Pokemon Ranger

Pokemon Ranger
General Information
Review - Want to know if this game is worth buying from someone who has already played it? If so, check this page out!
Screenshots - Want to see what the game looks like? Check out the English screenshots to find out!
FAQ - If you have a question that isn't answered in the walkthrough, check this page out for the answer!
Cheats & Codes - Find out how to access the hidden password mode and other useful cheats and codes.
Walkthrough - A complete walkthrough for the English version of Pokemon Ranger.
Obtainable Pokemon - Where to find all 210 Pokemon available for capture.
Browser - The browser information for Ranger's version of the Pokedex.
Extra Missions - Have you beaten Ranger yet? If so, try out these missions.
Ranger Net Missions - Can you gain Deoxys' trust, rescue Celebi, and find Mew?