Manaphy and Phione

Manaphy and Phione are two extremely rare Pokemon that are introduced in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. These two are very unique Pokemon. Below are the steps required to get both Legendary Pokemon.


Note: Two Nintendo DS's are required in order to transfer Manaphy - one for Pokemon Ranger and one for Pokemon Platinum.

Instructions Screenshots
1. Access Ranger Net after finishing the DS game Pokemon Ranger. When you see Ranger Net on your main menu, click on it. Manaphy
2. Your bottom screen will show Play a special mission. On your Nintendo DS press the R shoulder button, the X Button, and left on the D-Pad, all at the same time. Manaphy
3. You should now see a screen that says 'Enter the password' has been added. Manaphy
4. Tap the touch screen, and wait as the game saves. Manaphy
5. After the game saves, tap the screen again, and a new menu will come up that says Enter the password. Manaphy
6. When you click on the password menu, you�ll be allowed to Enter the password! Manaphy
7. Enter the password with capital letters:
 Bullet In America / Canada / Australia it is P8M2-9D6F-43H7
 Bullet In Europe it is Mg35-Cpb8-4FW8
8. You�ll see special message that says the mission is active You�ve been assigned the special mission: 'Recover the Precious Egg' Play it from the Ranger Net menu. Please turn off the game. Turn off the game. Manaphy
9. Turn on the game again. At the menu screen, access Ranger Net and you�ll see an option to Play a special mission. Select it. Manaphy
10. The mission Recover the Precious Egg! appears. Select it. Manaphy
11. You did it! Congratulations, now complete the mission to get the Manaphy Egg. Manaphy
12. To get your Manaphy egg from Pokemon Ranger to Pokemon Diamond or Pearl you�ll need two DS systems. Put Pokemon Ranger in DS system 1. Put Pokemon Diamond or Pearl in DS system 2.

Note: This will only work if the DS systems are set on the same language AND if both Pokemon Ranger and Pokemon Diamond or Pearl are the same version (meaning they have to be from the same region or country for the transfer to work).
13. Turn on DS system 1 with Pokemon Ranger. Select Ranger Net from the menu and select Check the Egg. Manaphy
14. Touch the screen and then select Send Message. Pokemon Ranger will now try to connect with Pokemon Diamond or Pearl. Manaphy
15. Turn on DS system 2 with Pokemon Diamond or Pearl. Access the main menu. Once a message appears to confirm communication with Pokemon Ranger, press the A button. Manaphy
16. Select the Link with Pokemon Ranger option. Manaphy
17. Once the link is active, select and confirm Transfer to start the transfer. Be sure not to shut off the power! Manaphy
18. Once the transfer is complete, press the "A" button to return to the main menu. Start your Pokemon Diamond or Pearl game. Make sure you have an open slot (five or less Pokemon) in your party.

19. Go into any PokeMart and talk to a man wearning green. He'll then give you the Manaphy Egg!

20. Go outside and take 2560 steps (or ride your bike) then go back to the PokeMart and a Lv. 1 Manaphy will hatch! Congratulations!
There was an American event giving away Manaphy through Mystery Gift that was held at Toys "R" Us on September 29, 2007. This special edition Manaphy was contained in a Cherish Ball, with the OT of TRU and an ID No. of 09297. It was also holding a Red Scarf.

There was an Australian event giving away level 50 Manaphy through Mystery Gift that was held at JB Hi-Fi. This special edition Manaphy was contained in a Cherish Ball, with the OT of JBHF and an ID No. of 11077. It was also holding a Red Scarf.


Phione Phione

Now to get Phione, all you have to do is breed Manaphy. Yes, I know what you're thinking: Manaphy is a legendary Pokemon so how can you breed it? Manaphy is in fact the first legendary Pokemon that can breed. However, it can only breed with Ditto and Phione.

Once you breed Manaphy, you'll get Phione. The interesting thing about Phione is even though it hatched from an egg from which Manaphy had bred, it doesn't evolve into Manaphy. I know this is weird, but that makes it a first for a Pokemon. It's also the only known baby Pokemon that can breed without evolving.