Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire

Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire
General Information
Review - If you're looking for the latest information, this is the page to visit!
Screenshots - Some shots of what the actual game looks like.
FAQ - If you have a question, this is where you'll most likely find the answer!
Cheats & Codes - If you're looking for cheats and codes, go no further. There are lots of codes here and they don't require Gameshark!
Walkthrough - If you need help and are stuck in a certain area, then this walkthrough will help you out!
TM's & HM's - TM's and HM's are a big part of Pokemon! Here you will find a list of all 50 TM's and all 8 HM's and where to actually get them.
Battle Chart - Here you'll find a chart that shows which Pokemon type attacks are effective against eachother, and which aren't.
Attacks - A list of all the attacks with a bunch of information like accuracy and power.
Items - A list of all the items available in the game, what they do and where you can find them.
Abilities - Special powers that Pokemon have and what they do.
Natures - Depending on which Nature your Pokemon has, it could increase its Sp. Attack or decrease its Speed.
Attached Items - Find out the rarity of a wild Pokemon you encounter having an item attached to it or not.
Berrydex - A list of all Berries in existance and their effect on your Pokemon.
Egg Groups - Find out which Pokemon can breed together and produce Eggs and which Pokemon won't no matter what.
Pokeblocks - Which stat each color of Pokeblock boosts for Pokemon Contests.
Pokeballs - A list of all the new Pokeballs, where to find them and what they do.
Battle Tower - After you have defeated the Elite Four, battle the toughest trainers in the game to win rare prizes.
Contests - Find out how to enter, what you are being judged on and how to better your chances of winning.
Contest Moves - Find out what effect attacks have in Pokemon Contests.
Contest Move Combos - Find out what combos you can perform with attacks in Pokemon Contests.
Secret Base - All the information you need to know about building your own Secret Base.
Trainer Card - How to upgrade your Trainer Card by earning stars by accomplishing specific things, such as completing your Pokedex.
Trainer's Eyes - Accessed through the PokeNav, this features keeps track of details about every trainer you battle throughout the game.
Trick House - Find out how to solve each puzzle, how tough your opponents are going to be and what prize you get from the Trick Master.
Battle-e Cards - Find out the requirements and how to activate them using the e-Reader.
Catch Latias & Latios - Find out about the EON Ticket and how to use it to catch Latias/Latios.
Catch Feebas - How to catch and evolve the R/S version of Magikarp.
Catch Shedinja - How to catch this Pokemon and what makes it so useful.
Mirage Island - What is so special about this island and how to make it appear.
Visual Braille - Use this helpful chart to unlock the puzzles and capture the three legendary Regis Pokemon.
2-on-2 Battles - Find out exactly how they work and what attacks can hit more than one Pokemon.
Berry Glitch - Find out how it affects your game and the many ways to resolve it.
Pokemon Contest Strategies - Tips from an expert on doing your best in Pokemon Contests.
Single Battling Strategies - Learn about STAB, roles Pokemon play in battles and the importance of items.
Happiness - What it is and how it affects your Pokemon.
World Map - The many places you will see in the Hoenn Region.
Gameshark Codes - If you were looking for lots of Gameshark codes, then you've came to the right place. Here you'll find codes on how to get any Pokemon or item you want.
Dual-Type Battle Chart - A battle chart with the effectiveness of attacks against Pokemon with two types.