How to Catch Feebas

Feebas remains an incredibly rare and daunting Pokemon to catch. In the past games, Feebas can only be found on six tiles on Route 119. Altering the trendy phrase on Dewford Island can change the spots where Feebas appears.

Now in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Feebas has become even more rare. It appears in the Mt. Coronet Lake but only on four tiles. And to make things even worse, the tiles change everyday so you don't have a choice on where Feebas will be. There is no way of telling where Feebas is for the day until you have actually found it, so you're going to have to spend a lot of time fishing with the Super Rod to find it.

In the end, Feebas is simply very hard to find but it is quite easy to catch though and when it evolves into Milotic, you might think it was worth all the hard work. The good thing is, the method to evolve it is still the same.