Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen

Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen
Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen
Review - Want the specs on the game? Not sure about whether to buy it? Well here is the information you need.
Screenshots - Some shots of what the actual game looks like.
Wireless Adapter - Wireless link up adapter for the GBA that lets you battle other trainers and get rare items.
TM's & HM's - A list of all the TM's and HM's, where to find them, and their effect on your opponent.
Happiness - What it is and how it affects your Pokemon.
Move Tutors - Where they are located and which moves they teach your Pokemon.
Berry Program Update - How to fix the Berry Glitch in Ruby/Sapphire using FireRed/LeafGreen.
Mystery Gift - How to unlock it and what uses it has.
Version Exclusive Pokemon - Pokemon exclusive to FireRed and LeafGreen.
Fame Checker - Keep track of important things that characters told you.
Help Modes - The two help modes, the Help Screen and Teachy TV, explained in detail.
Dual-Type Battle Chart - A battle chart with the effectiveness of attacks against Pokemon with two types.
VS Seeker - Locate nearby trainers to battle with this new gadget.