Deck Garage

Welcome to Bullados's Deck Garage! This is a place where Pokemon TCG Trainers can send in their decks to be fixed by myself, the Deckmaster of

Before you send in your deck, there are several rules that you must follow in order for your deck to be fixed properly.

1. The deck must be 60 cards total.

2. Please tell me what format the deck is for (Unlimited or Modified) so that I can suggest the correct cards for the deck.

3. Please organize your deck into Pokemon, then Trainers, then Energy, and please label each section and label the number of cards in each section.

4. Please tell me what set each card is from, as well as the number of the card in the set.

5. Please include an overview of the strategy behind the deck so that I can fix your deck to what you want it to do.

Also, this is not a rule, but please visit the Pokemon Community message boards to gain some extra insight into how to build a competitive deck correctly. There is additional information on deckbuilding at /tcg/articles/1.php and /tcg/articles/2.php. Please note that each of these articles was written a good while ago, and some of the information contained within could be out of date.

If you want to submit your deck, please send an email with your name, deck name and a complete list of your cards in your deck (60 cards total) to All decks will be posted here once they been reviewed. Thank you.