Pokemon Mini

Pokemon Mini
General Information
Review - Find out the specs about the Pokemon Mini gaming hardware.
Pichu Bros. Mini - Play through 6 minigames on your own or with some friends.
Pokemon Breeder Mini - Raise one of the 3 starting Pokemon from Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire in this Pokemon version of Tamagotchi.
Pokemon Party Mini - Play these 8 minigames alone or against your friends.
Pokemon Pinball Mini - Knock the pinballs using Diglett or Pikachu through 90 tables of pinball action.
Pokemon Puzzle Collection - Test your brain power with 80 puzzles for you to choose from.
Pokemon Puzzle Collection 2 - Solve 80 Pokemon-related puzzles ranging from easy to difficult.
Pokemon Race - Guide Pikachu through various tracks to the goal line before any other Pokemon to win.
Pokemon Shock Tetris - A Pokemon version of Tetris where you try to clear the rows while completing your Pokedex.
Pokemon Zany Cards - Play card games, such as poker, with characters from Pokemon.
Snorlax's Lunchtime - Feed Snorlax, but be sure that it doesn't try to eat Pichu!
Togepi's Great Adventure - Tilt your Pokemon Mini to guide Togepi through various levels.