Hidden Attacks

#50b Golduck

Spiral Damage
This attack does a random amount of damage to the defending Pokemon. When you select this attack, the e-Reader will display how much damage is dealt.

#94 Miltank

ColorlessColorless Regaining Milk
You may remove a random amount of damage counter(s) from your Active Pokemon or from each of your benched Pokemon. When you select this attack, the e-Reader will display how much damage is to be removed.

#103b Porygon

ColorlessColorless Miracle Beam
This attack does a ramdom amount of damage to the Defending Pokemon and may affect it with a Special Condition. When you select this attack, the e-Reader will display how much damage and what Special Condition is inflicted to the Defending Pokemon.

#110 Sneasel

DarkColorless Jump Slash
This attack does a random amount of damage to each of your opponent's Benched Pokemon. Weakness and Resistance is not applied. When you select this attack, the e-Reader will display how much damage is dealt to the Benched Pokemon.

Mini Games

Name: Dream Eater
Cards Required: #11 Espeon, #16 Hypno, #18 Smoochum, #74b Drowzee, #74a Drowzee, #95a Mr Mime
Objective: Playing as Drowzee, you must put Pokemon to sleeping using your Hypnosis attack. You must move right and left while repeatedly using Hypnosis and avoiding being seen by Primeape. Everytime you put Primeape to sleep, you go up a level and Primeape is more difficult to put to sleep since it moves around faster.

Name: Harvest Time
Cards Required: #48 Furret, #67 Aipom, #76 Exeggcute, #99 Paras, #112 Tangela
A: Jump
Control Pad: Control Aipom
Start: Pause (Restart/Quit)
Objective: As Aipom, it's up to you to harvest all the falling fruit and nuts it hits the ground and is eaten by a Swinub. To accomplish that, you're able to move Aipom is all direction touching all falling fruit or nuts along the way. Be careful of falling Sunkern, as they will cause Aipom to be stunned for a few valuable seconds possibly costing you the game. The fruit falls in random patterns and after a while falls faster and more further apart meaning you really have to speed up. If you find yourself needing to move quickly, tap the jump button and push the control pad in the direction you want to move in. This will cause Aipom to jump over one space and land into the next. You can use this to jump up, down, left, right or even diagonally.

Name: Jumping Doduo
Cards Required: #46 Dodrio, #73 Doduo
A or B: Jump
Up + Control Pad: Jump
Start: Pause (Restart/Quit)
Objective: Controlling a Doduo, you must attempt to jump over various Pokemon and rocks in a game that is very much like "Fire Hoops". Just press a button and jump, hoping that you clear whatever it is in your way. You Jump over Bulbasaur, Digtrio, Donphan, Sudowoodo, Bellsprout, and boulders. Try pressing two of the jump buttons at the same time when it's time to jump. This will increase your chances of making contact with the button at the time you want to.

Name: Mighty Tyranitar
Cards Required: #40 Tyranitar, #56 Pupitar, #88 Kangaskhan, #89 Lavitar, #98 Onix
Objective: Move Tyranitar back and forth and use the A button to use a Hyper Beam attack to blow-up the rocks coming from the volcano. The game ends when a rock makes it to the ground without being blown-up. The rocks increase in speed and you try to keep up.

Name: Punching Bags
Cards Required: #54 Marowak, #63 Tyogue, #81 Hitmonchan, #82 Hitmontop, #100 Phanpy
A: Kick
B: Punch
Up + Control Pad: Jump
Control Pad: Move Left/Right
Start: Pause (Restart/Quit)
Objective: Take advantage of Tyrogue's powerful fighting technique and hit as many punching bags as possible before one of them hits you! Punching bags will fall from the sky and rise from the ground and you must kick and punch them before they retreat. While the bags are rising/falling, don't let them hit you, or you'll end the game. You can score extra points by hitting multiple bags with one punch or kick, so if you see two bags lined up just right, go for the combo!

Name: Rolling Voltorb
Cards Required: #52 Magnemite, #64 Voltorb, #91 Magnemite, #115 Voltorb
Control Pad: Control Voltorb
Start: Pause (Restart/Quit)
Objective: In Rolling Voltorb, you control a Voltorb that's rolling. Believe it or not, the game is a little bit more fun than that, though. While rolling, the Voltorb must avoid crashing into the rocks and boulders scattered around the ground. Keep rollin' on for a high score! Occasinally, you'll hear the sound of electricity. When you do, a Magnemite is near by. Try to touch it to Super Charge Voltorb allowing him to roll faster and crash through anything in its path - scoring more bonus points in the process!

Name: Sneak and Snatch
Cards Required: #36 Sudowoodo, #65 Weepinbell, #68 Bellspout, #101 Pinsir, #106 Scyther
A: Step left
B: Step Right
Hold A: Stand Still
Hold B: Stand Still
Start: Pause (Restart/Quit)
Objective: A fairly simple game, you play the part of a Sudowoodo who's trying to steal a pile of fruit from a Croconaw who's too stupid to store the food in front of him, rather than behind him. Run up behind the Croconaw while he's not looking and when he turns around, hold really still so he'll think you'll just a tree. Hurry and snatch the food before your time runs out and Croconaw eats it all. You'll need to alternate pressing the A & B Buttons or else the Sudowoodo will fall flat on it's face. However, if the Sudowoodo has fallen down, the Croconaw won't see him if he turns around. Also, when Croconaw turns around, you don't have to wait for him to turn completly away before you can start moving again. Once he's facing back toward his right, you're safe to move.

Construction Action Blocks

Card Scanned Block Description
#2 Arcanine 1 Arcanine to catch
#23 Muk 1 Muk to catch
#27 Parasect 1 Parasect, 1 Koffing and a Poke Ball
#29 Primeape 1 Mankey, 1 Primeape and a Poke Ball
#43 Vileplume 1 Parasect, 1 Vileplume
#50a Golduck 1 Golduck
#60 Skiploom 1 Skiploom
#80 Growlithe 1 Growlithe
#87 Houndour 1 Houndour
#92 Mankey 1 Mankey, 1 Sentret
#93 Mareep 1 Mareep, 1 Koffing
#97 Oddish 1 Oddish
#103a Porygon 1 Porygon
#105 Remoraid 1 Oddish, 1 Remoarid, and a Poke Ball
#107 Sentret 1 Sentret
#108 Slowpoke 1 Slowpoke and a Poke Ball
#116 Vulpix 1 Vulpix and a Ledyba
#123 Forest Guardian Play as Forest Guardian
#126 Juggler Play as Juggler
#130 Pokemon Fan Club Play as fan Club Member
#133 Seer Play as the Seer

Melody Boxes

Sound Blocks Music Blocks Pattern Blocks
  #6 Blissey #8 Electrode
  #30 Quagsire   
#51 Growlithe    
#53 Marill    
#59 Seaking    
#62 Spinarak    
#66 Wooper   #72 Cubone
#75 Eevee    
#78 Goldeen    
#79 Grimer   #83 Hoppip
#86 Houndour    
#95b Mr. Mime    
#96 Nidoran (F)   #104 Psyduck
#109 Smeargle #111 Spinarak  
#114 Togepi    
#117 Wooper #134 Super Energy Removal 2