Kanto Series

Cpt. # Japanese Title American Title Scans
Issue 1 - Mysterious Mew
1 VS. Mew A Glimpse of the Glow Scans
2 VS. Machoke Bulbasaur, Come Home! Scans
3 VS. Kangaskahn The Secret of Kangaskhan Scans
Issue 2 - Wanted Pikachu
4 VS. Pikachu Wanted: Pikachu! Scans
5 VS. Onix Onix is On! Scans
6 VS. Gyarados Gyarados Splashes In! Scans
7 VS. Rhydon Raging Rhydon Scans
8 VS. Starmie Suddenly Starmie
9 VS. Fearow ...But Fearow Itself!
10 VS. Voltorb Danger: High Voltorb
11 VS. Electabuzz Buzz Off, Electabuzz!
12 VS. Snorlax Wake Up---You're Snorlax!
13 VS. Psyduck Sigh for Psyduck
14 VS. Arbok That Awful Arbok!
15 VS. Wartortle Wartortle Wars
16 VS. Tauros Tauros The Tyrant
17 VS. Jynx The Jynx Jinx
18 VS. Ninetales A Tale Of Ninetales
19 VS. Eevee Blame It On Eevee
20 VS. Vileplume Meanvile... Vileplume!
21 VS. Nidoking Long Live The Nidoking!
22 VS. Victreebel A Hollow Victreebel
23 VS. Magmar Make Way For Magmar!
24 VS. Dragonite What A Dragonite
25 VS. Articuno You Know... Articuno!
26 VS. Moltres Holly Moltres
27 VS. Kadabra Kalling Kadabra
28 VS. Mr. Mime Peace Of Mime
29 VS. Golbat Go For The Golbat!
30 VS. Zapdos Zap! Zap! Zapdos!
31 VS. Articuno The Art Of Articuno
32 VS. Kadabra A Little Kadabra'll Do It
33 VS. Legendary Birds The Winged Legends
34 VS. Mewtwo (Part 1) And Mewtwo Too!?
35 VS. Mewtwo (Part 2) And Mewtwo Three!
36 VS. Dratini Drat That Dratini!
37 VS. Golem Golly, Golem!
38 VS. Nidoqueen Long Love The Nidoqueen!?
39 VS. Spearow Just A Spearow Carrier
40 VS. Charizard A Charizard... And A Champion
41 VS. Ponyta Ponyta Tale
42 VS. Dodrio Do Do That Doduo
43 VS. Seadra Sea, Sea Seadra!
44 VS. Dewgong Do Wrong, Dewgong!
45 VS. Cloyster Cloystered
46 VS. Marowak Whacked By Marowak!
47 VS. Persian Purrrr-Sian!
48 VS. Paras Paras Sight
49 VS. Gastly As Gastly As Before
50 VS. Lapras Lapras Lazily
51 VS. Magneton Electro Magneton
52 VS. Gengar Growing Out Of Gengar
53 VS. Caterpie Can't Catch Caterpie?
54 VS. Pidgeotto Pidgetto Pick-Me-Up
55 VS. Primeape The Primeape Directive
56 VS. Slowpoke The Coming Of Slowpoke (Eventually)
57 VS. Ekans Ekans In Ecstasy
58 VS. Tentacruel The Kindest Tentacruel
59 VS. Hitmonlee Hitmonlee, Baby (One More Time)
60 VS. Dragonair (Part 1) Breath Of Dragonair (Part 1)
61 VS. Dragonair (Part 2) Breath Of Dragonair (Part 2)
62 VS. Dragonair (Part 3) Breath Of Dragonair (Part 3)
63 VS. Exeggutor Extricated From Exeggutor
64 VS. Arcanine Putting It On The Line Against Arcanine
65 VS. Machop Karate Manchop!
66 VS. Poliwrath Punching Poliwrath
67 VS. Diglett Can You Diglett?
68 VS. Jigglypuff Jigglypuff Jive
69 VS. Horsea Playing Horsea
70 VS. Alakazam Allied By Alakazam!
71 VS. Muk Muk Raking
72 VS. Weezing Weezing Winks Out
73 VS. Venomoth Valiant Venomoth!
74 VS. Magikarp Make Way For Magikarp!
75 VS. Electrode Electrode's Big Shock!
76 VS. Chansey Take A Chance On Chansey
77 VS. Golduck Striking Golduck
78 VS. Venusaur Victim Of Venusaur
79 VS. Aerodactyl (Part 1) Airing Out Aerodactyl
80 VS. Aerodactyl (Part 2) Draggin' In Dragonair
81 VS. Aerodactyl (Part 3) Aerodactyl Redux
82 VS. Raticate Eradicate Raticate
83 VS. Slowbro Bang The Drum, Slobro
84 VS. Clefable Clefabulous Cleafable
85 VS. Shellder Gimmie Shellder
86 VS. Dragonite Double Dragonair
87 VS. Rhyhorn Rhyhorn Rising
88 VS. Beedrill The Beedrill All And End All
89 VS. Metapod The Might Of Medapod!?
90 VS. ??? The Legend