The Simpsons - Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo
The Simpsons The Simpsons
A reference is made to the infamous seizure incident when Bart, watching the popular anime "Battle Seizure Robots," starts going into seizures. The rest of the family goes into seizures too when they catch a glimpse of it, except Homer who sees everyone on the ground rolling in pain and decides to join in. Later, when the anime is back from commercials, the family goes into seizures again.
The Simpsons - Children of a Lesser Clod
The Simpsons The Simpsons
Bill Cosby: Now, my good man, what do you like to play?
Kid: Pokemon!
Bill Cosby: Pokemon? Pokemon, with the pokey and the mon and the...
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South Park - Chinpokomon
South ParkSouth ParkSouth Park
The kids of South Park discover Chinpokomon, Japans #1 cool toy to own! Wanting to avoid being losers, they persuade their parents to buy them the toys only to discover that the Chinpokomon are designed to brainwash them into bombing Pearl Harbor. In one scene, Kenny goes into a seizure while playing the Chinpokomon video game. The parents band together to stop Japan and save America!
TV Funhouse - Jokamel
TV FunhouseTV FunhouseTV Funhouse
On their way to the Jokamel Tournament, our heroes, Ash, Misty, Brock and Jocamel run into their arch nemesis Team Morter. Team Morter demands that Ash hands over Jocamel and all his other Jokamel, but Ash refuses to go down without a fight. Jessie tries to use one of her Jokamel, but Jocamel consumes it and uses its power to make Team Morter blast off.
The Norm Show - An Encounter With Ash
The Norm ShowThe Norm ShowThe Norm Show
A young boy named Tommy thinks that he's really Ash, so he challenges Norm to a Pokemon battle. Tommy sends out his Pikachu, while Norm chooses Squirtle. Squirtle ends up giving up, so Norm sends out Butterfree, while Tommy counters with Charmander. Suddenly Team Rocket interrupts the battle and says that they are going to steal everyone's Pokemon. Pikachu ends using Thundershock and frying Norm, causing him to turn black.
Robot Chicken - Pokemon Blooper
Robot Chicken Robot Chicken
Robot Chicken Robot Chicken

Pikachu and Squirtle are talking to each other when all of a sudden Squirtle breaks character and yells at the director that what they're saying doesn't make sense. Pikachu tells Squirtle, who he calls Earl, to say the line or he'll get the gas. Squirtle doesn't care and tells the kids to go read a book or something.
Robot Chicken - What it's like inside of a PokeBall
Robot Chicken Robot Chicken
Robot Chicken Robot Chicken

Pikachu wins a battle with Jigglypuff with a Thunderbolt attack, when Ash calls it back into its PokeBall. Misty says she wonders what it's like inside of a PokeBall, while Ash wonders when she'll shut up and make his dinner. Inside the PokeBall, Pikachu is having a party with a bunch of other Pikachu. They all begin to dance to the music as the disco ball shines above them. Back outside of the PokeBall, Gary challenges Ash to a battle, so he recalls Pikachu from the PokeBall. Once outside of the PokeBall, Pikachu is confronted by Gary's Charizard. Ash tells Pikachu to attack, while Pikachu looks back at him in anger.