Pokemon Colosseum

Pokemon Colosseum
General Information
Review - Want the specs on the game? Not sure about whether to buy it? Well here is the information you need.
Screenshots - Check out the latest screenshots of what the game actually looks like.
Cheats & Codes - If you're looking for cheats and codes, look no further! There are lots of codes here and they don't require Gameshark.
Walkthrough - A complete walkthrough that includes full trainers details and screenshots from the game.
TM's - Find out the location of all 50 Technical Machines.
Shadow Pokemon - A complete list in order of Shadow Pokemon you can Snag.
RPG Mode - Set in the Orre region, find out about utilizing your Snagging Machine to launch Pokeballs, the difference between normal Pokemon and Shadow Pokemon and the importance of purifying Shadow Pokemon.
Colosseum Mode - This is where you can battle the computer in Colosseums.
Poke Coupons - Find out how to obtain them and what items you can trade them in for.
E-Card Compatibility - Find out about the role that the E-Reader plays in Pokemon Colosseum.
Bonus Disc - Pokemon Colosseum preview, Jiarchi Wish Maker trailer, Berry glitch fix and download Jirachi to your Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire Game Pak.
Pokemon Digital Assistant - Find out about the Memo List, E-Mail, and Snatch List.
Time Flute - A rare item used to summon Celebi and rid the darkness of only one Pokemon on your team.
Ways to Purify a Shadow Pokemon - Two ways to remove the darkness from your Shadow Pokemon's heart and get their fourth attack back.
Trading - How to trade Pokemon from Colosseum to Ruby/Sapphire.