Agate Village

Agate Village

Agate VillageYour next stop is Agate Village, where your sidekick's grandfather lives. It is also the location of the Relic Stone - a mystical rock that will fully purify your Shadow Pokemon once the doors to their hearts are opened.

There's a lot to see and do in Agate Village. In addition to having such useful services as the Berry Master (who will give you free berries) and the Day Care (where you can leave Pokemon to gain experience or to change the name of fully purified ones), you can also find a wide array of great items just lying around. Pick up the Silk Scarf from the small cave on the left-hand side of the village, then head to the middle of the map and nab the Exp. Share. Look for a hidden path behind your grandfather's house, then head east, toward the middle of the map.

After you've explored the town, head for Eagun's house and speak to the granparents. As soon as the reunion starts, someone will bust into the house with news of outsiders in the Relic Forest. Eagun will leave, and you must follow. Take the path to the left of the Pokemon Cente, then enter the cave.

Agate VillageThe evildoer at the Relic Stone, Cipher Peon Skrub, is no pushover - bring Pokemon with open hearts and strong moves. Eagun will lose a battle against the Relec Stone baddie, so you'll have to step in. Wear down his Hitmontop, then Snag it - don't use Flying-, or Psychic-type attacks.

Once you've defeated Skrub, Eagun will tell you about Celebi. Go talk to Senilor about the mysterious Pokemon, then return to Eagun's house and get the Small Tablet. You will then be able to purify your Pokemon.

Agate VillageWhen you claim the Small Tablet from your sidekick's grandparents, you can finally purify your Shadow Pokemon. Any Pokemon with a completely Heart Gauge is eligible for purification. Stand in front of the Relic Stone and press the A Button, then select any Pokemon in your current party. You can purify only one at a time, but you may use the stone as many times as you wish.

When purification is complete, a Pokemon will lose Shadow Rush and gain a former move. It will also be rewarded with all the EXP it built up as a Shadow Pokemon. Finally, you will be able to give it a nickname. Visit the Name Rater in the Day Care to see how your name measures up.


Item Price
Hyper Potion 1,200
Super Potion 700
Full Heal 600
Revive 1,500
HP Up 9,800
Protein 9,800
Iron 9,800
Carbos 9,800
Calcium 9,800
Zinc 9,800
Joy Scent 600
Excite Scent 800
Vivid Scent 1,200


Trainer Pokemon Prize
Cipher Peon Doven Spheal Lv33 Exp: 264
Carvanha Lv34 Exp: 319
Cipher Peon Silton Shroomish Lv34 Exp: 235
Cacnea Lv34 Exp: 332
Cipher Peon Kass Baltoy Lv35 Exp: 217
Ralts Lv35 Exp: 262
Kirlia Lv35 Exp: 525
Cipher Peon Skrub Cipher Peon Skrub (Shadow Pokemon) 1,520
Cipher Peon Skrub Geodude Lv36 Exp: 331
Clamperl Lv36 Exp: 364
Wynaut Lv37 Exp: 173
Hitmontop Lv38 (Shadow Pokemon)

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