Pokemon Diamond/Pearl

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl
General Information
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Screenshots - Want to see what the game looks like? Check out the English screenshots to find out.
FAQ - If you have a question, this is where you'll most likely find the answer!

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Walkthrough - If you need help and are stuck in a certain area, then this walkthrough will help you out!
Amity Square - Take a certain Pokemon with you and find rare items.
Battle Changes - Find out the difference between Physical, Special, and other attacks.
Burmy - Depending on where you catch this Pokemon, it will be a different type.
Deoxys - Find out how to change your Deoxys' form using Meteorites.
Gym Leaders and Elite Four - Strategies on battling the toughest Pokemon trainers in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.
New Breeding Factors - How the rules of breeding have changed, such as with Ditto and acquiring pre-evolutions.
New Partners - Trainers that you battle alongside for which you get a Pokemon for helping them out.
New Pokedex Features - Compare your own height and weight to that of your Pokemon.
Pokeball Seals - Find out how to attach special seals to your Pokeball to create effects when you release your Pokemon.
Pokemon Contests - Find out about the three new stages, how Pofin helps your Pokemon's stats, and dressing up your character.
Ribbon Society - A resort area that gives you access to three exclusive Ribbons and massages to improve the happiness level of your Pokemon.
Secret Bases - Create and decorate your Secret Base in the Sinnoh Underground.
Single Battling Strategies - How Physical and Special Attacks have helped some Pokemon and hurt others like Alakazam.
Sinnoh Underground - A special area under Sinnoh where you can build your Secret Base, mine, and play capture the flag.
Sweet Honey - An item that allows you to attract exclusive Pokemon.
Time - Find out how the time of day affects your surroundings.
Weather - What effects weather has on certain moves and abilities.
Wi-Fi - Trade and battle with fellow Pokemon trainers worldwide.

Game Mechanics
Attacks - A list of all the attacks with a bunch of information like accuracy and power.
Battle Chart - Check out the battle chart to find out which type of attacks are super-effective against opposing Pokemon types.
Berries - A list of all Berries and their effect on your Pokemon.
Dual-Type Battle Chart - A battle chart with the effectiveness of attacks against Pokemon with two types.
GBA Insertion Pokemon - Find out which Pokemon appear when you insert different Pokemon GBA games into your Nintendo DS.
Move Tutors - Find out what moves these useful characters teach your Pokemon.
New Abilities - Special traits that Pokemon have that can alter things inside and outside of battle.
New Attacks - A list of all the new attacks exclusive to Pokemon Diamond/Pearl.
New Features - Find out about the new features exclusive to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and features that have returned from previous generations.
New Ways to Evolve Pokemon - Find out about the new methods to evolve, such as gender, location, and level up with attack.
Poketch - Find out about the different functions the Poketch serves, such as a timer and an alarm clock.
TM's & HM's - A list of all the TM's and HM's in and game and where they are located.
Unobtainable Pokemon - A list of Pokemon that aren't found in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and need to traded from past games.
Version Exclusives - A list of which Pokemon are exclusive to Pokemon Diamond and which Pokemon are exclusive to Pokemon Pearl.

After the Pokemon League
Battle Tower - Battle in Single or Double Battles to win Battle Points, which can be traded in for rare prizes.
National Dex - How to obtain it and what new features have been added.
Pal Park - The only way of transferring Pokemon from previous Game Boy Advance Pokemon games.
PokeRadar - Obtained from Professor Oak, it allows you to find and catch special non-Sinnoh Pokemon.
Swarms - Find out where these packs of Pokemon are located by talking to your rival's sister.
Trainer Cards - Find out what objectives you have to accomplish to upgrade your Trainer Card.

Catching Pokemon
Feebas - Find out how to catch one of the rarest Pokemon in the game.
Legendary Pokemon - Find out how to catch Dialga/Palkia, the Three Legendary Psychic Pokemon (Azelf, Mesprit, Uxie), Pokemon found after obtaining National Dex (Regigigas, Heatran, Giratina, Cresselia), and Nintendo Event Pokemon (Darkrai, Shaymin, Arceus).
Manaphy and Phione - Find out how to catch two of the rarest Pokemon in the game.
Rotom - Find out how to catch this rare Ghost- and Electric-type Pokemon.
Spiritomb - Find out the unique way of catching this Pokemon.