Pocket Monsters Go! Go!

Pocket Monsters Go! Go!I remember when I was a kid playing Super Mario Bros 2 and thinking that the game didn't seem like all of the other Mario games. Well originally, Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels was suposed to be Super Mario Bros 2 in the US, but when it was deemed too difficult, Nintendo took another game that was available only in Japan and inserted Mario characters into the game. Well essentially, this is what the bootleggers have done, but without the permission of Nintendo.

The truth behind this game is that the bootleggers took an old Smurfs (those blue dudes from the 80's) game for the Game Boy and put Pokemon characters into it. This game is available on eBay and in black market stores, but it's also available for download as a rom, so I've had the chance to try it a few times.

The game is a platforming adventure, where you play as Pikachu. You must go from point A to point B in each level, avoiding the evil Bellsprout and Meowth along the way, while collecting lightning bolts to increase Pikachu's jumping power. Pikachu has the ability to ride inside bubbles, climb spinning poles, and swing from posts to reach higher platforms.

The game sounds pretty good so far, right? Well there are some things that the would-be programmers forgot to change, such as references to sasparilla leaves instead of lightning bolts and an introductory speech that seems out of place. The game also shows its age, since Pikachu doesn't even have the ability to run, so the game takes forever to get anywhere. Overall it's a pretty good game; too bad it's a fake.


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