Pokemon Emerald

Pokemon Emerald
General Information
Review - If you're looking for the latest information, this is the page to visit!
Screenshots - Some shots of what the actual game looks like.
FAQ - If you have a question, this is where you'll most likely find the answer!
Cheats & Codes - If you're looking for cheats and codes, go no further. There are lots of codes here and they don't require Gameshark!
Gameshark Codes - If you were looking for lots of Gameshark codes, then you've came to the right place. Here you'll find codes on how to get any Pokemon or item you want.
World Map - The many places you will see in the Hoenn Region.

Walkthrough - If you need help and are stuck in a certain area, then this walkthrough will help you out!
2-on-2 Battles - Find out exactly how they work and what attacks can hit more than one Pokemon.
Battle-e Cards - Find out the requirements and how to activate them using the e-Reader.
Berry Glitch - Find out how it affects your game and the many ways to resolve it.
Contests - Find out how to enter, what you are being judged on and how to better your chances of winning.
Double Battles - Find out about the new double battles added in Emerald.
Important Characters - Characters that you'll meet along your journey and their significance.
In-Game Trading - Trade with trainers in Pokemon Emerald to acquire rare Pokemon.
Mirage Island - What is so special about this island and how to make it appear.
New Breeding Features - Same Nature, Volt Tackle, and halving walking time.
New Locations - Locations that are exclusive to Pokemon Emerald.
Secret Base - All the information you need to know about building your own Secret Base.
Team Aqua and Magma - Find out about the various encounters you'll have with the villains of Pokemon Emerald.
Trainer Card - How to upgrade your Trainer Card by earning stars by accomplishing specific things, such as completing your Pokedex.
Trick House - Find out how to solve each puzzle, how tough your opponents are going to be and what prize you get from the Trick Master.
Visual Braille - Use this helpful chart to unlock the puzzles and capture the three legendary Regis Pokemon.

Game Mechanics
Abilities - Special powers that Pokemon have and what they do.
Attached Items - Find out the rarity of a wild Pokemon you encounter having an item attached to it or not.
Attacks - A list of all the attacks with a bunch of information like accuracy and power.
Battle Chart - Here you'll find a chart that shows which Pokemon type attacks are effective against eachother, and which aren't.
Berrydex - A list of all Berries in existance and their effect on your Pokemon.
Contest Move Combos - Find out what combos you can perform with attacks in Pokemon Contests.
Contest Moves - Find out what effect attacks have in Pokemon Contests.
Dual-Type Battle Chart - A battle chart with the effectiveness of attacks against Pokemon with two types.
Egg Groups - Find out which Pokemon can breed together and produce Eggs and which Pokemon won't no matter what.
Happiness - What it is and how it affects your Pokemon.
Items - A list of all the items available in the game, what they do and where you can find them.
Move Tutors - People all over Hoenn that will teach your Pokemon moves it normally can't learn on its own.
Natures - Depending on which Nature your Pokemon has, it could increase its Sp. Attack or decrease its Speed.
Pokeballs - A list of all the new Pokeballs, where to find them and what they do.
Pokeblocks - Which stat each color of Pokeblock boosts for Pokemon Contests.
TM's & HM's - TM's and HM's are a big part of Pokemon! Here you will find a list of all 50 TM's and all 8 HM's and where to actually get them.
Trainer's Eyes - Accessed through the PokeNav, this features keeps track of details about every trainer you battle throughout the game.
Weather - What effects weather has on certain moves and abilities.

After the Pokemon League
Artisan Cave - The only place in the third generation to catch Smeargle.
Battle Frontier - Find out about the Battle Tower, Battle Dome, Battle Pike, Battle Palace, Battle Factory, Battle Arena, Battle Pyramid, and Move Tutors.
Battle Tower - After you have defeated the Elite Four, battle the toughest trainers in the game to win rare prizes.
Getting the Johto Starters - How to acquire one of the Johto Starter Pokemon.
National Dex - Obtained after defeating the Elite Four, this upgraded Pokedex allows you to collect data on Kanto/Johto Pokemon.
Safari Zone - Find out about the new areas and new Johto Pokemon available.
Shoal Cave - Catch rare Pokemon like Spheal and Snorunt and obtain rare items like the Shell Bell.

Gaming Strategies
Pokemon Contest Strategies - Tips from an expert on doing your best in Pokemon Contests.
Single Battling Strategies - Learn about STAB, roles Pokemon play in battles and the importance of items.

Catching Pokemon
Catch Feebas - How to catch and evolve the R/S version of Magikarp.
Catch Latias & Latios - Find out about the EON Ticket and how to use it to catch Latias/Latios.
Catch Shedinja - How to catch this Pokemon and what makes it so useful.
Legendary Pokemon - Find out how to obtain these rare and powerful Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald.
Special Pokemon - Pokemon that are caught differently in Emerald than in Ruby/Sapphire.