Satoshi Tajiri

Satoshi TajiriBorn in Tokyo on August 28th 1965, Satoshi Tajiri was considered a bit of a misfit as a young boy. Tajiri had an interest and concern for the creatures and nature that surrounded his home, just outside of Tokyo. He loved to go into the forest and search for insects and exchange them for the collection that he had.

His other abiding love was for video games. In 1982, while in college, Tajiri and his friends began to publish a magazine in which they publicize tips and cheat codes of their favorite video games, coincidently naming it Game Freak.

Satoshi TajiriIn 1991 Tajiri came across a Game Boy for the very first time. When he saw that two Game Boys could be linked with a cable, inspiration struck. "I imagined an insect moving back and forth across the cable," he recalled. "My idea was for information to go back and forth, to be shared." He pictured his insects of old being traded across different Game Boys and evolving into new and better things.

This is why it was important for him that Pokemon not be violent. It wasn't a coincidence either that the monsters don't die when they lose a battle. They just fade away or faint.

Although nobody at Nintendo was initially too excited by Tajiri's strange new game, they decided to take a chance on it anyway. After almost 6 years of hard work, Pokemon was finally ready to hit the shelves in Japan. With barely any publicity, Pokemon managed to sell an amazing 8 million copies.

Today, the Game Creator of Pokemon and the CEO of Game Freak, Satoshi Tajiri, continues to work on what he loves doing best, creating video games.

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