Pikachu's Rescue Adventure

Pokemon: The Movie 2000
Pokemon: The Movie 2000
Japanese Title
Pikachu's Exploration Party
Release Date
July 17, 1999 Japan
July 21, 2000 US/Canada
Pokemon: The Movie 2000
Togepi gets mistaken for an Exeggcute egg, so Pikachu and friends try to find the missing egg.
Character Appearances
Ash Ketchum, Misty, Tracey
Pokemon Debuts
Elekid, Ledyba, Hoothoot, Bellossom
Pokemon Appearances
Pikachu (Ash's), Meowth (Team Rocket), Togepi (Misty's), Bulbasaur (Ash's), Squirtle (Ash's), Psyduck (Misty's), Marill (Tracey's), Venonat (Tracey's), Exeggcute, Snorlax, Chansey, Exeggutor
A Poliwhirl is seen bouncing around and says "Poliwrath" by mistake.
Music Edits
As with Pikachu's Summer Vacation, the dub replaced all the music with their own songs. The ending credits, which featured Pokemon fan art in Japan, were cut out to not confuse parents into thinking the movie was over already.
Dialogue Edits
Instead of the kind lady narrator being replaced with Dexter like in Pikachu's Summer Vacation, the dub doesn't have even have a narrator this time. To make up for the lack of dialogue, the dub added in various Pokemon saying their names.
Added Scenes
Total Time Added: 8 sec

Right after the title screen, the dub adds a smaller "Pokemon the Movie 2000" title screen.

Our heroes are tired from their traveling and decide to take a break. They decide to let out all the Pokemon and everyone takes a nap, except Togepi who sees some Ledyba up in the sky. It doesn't pay attention where it's stepping and trips and starts to roll down the hill. The Pokemon see Togepi and run after it.

Meowth is walking along and is lost and ends up getting hit in the face with Togepi and rolls down the hill too. Togepi and Meowth can't stop and they fall down a hole in a tree stump. The Pokemon start yelling, but Psyduck is running down the hill and can't stop, knocking them down the hole too and the beginning credits start to role as they fall down the lengthy tunnel.

At the bottom they end up luckily landing on some Ledyba who fly them overhead as they look at some Water Pokemon below. The Ledyba put the Pokemon down safely on some leaves where an Elekid confronts them. It doesn't seem too friendly, but Pikachu talks to it and they become friends.

Meanwhile Meowth is trapped on a branch above a waterfall. A Gyarados jumps up and tries to bite him and he says that he is out on a limb. Back with Pikachu, Elekid finds out that they are looking for Togepi, so they all go to look for the lost Pokemon.

The Pokemon continue walking until they make it to a branch where they nervously cross it. They start to rest, but Elekid gets them moving and they find a group of Exeggcute in a nest along with Togepi. Pikachu and friends try to get Togepi back, but the Exeggcute think it is an egg and won't give it up. The Pokemon give up and decide to leave Togepi with its new friends. They exit through a tunnel to find a group of dancing Bellossom along with various other dancing Pokemon.

At the end of the big dance, they all clap and smile. The Pokemon decide to continue moving on and find some Clefairy who do Metronome and send the Pokemon blasting off to some leaves. They all start to bounce on them and go higher and higher and from leave to leave.

Meowth meanwhile is still out on the branch so Elekid and Pikachu grab onto him. They end up falling into a Snorlax's gut, who pops them out into the water. Then a Gyarados comes up with the 3 Pokemon holding on for dear life. Meowth tries to push Pikachu off who shocks Meowth along with Gyarados, who knocks them off sending Meowth blasting off. Elekid and Pikachu are luckier and land safely.

Then suddenly the sky starts to cloud over with really dark looking storm clouds. The wind starts to blow harshly and all the Pokemon take shelter from the storm. Pikachu goes up to save Togepi and the Exeggcute and has to hold them down so they don't blow away. All the Pokemon come out and try to help Pikachu. Togepi is really scared, but even Snorlax helps, as everything is looking good.

Suddenly lightening hits some trees, knocking the trees over. Snorlax tries to help by blocking the wind, but the lightening is still coming close to them. Pikachu and Elekid go to the top of the tree and they block the lightening bolts with their electricity. Then a fire starts and Squirtle along with Marill put it out. Togepi almost blows away, but all the Pokemon make a chain and hold onto eachother. Snorlax is at the end and lets go and Pikachu has to hold onto a branch with his teeth for dear life.

Pikachu is in pain and can't hold on anymore and lets go, but Snorlax luckily grabs him and pulls everyone into safety. The sky then clears and a Dragonair flies over the skyline. Suddenly a Chansey walks in with the missing Exeggcute and the Exeggcute group together and start to bounce around happily. Everyone is smiling and suddenly the Exeggcute evolve with a Leave Stone to become an Exeggcutor.

After a long day of excitement, Pikachu and friends decide to go back to their trainers, so they all wave goodbye. Snorlax is waving, but it falls asleep and continues waving. They exit through the tunnel as Pikachu yells its name one last time.

The scene switches to Meowth who is floating down the river. He wakes up and says that he is never going to go to summer camp again. Back with Ash, Misty and Tracey, they finally wake up, but they can't find the Pokemon. Then they notice them down playing in the water and Ash calls Pikachu, who jumps up along with all the other Pokemon.

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