Pokemon Platinum

Pokemon Platinum
General Information
Review - Want the specs on the game? Not sure about whether to buy it? Well here is the information you need.
Pre-Release Screenshots - Some shots of what the actual game looks like.
Changes from D/P - A detailed list of all changes from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.
Attacks - A detailed list of all Pokémon Platinum attacks.
New Attacks - A list of all attacks new to the Fourth Generation.
TMs and HMs - A detailed list of all of the TMs and HMs.
Berries - Information on the regenerizing berries scattered throughout Sinnoh.
Gym Leaders and Elite Four - Details on all of the gym leaders and elite four.
After the Elite Four
Battle Frontier - Information on the five battle facilities of Platinum.
National Dex - How to obtain the National Dex.
Pal Park - Learn how to tranfer Pokémon from your old games to Platinum.
PokéRadar - Learn how to use the PokéRadar, as well as how to chain with it.
Special Pokémon
Legendary Pokémon - Learn how to catch these ubër rare Pok&eacut;mon.
GBA Insertion Pokémon - Certain Pokémon that can only be obtained by having a third generation game in the GBA slot.
Swarms - How to catch swarming Pokémon.
Sweet Honey - Using honey to attract Pokémon to trees.
Burmy - Learn how to catch this elusive Pokémon.
Deoxys - How to chance Deoxys' form.
Manaphy and Phione - How to obtain Manaphy and Phione.
Spiritomb - How to catch Spiritomb.
Game Mechanics
Time - Learn how time affects the overworld and gameplay aspects.
Weather - Learn about weather, and how it affects gameplay.
Two-Type Battle Chart - Find out which attacks will affect certain Pokémon.
Abilities - A list of abilities new to the Fourth Generation.
New Ways to Evolve Pokemon - Find out how to utilize the new evolution method.
Underground - Find out about the complex system of mazes in Sinnou Underground, as well as tactics for mining.
Secret Bases - Learn how to start secret bases in the underground, as well as how to play the flag game with friends.
PokéTch - Information on the Poketch, a device that is displayed on the DS's bottom screen.
Super Contests - How to perform in Sinnoh's cotests.