Baton Pass Teams

Baton Passing teams are really cool teams that can do lots of damage to a team or none at all.

What are Baton Passing Teams?
Baton Passing Teams are used when the leading Pokemon knows the move Baton Pass and other stat raising moves. They raise their stats and use Baton Pass to move the stat changes to a Pokemon that needs them the most.

What are good Baton Passing Pokemon?
Most BP Teams (Baton Passing Teams) use Ninjask as their Baton Passer. It is a fast Pokemon and has an ability that after every turn raises its Speed stat and it can use Substitute and Sword Dance. Jolteon can Pass Substitute and can raise speed.

What Pokemon should I pass to?
Slow Pokemon that could use Speed to help their massive Att/Sp.Att stats. Metagross and Rampardos are great examples.


I use a BP team. I use Ninjask as my BPer. I have won lots of matches with this team, 80% wins. I use a Metagross as the Pokemon to receive the boosts. Now I will use a match where I won 6-0 as an example. In bold will be my commentary and I will use the name Doggo as my opponent.

Millky sent out Ninjask! (lvl100 Ninjask)
Doggo sent out Machamp! (lvl100 Machamp)
Doggo withdrew Machamp!
Doggo sent out Weavile! (lvl100 Weavile)
Ninjask use Substitute!
Ninjask made a substitute!
Ninjask's Speed Boost raised Ninjask's Speed!

He lost the match here. I'll explain why later in the guide.

Weavile used Night Slash!
The substitute took the hit!
The substitute failed!
Ninjask used Sword Dance!
Ninjask's Attack sharply Rose!
Ninjask's Speed Boost raised Ninjask's Speed!

I just got a free Sword Dance! Woohoo!

Ninjask used Baton Pass!
Millky sent out Metagross! (lvl100 Metagorss)
Weavile used Night Slash!
Metagross lost 23% of health!

Now from here, I swept his team 6-0 with Metagross. Now with that Baton Pass, I got the same speed as an Agility and 2 more Attack points.

Now, he did only 1 thing wrong, he switched out Machamp. If he used an Attack on me, I wouldn't have got that Sword Dance and I might not have swept him 6-0. I think he was scared that his attack wouldn't break the Substitute. So let's see:

Max Ninjask HP is 326, so a sub would be 25% of that. With Max Defence:
Max Attack Machamp's Dynamic Punch does: Min: 51.66 Max: 60.71 Average: 56.19
Max Attack Machamp's Dynamic Punch+Choice Band does: Min: 77.17 Max: 90.68 Average: 83.93
Max Attack Machamp's Dynamic Punch+Critical Hit does: Min: 100.25 Max: 117.81 Average: 109.03
Max Attack Machamp's Dynamic Punch+Choice Band+ Critical Hit does: Min: 150.06 Max: 176.34 Average: 163.2

Now I can tell you I wasn't running Max HP and Defense so he could've stopped me from getting that Sword Dance. It was that bad choice that lost him the match! With that, I won 6-0. That's just 1 way to use a BP team to great usage!

Tricks and Tips

Don't be greedy! I was playing once, and I got 6 Speed boosts to pass, but I got greedy and tried for 2 Attack points to pass and because of that I lost that match like, 0-5.

If you have say, 6 Speed boosts to pass and 30% HP left and your opponents will probably think you will pass them so use a move to make them sleep or something. If you can Substitute, do it. You will have 5% (or 11% with Leftovers) of HP left with a Substitute up. Then don't try and get in a Sword Dance, it won't work, you don't have enough HP for it. So pass the Substitute and those Speed boosts to another Pokemon on your team and let it take the hit of what was coming.


There are a few counters for BPers and BP Teams. Phazers are a big counter. They stat up and you Phaze them and all of that work goes down the drain. Prediction is a good one. If you predict what's coming, you can get a Wall in. It might not always work but it can. Skarmory is a great counter for teams with Ninjask and that don't have Rapid Spin. Stealth Rock can KO Ninjask and Phazing all stat raising moves.

Also moves like Ice Shard, Extremspeed and Mach Punch will get in before you get in moves like Substituting and Baton Passing. They can shred through weak BPers.


You know how to use a BP team, you know how Pokemon can counter a BP so lets try making one.

Well, we need a Baton Passer. I highly recommend Ninjask mainly because of its high speed and it can raise Attack and Baton Pass them.

Ninjask - Leftovers
Speed Boost
252 Spd / 252 HP / Att
Baton Pass
Sword Dance

Substitute your first turn then keep Substituting for 3 or so turns. Swords Dance if they switched (if you're passing to a Physical Sweeper).

So you have your BPer. Now you want a slow, yet powerful Pokemon. Rampardos is a great choice!

Rampardos - Focus Sash
Mold Breaker
252 Att / 252 Spd / 6 Spd
Stone Edge
Brick Break / Return

Thanks to bad defenses, Focus Sash is your only hope to last any attack and get some sweeping done. Stealth Rocks will hurt but it might be OK.

We need some Walling support. So lets try:

Bronzong - Leftovers
252 HP / 129 Def / 129 Sp.Def
Confuse Ray
Stealth Rock

Not the best Physical Wall but more support coming. Confuse Ray and Hypnosis to annoy and Stealth Rock for when they switch. Extrasensory for damage.

Now some more Physical support:

Swampert - Leftovers
252 HP / 252 Def / 6 Att
Stone Edge / Waterfall

If you're in need of a bit more Physical Support this guy gives it to you. Waterfall is slightly better then Stone Edge but it's up to you. Roar or Protect will do fine.

Lets go with a Special Sweeper:

Alakazam - Expert Belt
252 Spd / 252 Sp.Att / 6 HP
Focus Blast
Energy Ball
Shadow Ball

A great Sweeper and can do a lot of damage. Pretty self explanatory.

Special Wall time:

Blissey - Leftovers
Natural Cure
252 Def / 252 HP / 6 Sp.Att
Ice Beam
Seismic Toss

A great set that lets you heal your teams status conditions, and makes a great Special Wall.

You can change this around and make it more your style. This is just a really rough team. Make sure your team can last if the BPing doesn't work.

What Pokemon Baton Passing helps

Baton Passing help a lot of Pokemon. Mainly it helps:

 Bullet Octillery
 Bullet Rampardos
 Bullet Tyranitar
 Bullet Machamp
 Bullet Gallade
 Bullet Gardevoir
 Bullet Magmortar
 Bullet Electivire
 Bullet Metagross
 Bullet Kingler
 Bullet Flareon
 Bullet Absol
 Bullet Heracross
 Bullet Blaziken
 Bullet Armaldo

So these are a few of the Pokemon that have around 110 base Attack/Sp.Att and poor Speed.

Final Words

Well, BP teams are very powerful if you let them go through with what they need to do. If you're using a BP team, make sure your team is well rounded so you can survive Phazing if it comes.