Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red/Blue Rescue Team

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red/Blue Rescue Team
Review - Want to know if this game is worth buying from someone who has already played it? If so, check this page out!
Screenshots - Want to see what the game looks like? Check out the English screenshots to find out!
Cheats & Codes - Find out useful cheats and codes to help you get farther in the game.
Bosses - Strategies to help defeat all 19 boss Pokemon.
Town - A list and description about all the huts you'll find in the Town.
Outer Town Areas - A list and description of the very important locations.
Dungeons - Find out about Dungeons, Dungeon Floors and Alternate Dungeons.
Traps - Find out what they are and the effects they have on your Pokemon.
Items - Find out what items are and how to acquire them.
Hunger - An annoying, but important part of the game.
Dungeons List - A list in alphabetical order of dungeons in the game.