Game Mechanics

Game Mechanics
Effort Values (EVs) - Hidden stats that determine the stat increases in your Pokemon when they level up.
Baton Pass Teams - Baton Pass Teams are used when the leading Pokemon knows the move Baton Pass and other stat raising moves.
Type Combos - Move type combos that are effective in the fourth generation of Pokemon games.
Ubers - Too powerful Pokemon for battling with great movepools.
Individual Values (IVs) - Hidden stats that determine the base value of the stats of your Pokemon.
Physical and Special Type Moves - The best type-based moves after the Physical and Special split in the fourth generation.
Faster Training - Learn the quickest ways to gain your Pokemon experience and level them up.
Competitive Battling Roles - The roles Pokemon play in competitive battling, such as ubers, walls, sweepers, etc.
Natures - Determine the Nature of your Pokemon and find out the stat it increases and decreases.
How to obtain Eevee and Evolvements - How to acquire Eevee and its evolutions in all four generations of Pokemon games.
Shiny Pokemon - Find out what they are and how to obtain them in each generation of Pokemon games.
Vs Seeker - Find out how to use it, where to find it, and what the different speech bubbles mean.
Catching Pokemon Easier - Learn tips on how to catch Pokemon easier in certain situations.
Happiness - Moves that benefit from Happiness and Pokemon that evolve based on Happiness.