercut
Control Pad: Move Machop Left/Right
Start: Pause (Restart/Quit)
Objective: Help Machop out by smashing all the big boulders that come his way. If the boulder is directly ahead of you press the A button to Punch it, but if it is about to hit you in the head, press the B button to hit it with an Uppercut. If you get hit by a boulder, the game will be over and you'll have to start again. Boulders bounce at different highs, so be careful and don't get tricked. If you manage to smash 50 or move boulders, then you'll evolve into Machoke, but if you manage to smash all 100 boulders, you'll evolve into Machamp.

Card Game Supplements

Coin Flipper 1
Name: Coin Flipper 1
Cards Required: #72 Chansey
Description: A simplistic program for such an easy task, pressing the A button will flip a coin featuing a Chansey on the heads side and nothing on the tails side. The screen will also display a fraction showing the number of heads/total flips and a percentage showing the percent of heads, which can be cleared back by pressing the B button. The screen will also display up to the last ten coin flips and will automatically clear itself of the coins after the 11th flip.

Coin Flipper 2
Name: Coin Flipper 2
Cards Required: #137 Bill's Maintenance
Description: Bill's Maintenance is one of three Trainer Cards with a left-side Dot Code. Swiping it gives you Coin Flipper #2, a program identical to Coin Flipper #1, except that it displays a number two in the top, right hand corner, instead of a number one.

Duel Timer
Name: Duel Timer
Cards Required: #148 Professor Elm's Training Method
Description: A simple timer program featuring two Pikachu with a Pokeball timer between the two of them. The timer can be set for 5-99 mins, in increments of 5. When the timer reaches 00 mins, the words "Time up" appear on screen.

Duel Timer
Name: Duel Timer
Cards Required: #149 Professor Oak's Research
Description: After scanning this card you use the left/right pad to select the amount of time. Then you set a time limit for each players turn the same way with the amount of minutes and seconds you need. Then it shows you a map on screen, telling you to turn the GBA on its side. The screen then goes split-screen and a countdown timer appears on each screen showing how long you have to make your move and how much game time is left. You press L button after each turn or R depending on which screen side you are looking at to stop and restart the timer, ready for your opponent to start their turn.


Flying Journey
Name: Flying Journey
Cards Required: #75 Dragonair
Description: Dragonite flies over the sea, fields and sky. Sometimes he'll fly fast, white other times he'll fly slow. When he returns to back to the beginning, it shows how many times Dragonite flew around the world. This changes everytime the card is scanned.

Name: Gotcha!
Cards Required: #83 Jynx
Description: Pikachu is running after Smoochum, when it accidently bumps into Jynx, who gives Pikachu a big unwanted kiss. It leaves to much of a lasting impression, lip marks appear on screen. The second time around, Smoochum is now being chased after by Elekid. Unlike Pikachu, Elekid spots Jynx and tries to avoid having a kiss planted right on the lips. Before Elekid can escape though, Jynx stops Elekid dead in its tracks with Mean Look, walks over to Elekid and gives him a kiss right on the lips. Just like Pikachu, lip marks appear on screen.

Here Comes Gloom
Name: Here Comes Gloom
Cards Required: #78 Gloom, #122 Oddish
Description: Gloom strolls through the forest as the scent of Gloom goes into the air, causing bunch of Butterfree and Beedrill to from the trees. Gloom then counts how many Bug Pokemon fell. The second time around, Gloom is still walking through the forest, but this time around when the Bug Pokemon fall, they hit Gloom, causing to become all confused. Gloom then falls over and joins all the other Bug Pokemon as it faints too.

Name: Lifesaver
Cards Required: #43 Dragonite, #107 Dratini
Description: Dragonite flies through the air, going over New York, some waterfalls and some fields with windmills. He spots a Pikachu who is drowning in the ocean, so he flies down and rescues it. After Dragonite has brough Pikachu to dry land, it flies off as Pikachu waves goodbye. The second time around when Dragonite goes to rescue Pikachu, Magikarp is holding on his tail, followed by Marill, Goldeen and finally Wobuffet.

Magby and Magmar
Name: Magby and Magmar
Cards Required: #52 Magby, #86 Magmar
Description: Magby and Magmar are both fighting fire with fire, as they battle it out using Flamethrower on each other. Articune apparently doesn't like all the fighting and freezes them both in blocks of ice. They manage to escape by defrosting the ice and continue to pumble each other unrelentlessly with Flamethrower.

Make a Dash!
Name: Make a Dash!
Cards Required: #62 Rapidash
Description: Rapidash gallops at full speed across the fields, kicking up dirt along the way. When Rapidash reaches a post, it shows how fast today's Max speed was. This changes everytime the card is scanned.

Name: Metronome
Cards Required: #41 Clefable, #101 Clefairy
Description: Charizard is flying across the afternoon skyline. We then see Clefable, who starts using Metronome. The sky is then lit up as day becomes night. Haunter doesn't like it and chases Clefable away. The second time around, when Clefable uses Metronome, there is a huge explosion, frying Clefable to a crisp.

Sweet Scent
Name: Sweet Scent
Cards Required: #69 Vileplume
Description: Vileplume takes a stroll through the forest. Sweet Scent eminates into the air out of Vileplume's head. Vileplume is startled when a sworm of Beedrill fly by. The second time around, two Diglett appear on, both on opposite sides of the screen. Dugtrio then digs up right where Vileplume is standing, lifting it into the air.

Time Travel
Name: Time Travel
Cards Required: #50 Celebi (Promo)
Description: N/A

Melody Boxes

Sound Blocks Music Blocks Pattern Blocks
  #93 Abra  
  #94 Bulbasaur  
#95 Bulbasaur   #97 Charmander
  #98 Charmander  
#99 Chikorita #100 Chikorita  
#103 Cubone    
#104 Cyndaquil   #105 Cyndaquil
#108 Ekans #109 Gastly  
#110 Geodude    
#113 Houndour   #114 Koffing
#116 Larvitar    
#119 Mareep    
#121 Meowth   #123 Pidgey
#124 Pikachu #126 Ponyta  
#128 Rattata   #131 Squirtle
  #132 Squirtle  
#133 Tauros    
#134 Totodile   #135 Totodile
  #136 Vulpix