Pokemon Yellow

Pokemon Yellow
General Information
Review - Want the specs on the game? Not sure about whether to buy it? Well here is the information you need.
Screenshots - Some shots of what the actual game looks like.
FAQ - If you have a question, this is where you'll most likely find the answer!
Cheats & Codes - If you're looking for cheats and codes for Pokemon Yellow, go no further. There are lots of codes here and they don't require Gameshark!
Walkthrough - If you need help and are stuck in a certain area, then this walkthrough will help you out! It has been redone and improved a lot, so check it out!
Gym Leaders and Elite Four - The differences between the Gym Leaders' and Elite Four's Pokemon in Pokemon Red/Blue.
TM's & HM's - TM's and HM's are a big part of Pokemon! Here you will find a list of all 50 TM's and all 5 HM's and a list of their abilities.
Surfing Pikachu - This trick tells you how to get a Surfing Pikachu, but more importantly unlock Pikachu's Beach!
Catch Mew - The only legitiment way to catch Mew without the aid of Nintendo or a cheating device.
Battle Chart - Here you'll find a chart that shows which Pokemon type attacks are effective against eachother, and which aren't.
Attacks - A list of all the attacks with a bunch of information like accuracy and power.
Items - A list of all the items available in the game, what they do and where you can find them.
World Map - This is a world map of all the places you will see in Pokemon Yellow.
Gameshark Codes - If you were looking for lots of Gameshark codes, then you've came to the right place. Here you'll find codes on how to get any Pokemon or item you want.