Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough

23 - Mt. Pyre


To reach Mt. Pyre, go to the place where you saw Team Aqua blocking the way. From there, just go south and surf.

Once you're inside, talk to the old granny on the upper right side and she'll give you a Cleanse Tag.


Instead of following Team Aqua to the top of Mt. Pyre, just go upstairs to get some items.

There are trainers here that have strong Pokemon. Make sure you can beat them and gain experience!

At the top of the tower, you'll find a TM that contains Shadow Ball. Now, go downstairs by using the hole you see in the area where you found Shadow Ball.
You should find Lax Incense and Sea Incense as you go back down to the main lobby.
Once you're in the lobby, take the path to the left side.
Climb your way up! There are items in this area. TAKE THEM!
Check the Tombstone you see in the area and get some items.
Once you're at the top, it will be foggy and the Team Aqua members will be there. Proceed to the north and fight the Team Aqua members.

At the end, you'll meet Archie.

Archie will tell you that he already got what he wants, the Red Orb, and leaves.

The old couple at the top of Mt. Pyre will get worried about the two orbs being stolen by Team Aqua and Magma.

The old lady will give you the item that Team Magma drops. It's the Magma Emblem!

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