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Unleash the Strength of Two Tough Pokémon!

TIME IS RUNNING OUT! From August 13 to September 17, you can get Heracross for your Pokémon X game or Pinsir for your Pokémon Ygame. These Lv. 50 Pokémon are ready for battle with a variety of powerful moves. Heracross and Pinsir don’t come with any held items. But starting August 18 and while supplies last, you canContinue Reading

Find All the Known Mega Stones!

The Mega-Evolved Pokémon in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y are some of the most incredible Pokémon ever seen! For a Pokémon to Mega Evolve, it must be holding the right kind of Mega Stone, a rare item found somewhere in the Kalos region. Instead of hunting each Mega Stone down on your own, find them all quickly with ourContinue Reading

Perfect your desk with the Pikachu Collection!

Everyone loves the little guy who started it all! Pikachu! Geek out your desk with the only collection for Pokemon lovers!

Classic Pokémon Inspire New Outfits!

Visit the Pokémon Trainer Club Trainer Store to check out new clothing options in the theme of Heracross and Pinsir. The new attire includes shirts, hats, and more that you can put together as an ensemble or mix and match with other clothing in your collection. Check out the Pokémon Trainer Club Trainer Store to see the new Heracross-Continue Reading

Begin Your Stamp Collection!

Pokémon Trainer Club members now can collect cool virtual Stamps as you browse Pokemon.com and participate in Pokémon events! Get Stamps by doing all the stuff you already love to do on Pokemon.com, including watching Pokémon TV episodes, playing online games, and browsing the Pokédex. You can also collect Stamps for participating in major Play!Continue Reading

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