Gym Leaders and Elite Four

Unlike previous games, Pokemon Yellow was heavily based off of the Pokemon Anime, which caused a huge difference in the storyline. One of the differences is in the Gym Leaders' and the Elite Four's Pokemon teams. So I present to you, Pokemon Yellow Gym Leaders and Elite Four.

Pewter City Gym Leader: Brock

Type Specialty: Rock

Strategy: Use Mankey's Karate Chop (LV15) and Butterfree's Confusion (LV10) to defeat him.


Pokemon Level Type
Geodude LV10 Rock, Ground
Onix LV12 Rock, Ground

After the Battle

Boulder Badge Increases the attack stat of all your Pokemon already caught, Use HM05-Flash outside of battle.
TM34-Bide Absorbs damage for 2-3 turns then sends it back double the power.

Cerulean City Gym Leader: Misty

Type Specialty: Water

Strategy: First, get Bulbasaur, who can be found next to the Pokemon Center (your Pikachu will need to be in a happy mood). Now use Pikachu and Bulbasaur to fight her.


Pokemon Level Type
Staryu LV18 Water
Starmie LV20 Water, Psychic

After the Battle

Cascade Badge Pokemon up to LV30 obey, Use HM01-Cut outside of battle.
TM11-Bubble Beam 65 Damage, 10% Chance of Lowering Opponent's Speed

Vermillion City Gym Leader: Lt. Surge

Type Specialty: Electric

Strategy: Use a Diglett (from Diglett's Cave), it should knock-out Raichu right away, but have a Bulbasaur and a Geodude for back-up.


Pokemon Level Type
Raichu LV28 Electric

After the Battle

Thunder Badge Increases Speed stat of all Pokemon already caught, Use HM02-Fly outside of battle
TM24-Thunderbolt 95 Damage, 10% Chance of Paralyzing the Opponent

Celadon City Gym Leader: Erika

Type Specialty: Grass

Strategy: If you haven�t already, get the Charmander near Nugget Bridge. Try to evolve it into a Charmeleon. Also use Vulpix/Ninetales and Growlithe. Besides for that, just avoid using Grass, Poison, and Water type Pokemon.


Pokemon Level Type
Tangela LV30 Grass
Gloom LV32 Grass, Poison
Weepinbell LV32 Grass, Poison

After the Battle

Rainbow Badge Pokemon up to LV50 obey, Use HM04-Cut outside of battle
TM21-Mega Drain 40 Damage, Receive half the damage inflicted into the Opponent

Fuchsia Gym Leader: Koga

Type Specialty: Poison

Strategy: This shouldn't be that hard. Use your Charmeleon/Charizard (hopefully it has evolved) and Pikachu. Also bring along any Fire, Flying, Rock, or Psychic Pokemon if you have them.


Pokemon Level Type
Venonat LV44 Bug/Poison
Venonat LV46 Bug/Poison
Venonat LV48 Bug/Poison
Venomoth LV50 Bug/Poison

After the Battle

Soul Badge Increases Defense stat of all Pokemon already caught, Use HM03-Surf outside of battle
TM06-Toxic Causes severe poison, which is where damage increases each turn.

Saffron City Gym Leader: Sabrina

Type Specialty: Psychic

Strategy: Try to use Bug, Ghost, and Dark type Pokemon. Avoid using Fighting and Psychic type moves.
Requirements: Must have defeated Giovanni at Silph.


Pokemon Level Type
Abra LV50 Psychic
Kadabra LV50 Psychic
Alakazam LV50 Psychic

After the Battle

Marsh Badge Pokemon up to LV70 obey
TM46-Psywave Random damage between 1HP and 1.5 X the user's level

Cinnabar Island Gym Leader: Blaine

Type Specialty: Fire

Strategy: Use Water or Ground type Pokemon. Notable Pokemon being Dugtrio, Wartortle/Blasoise, Graveler, Onix, Gyarados, and Staru/Starmie.
Requirements Must have obtained the key inside Pokemon Mansion.


Pokemon Level Type
Ninetales LV48 Psychic
Rapidash LV50 Psychic
Arcanine LV54 Psychic

After the Battle

Volcano Badge Pokemon up to LV70 obey
TM38-Fireblast 120 damage, 10% chance of burning the opponent

Viridian City Gym Leader: Giovanni

Type Specialty: Ground

Strategy: Bring along the strongest Ground, Water, and Grass type Pokemon you have. Use Pikachu on Persian.


Pokemon Level Type
Dugtrio LV50 Ground
Nidoqueen LV52 Ground, Poison
Persian LV53 Normal
Nidoking LV55 Ground, Poison
Rhydon LV55 Ground, Rock

After the Battle

Earth Badge All Pokemon obey
TM27-Fissure A one-hit KO move. It is very inaccurate (hits only 30% of the time).
Congratulations!!! You can challenge the Elite Four now!!! But first, Victory Road.


Type Specialty: Ice

Pokemon Level Type
Cloyster LV53 Water, Ice
Dewgong LV54 Water, Ice
Slowbro LV54 Water, Psychic
Jynx LV56 Psychic, Ice
Lapras LV56 Water, Ice


Type Specialty: Fighting, Rock

Pokemon Level Type
Onix LV53 Rock, Ground
Hitmonlee LV55 Fighting
Hitmonchan LV55 Fighting
Onix LV56 Rock, Ground
Machamp LV56 Fighting


Type Specialty: Poison, Ghost

Pokemon Level Type
Haunter LV55 Poison, Ghost
Golbat LV56 Poison, Flying
Gengar LV56 Poison, Ghost
Arbok LV58 Poison
Gengar LV60 Poison, Ghost


Type Specialty: Dragon

Pokemon Level Type
Dragonair LV56 Dragon
Dragonair LV56 Dragon
Gyarados LV58 Water, Flying
Aerodactyl LV58 Flying, Rock
Dragonite LV60 Flying, Dragon

Final Rival/Champion Battle

Alakazam LV59 Psychic
Exeggutor LV61 Grass, Psychic
Sandslash LV61 Ground

If his Eevee evolved into a Flareon:

Magneton LV61 Electric
Cloyster LV63 Water, Ice
Flareon LV65 Fire

If his Eevee evolved into a Jolteon:

Cloyster LV61 Water, Ice
Ninetales LV63 Fire
Jolteon LV65 Electric

If his Eevee evolved into a Vaporeon:

Ninetales LV61 Fire
Magneton LV63 Electric
Vaporeon LV65 Water