Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea

Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea
Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea
Japanese Title
Pokemon Ranger & The Prince Of The Sea - Manaphy
Release Date
July 15, 2006 Japan
April 3, 2007 US/Canada
Pikachu Short
Pikachu's Mischievous Island
Ash helps a Pokemon Ranger protect the egg of Manaphy from a pirate.
Character Appearances
Ash Ketchum, May, Brock, Max, Jessie, James
Pokemon Debuts
Manaphy, Tamanta, Buoysel, Chatot
Pokemon Appearances
Pikachu, Meowth, Munchlax, Medicham, Corphish, Squirtle, Aipom, Octillery, Luvdisc, Goldeen, Qwilfish, Wailord, Mantine, Chinchou
This will be the first Pokemon movie to be dubbed by Pokemon USA. Brendan (male trainer from Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, and having last appeared in a cameo role in Jirachi: Wish Maker), Rebecca (Metagross trainer from Destiny Deoxys), Solana, Atilla, Hun, and Professor Sebastian all make cameos at the beginning of the movie. This movie is partly based off the Nintendo DS game Pokemon Ranger, and also a secret quest in the game where the player tries to get the Manaphy Egg. The setting of this movie is based off of Rome, Italy.

The narrator starts by introducing the world of Pokemon. He then explains about all the different people and their goals and jobs in the world of Pokemon. Here we see Rebecca with a Tyranitar and Brendan (male trainer in Ruby and Sapphire) with Swampert battling. Marina is running beside Lugia with all her Pokemon (there are no new ones from the Legend of Thunder). We also see Team Rocket and what it seems have Rayquaza and Solana rescuing Pokemon from a fire. The narrator then explains about Ash and the group, on how they traveling through different regions doing various things.


The scene then cuts to a Pokemon egg drifting pass some Ramoraid and down into the depths of the ocean. Above water, multiple helicopters suddenly start to fly over where the egg is. They send a message to a submarine that is underwater. Inside is a pirate with his Chattot and some of his assistants. The Chattot then flies onto one of the assistant's head and starts to squawk out a few words. After spotting the egg, the assistant fires a claw like device and captures the egg inside a container. The claw is reeled in and the pirate whose name is Phantom heads down to see the egg as the sub resurfaces. The egg is currently inside a spherectrical container as some of Phantom's other assistants all gather around and stare at it. The captain gazes at the egg but suddenly; one of his assistants grabs the egg and runs off with it, dodging several other people who try to stop him. He runs through the submarine, trying to find the exit while several other people continue to chase him.

He reaches a ladder and starts to climb up it while carefully watching his pursuers. The thief then reaches the kitchen while talking to somebody through an earpiece. He quickly stashes the egg into a bag just before a few of the captain's assistants see him. The men surround the thief but while showing a great amount of skill, the thief leaps of some benches while dodging the attempts from the others to stop him. He quickly runs out of the room before knocking over a bag of potatoes, which some of the assistants trip over. The thief makes it outside but still some of the crew is chasing him. The floor then opens right ahead of the thief but he easily leaps over it and over to the other end of the submarine.

Phantom appears from the hole, and sends out his Pinsir and Parasect. The captain asks from the thief's name. The thief says he's called Jack Walker, Jackie for short. Pinsir then attacks but Jackie dodges it and jumps up onto a higher part of the submarine. He then runs to the end and looks down into the water. Meanwhile, the captain, his Pokemon and some of the crew have almost caught up to him. Jackie though sees a Mantine in the water. Surprisingly, Jackie pulls out a Capture Styler and launches the top. He then starts to wave his wand and soon, he captures Mantine just as it leaps back into he water. The captain who has made it to Jackie calls out to him, demanding him to give the egg back but Jackie just winks and calls out to Mantine. Mantine jumps out of the water and Jackie leaps onto its back. Pinsir fires a Hyper Beam but by now, Mantine and Jackie are underwater, unable for the pirate to reach them.

Main Movie:

The main tile for the movie then shows before the scene cuts to Ash and the group. Ash, May, Max and Brock are walking along a barren road in the sweltering heat. Thirsty, Max asks May for some water. May checks her bottle but to her surprise and disappointment, the bottle is empty. Suddenly, everybody sees some water in the shape of a ball floating up into the air ahead of them. Desperate for water, Max runs over to the balls closely followed by Ash, May and Brock. They rush to the top of the hill and below them, Ash, May, Max and Brock sees many more balls of water inside them is a bundle of water Pokemon. Standing next to one with a Politoad is teenager. She notices the group and Max quickly rushes down and asks her for some water. She says yes and Max starts to suck some water out of one of balls of water but stops after getting poked by a Gorebyss. Politoad starts to laugh as the rest of the group runs over to him. Pikachu notices a Meditite and Medicham and it quickly leaps off Ash's shoulder over to them. After seeing Pikachu, Meditite and Medicham using their psychic powers, turn a ball of water into the shape of Pikachu.

The group all introduce themselves to the teenager except Brock who stares at the girl before staring at some people nearby a colourful ship shaped vehicle. He then quickly gets excited and pulls out his book of women. He explains that the teenager is Hiromi and she and her family travel to different cities performing tricks with their Pokemon. He says that they perform like they're practicing now. He then starts to flirt with Hiromi before being pulled away by Max. The other people that Brock saw before then walk over to the group, wondering whom Ash and he group are. Hiromi explains that they're just travelers looking for some water. Hearing this, the group all introduce themselves. Hiromi then introduces her mother Minamo, her father Kai and her grandfather Ship. May takes a good look at Minamo and says that she thought she was Hiromi's older sister due to how young she looks. Hearing this, Minamo laughs and accidentally hits May on the back of the head. Meanwhile playing with some water Pokemon and Politoad is a clown who looks sort of familiar.

After being invited, Ash, May, Max and Brock are inside the vehicle with Hiromi and her family having a cool glass of water. Inside, a Buoysel starts to play with Max as Ash and Brock talk with the family. After licking Max on the face. The Buoysel turns its attention to a container on the top bunk of the bed. May sees this and immediately Kai rushes over and closes a blind that's attached to the bunk. Ash and the group are then invited to travel with the family to the next town where they will be performing next. Everybody happily accepts.

Later, Ash and the group arrive at the next town with the traveling family. There a huge crowd has shown up on the streets to see the performance. Large balls of water start to float in the air with the powers of Meditite and Medicham. Like they were practicing before, different arrays of water Pokemon are swimming inside the balls of water. Next, Minamo and Kai dives into the water dressed in marvelous costumes. They start to swim around and on the ground, the clown from before is juggling while wearing a Sharpedo costume around his waste. Hiromi then jumps into several new balls of water created before leaping out on a Dewgong. Everybody cheers and suddenly, Politoad grabs Pikachu and pulls it into the water. The group is also then pushes into the spheres and they all start to float around inside of them. All the spheres then all join together as one before bursting creating a wonderful sight of steam. All the water Pokemon are in the background in more water spheres as Ash and the group along with the circus family stand on the stage waving their arms at the crowd who are cheering. When the steam finally cleared, a rainbow is revealed.

Meanwhile, the Buoysel is in the ship shaped vehicle staring at the container that it was staring before. It quickly climbs to the top bunk and grabs it just before it falls off. Buoysel gets back up and quickly runs outside only to run into May and dropping the container. May manages to catch the container just before the clown takes it away from her. The clown then hands it to Hiromi who stores it somewhere inside the vehicle. May curiously looks at Buoysel as everybody else starts to feed all the Pokemon. Ash and the group are then invited to travel with the circus family to the next town and they accept.

Spying on them was Team Rocket who had just saw of this but only James noticed the container. Later, Team Rocket are all relaxing by a fountain. Jessie and Meowth notice that James is reading a magazine about Team Rocket. He then sees the page about Captain Phantom and the mysterious egg that he had until the thief stole it. Seeing that this might their big break, the three decide to hitchhike a ride with the circus family and steal the container, which they think has the egg inside.

Later that night, the vehicle is currently at a very rugged and rocky area. Everybody is asleep except Buoysel who is still trying to find the container. It eventually finds the container and inside is the egg that the thief took from Captain Phantom. Buoysel then presses a green button on the base of the container and suddenly the egg lights up. It starts to glow red and a reflection of it appears on May's face who's sleeping.

May suddenly wakes up but in a world under the sea. Many different kinds of water Pokemon swim by and around her as she glides around in the water. There's also an underwater palace surrounded by a bubble like casing. The palace looks like it could've come from a myth about Atlantis. Suddenly a small water Pokemon swims up to May. It starts to interact with May calling out to her. The scene then quickly changes to reveal that May was having a dream. May frantically wakes up only to see a very confused Hiromi and Buoysel beside her as Brock helps Ship make the group's breakfast.

Outside, Ash and Max are washing some stuff in a nearby creek. Brock and Ship then brings out the breakfast as everybody else settles down at the breakfast table. As they do this, Team Rocket sneaks into the vehicle, searching for the egg. Outside, May tells everybody of the dream she had last night. She mentions about the mysterious water Pokemon that swam up to her and Hiromi and Minamo say that the dream has something to do with a legend. Ship then tells them to quiten down. Inside the vehicle, Team Rocket has found the egg. They reach out for it but suddenly; the egg starts to glow ready just like it did last night. Soon something doesn't seem right, Team Rocket have all switched minds and bodies.

Ash and the group now head back to the vehicle when they see Team Rocket leaving. Team Rocket starts to say their motto but it sounds different because they're in each other's bodies. They quickly run off carrying the egg leaving Ash and everybody else to chase them. Team Rocket soon finds a bicycle like balloon. They all hop on and start to pedal, making the balloon fly. Ash then tells Pikachu to use Thunderbolt but the clown tells him to stop since it could damage the egg that Team Rocket stole. The clown then looks around for another way to get the egg back. He then sees a Fearow upon and pulls out a Capture Styler. He launches it at the Fearow and eventually capturing it.

Fearow starts to take flight with Pikachu on it after Team Rocket. Fearow catches up with Team Rocket and Pikachu jumps off right in front of Jessie. It then threatens them by having electricity fly out of its cheeks but instead of attacking them with an attack, Pikachu just grabs the container with the egg inside and jumps back onto Fearow who flies back down to the clown before sending Team Rocket blasting off by bursting their balloon. Pikachu jumps into the arms of Ash and the container flies into Hiromi's. The clown finally reveals his identity as a Pokemon ranger to Ash, May, Max and Brock. His name is Jack Walker but Jackie for short. He then shows the four the egg that he had been trying to keep a secret. The group all glances at the egg in amazement before they start to head back. Just as they do that, several helicopters fly towards the group.

Jackie explains to everybody that the helicopters belong to somebody called Captain Phantom and that he's after the egg. The group then all split up and start to run off. Several of Captain Phantom's Beedrill also start to chase after everybody. Ash and Jackie head off in one direction as everybody else heads off in another. A Beedrill starts to attack May's group but Ship blocks the attack making it easier for everybody else to escape. May and Max take off in another direction leaving Brock with Hiromi.

Meanwhile, Captain Phantom and his first mate leaps out of the helicopter and in front of Ash and Jackie, blocking their path. Jackie then pulls out a towel and tries a trick by running behind a rock closely followed by Ash. He gives Ash the container with the egg inside as he runs off holding the towel, making it seem that he has the egg. Phantom chases after him as Ash sneaks away with the egg. The captain eventually catches up with Jackie only to have Jackie reveal that he was only holding two of the balls he uses for his juggling acts. He then hits the captain with one before running off onto a large boulder. Angry with this, the captain lifts the boulder high above his head and tosses it away but Jackie just manages to leaps off in time.

Meanwhile, Ash meets up with May and Max but the Captain Phantom's first mate has followed Ash the whole way with a Beedrill. The Beedrill starts to attack with Pin Missile before launching a Sludge Bomb. Ash passes the container to May as he and Pikachu has to battle Beedrill. The captain though appears on a ridge above the group. He then jumps down making May and Max flee. Phantom eventually corners the two. He grabs the container that May's holding but May is managing to keep hold of the container. The captain the accidentally presses a button, opening a hatch and releasing the egg into the air. May runs after it as Ash and Jackie arrives. May dives a just barely manages to catch to egg but suddenly the egg begins to glow red again. Seeing this, the captain tries again to snatch the egg but Ash, Jackie and Max are trying to hold him back. Everybody watches in shock as the egg starts to have two long shapes pointing out before transforming into a figure in the blinding light. When the light cleared, everybody sees that May was holding a small blue Pokemon, like the one that came up to her in her dream.

The blue Pokemon then starts to cry and May smiles embarrassed. Everybody runs up to May, as the captain stands in the background devastated. Ship then calls out to the group that they have to leave. Everybody rushes back into a trailer that the ship shaped vehicle was pulling as Captain Phantom runs back to his helicopter ready to chase after everybody. The vehicle then starts to drive off. Inside, Hiromi and Brock along with everybody else gathers around May with the baby Pokemon that has finally stopped crying. Hiromi explains that the Pokemon is Manaphy and Minamo asks if she can hold the baby Pokemon. May hands it over to Minamo but as soon as she does, Manaphy starts to cry again. She quickly gives it back to May and just like that, Manaphy stops crying. The group starts to discuss maybe if Manaphy thinks that May was its mother as Jackie stands beside some bunks looking quite frustrated. Ash heads up to a hatch on top of the trailer. He opens it up and sees that Phantom's band of helicopters are chasing after them.

Some hooks are then launched into the roof of the trailer to slow it back down as the helicopters pulls back on it. Seeing that they have to escape the trailer, the group all decide to head into the vehicle by exiting from the door where the trailer is connected to the vehicle. They all head that way so they can make it into the vehicle via the hook. Minamo goes first followed by May, Brock, Hiromi, Max, Ash, Jackie and Ship. When they all make it over, Ship detaches the trailer from the vehicle, sending it hurtling down the side of a cliff but the helicopter that had the hooks attached into the trailer, they manage to release them and save themselves. Inside the vehicle, Manaphy is still quite attached to May, making Jackie very displeased. The group then all head towards some ruins.

Team Rocket has crashed at the ruins though. They all wake up and start to talk about what happened when they all switched bodies with each other. They eventually come to a conclusion that the egg of Manaphy did this. They then notice the group stopping at the ruins and heading into them. Following closely behind are Captain Phantom and his band of helicopters. The three then make a plan to get recruited by Captain Phantom and when they get the chance, they'll steal the egg.

The group heads deeper into the ruins, using Meditite as a light, until they reach a dead-end. On the wall of the dead end is a marking. Ship then holds his bracelet that on his wrist up to the marking. It suddenly starts to glow with the marking and Ship then turns the marking like a lock. The door opens and everybody steps through. Not long later, Phantom arrives at the same place. Surprisingly, he has a bracelet just like the one Ship had. Phantom does exactly the same thing Ship does and soon, the door opens for him as well. He steps through the door along with his first mate and continue to walk down a flight of stairs until they reach a small canal. They shine a light down onto the water but spot no signs of the group.

The group meanwhile, is using water Pokemon to swim them down the canal. Ash, May and Brock use their water Pokemon as Max and the circus family use Pokemon that they use in performances. Manaphy is swimming by May who it still thinks is its mother. They eventually arrive at an open space of water. Ahead of the group is some land as well as a wall with drawings and markings that tell a story. They all hop out of the water as Ship tells the group the story. Long ago there was a temple under the sea called Akusha where a community where Pokemon and humans lived. One day, the king of the temple was forced to seal the temple in a bubble like barrier to protect it from evil spirits. He continues to say that the city can only be seen when the Prince of the Sea returns. He then says that Manaphy is the Prince of the Sea and he's planning to take it to a town with a few docks up ahead and from there on, to Akusha. He has to do it soon since Akusha can only be seen for a short amount of time. In the water, Manaphy and all the other water Pokemon are playing together.

Outside, Captain Phantom walks out, disappointed. Team Rocket then shows up in his face and begs him to recruit them but he says no. He then keeps on walking but Team Rocket continues to beg him to recruit them and finally, he does. They all head inside Phantom's helicopter and they begin to take off. As they do this, Team Rocket start to plot their plan to steal the egg but stop after almost being overheard by the first mate.

The group is pedaling down a river that's still in the cave. They then notice a blinding light and soon, they're all outside in the open sea. Later, Minamo, Kai and Jackie are planning their route to Akusha as Manaphy sleeps in a small basket. Brock and Hiromi bring the group some ice cream. They start to eat it as Ship notices his boat coming it. It's being driven by some of his old friends who were also is shipmates and long time ago. The ship docks and the three friends of Ship all get off. Ship reunites with them before introducing Ash and the group. Jackie then carries Manaphy and along with the rest of Ship's family, head onto the ship. The ship then takes off as everybody waves good-bye to each other.

Meanwhile on the ship, Manaphy wakes up and seeing that Jackie's holding him not May, it starts to cry and wail. Seeing that May's not feeling too happy about Manaphy leaving, the friends of Ship tell her to catch up to the boat. She then starts to run to the end of the pier with Ash since he also wants to go with Jackie and the circus family purely for adventure. On the ship, Jackie is starting to lose control over Manaphy. Manaphy then suddenly fires a red glow out just like it did with Team Rocket. Ash suddenly becomes Jackie and vise versa. Ash as Jackie and May eventually reach the end of the port followed by Max and Brock. Manaphy then starts to smile and seeing that there's no other way of taking Manaphy back to Akusha without May, everybody decides to invite Ash and the group along.

Later on the ship, Ash and the group are onboard. Ash talks to Jackie about what had happened before and Jackie explains that that is one of Manaphy's powers, Heart Swap. Jackie though is still quite sour of Manaphy getting so attached to May; thinking that she's his mother. Manaphy then suddenly talks, trying to say May's name but says Kamon. Everybody gasps in shock and excitement and Ash even tries to get it to say his name but Manaphy only tries to say May's. Jackie then has an idea to let Manaphy to guide them to Akusha. May releases Manaphy into he open sea and Manaphy starts to swim. Ash and the group are then invited to go to the observation deck. Everybody excitedly rushes down to a room with a large glass wall, enabling people to sea what Pokemon creatures are living in the sea. All sorts of water Pokemon swim by the group. Manaphy then swims up to May who is looking through the glass. Not knowing there is a glass wall in front of it, Manaphy swims right into it, hurting itself. He starts to cry but May calms it down and Manaphy starts to smile again.

The next day, Jackie starts soaring in the air using a paraglide that's attached to the ship. He starts to talk with a lady possibly at the Ranger Union (maybe it's the same person Solana talks to). Ash and the group feed their Pokemon as Manaphy continues swimming joyfully in the sea. A school of Wailord and Wailmer then swim by, spouting out water from their spouts. Everybody turns their attention to this glorious site and Manaphy starts riding on one of them, obviously having earned the respect of the Pokemon as the Prince of the Sea. Manaphy then leaps into the arms of a very startled May. Seeing this, Jackie starts to get even more displeased.

Later, the group decides to take a dip in the sea. Brock and Max are in the water as May is sitting on the deck with Manaphy. Ash then runs up to Jackie as he hands Ash a towel. Curious, Ash asks him how did he become a Pokemon ranger. Jackie then tells Ash that one night when there was a blizzard; he was trekking through the mountains alone but he was cold and could barely walk. He eventually finds a cave and wonders inside. He collapses to the ground before seeing a Swablu. Jackie looks up and sees a bunch of Altaria, Swablu, Shroomish, Ratatta, Sentret and Furret. They all snuggle up to Jackie and sleeps with him through the night. The next day, the Swablu and Altaria fly off to a new destination due to the blizzard having cleared. Jackie then decides to dedicate his life to help Pokemon.

May and Ash dive into the water. They decide to explore the coral a bit with Manaphy and Buoysel. They swim past some Luvdisc before resurfacing. Manaphy and May then hug each other. That night, Jackie is on the very top of the ship as a lookout. May is lying down on a hammock with Manaphy. May teaches Manaphy some English and before hearing Manaphy says "like May." The two then fall asleep.

The next day, Manaphy is swimming in the ocean with some Lapras. Apparently, the Lapras know that Manaphy is the Prince of the Sea like the Wailord and Wailmer did.

The next day, the skies are a bit grey. Brock is in the kitchen with Minamo, helping her with the cooking. Minamo compliments him on his food. Manaphy is still swimming outside in the ocean. May watches Manaphy before heading down to the observation deck. When she arrives, she hears Ash and Jackie talking about that Manaphy is getting too attached to May. Jackie also says that Manaphy is supposed to be like a leader of the sea not a child. Hearing this, May walks in telling Jackie that this won't affect Manaphy. She then runs out past Hiromi as Manaphy watches on from outside the glass.

Later, Manaphy is still outside, trying to get May's attention. May then is curled up in a hallway, crying about what Jackie said earlier. Seeing her, Hiromi then bends down to hug her, to comfort her.

Meanwhile, Captain Phantom is still trying to locate Manaphy who's with the group. Team Rocket are mopping up the sub since they were hired as janitors. While they're doing this, they discuss their plan for stealing the egg unaware that it had already hatched.

That night, everybody watches Manaphy as it stands alone on a small rock at sea and starts to sing. Many water Pokemon start to surround the Prince of the Sea. Seeing that what Jackie had said before was wrong, May starts to smile. Watching this beside her is Hiromi. Hiromi then gives May her bracelet, a one just like Ship and Captain Phantom had. May takes it thanks Hiromi.

The next day, the group decides to relax some more with Manaphy. Ash sends out all of his Pokemon and Manaphy starts to play with them. On the ship, May reaches for her bandana, which is on a clothesline. She takes it off but as she does this, it blows away into the ocean. Manaphy then swims after it. It lands on a Sharpedo before falling into deeper parts of the ocean. That evening, Manaphy still hasn't returned and May starts to get a bit worried. Ship then shows the group a submarine that they can take under the sea to search for Manaphy. The submarine is attached to the ship by a chord and is also able to receive radio transmission from the ship.

The group sets off with Hiromi driving the submarine. Manaphy meanwhile has been frantically searching for May's Bandana and even after getting swept into an undersea current, he still won't give up. He eventually finds it hanging by a Cloyster's horn before taking it and swimming back. In the submarine, May is getting extremely worried about Manaphy. Pikachu then suddenly spots something in the distance. The figure swims up to the submarine holding May's bandana. It's none other than Manaphy. May shows a sigh of relief as Hiromi tells everybody back on the ship that they've found Manaphy. Suddenly, the submarine gets caught in the same undersea current that Manaphy got caught up in before. The chord connecting the submarine with the ship snaps and the submarine is sent hurtling out of control with Hiromi unable to do a thing. The group loses contact with everybody on the ship.

Manaphy then shouts out and everybody turns their attention to it. Manaphy swims off telling the group to follow it. Hiromi then steers the submarine to where Manaphy is heading. Soon, Hiromi manages to get the submarine out of the current and everybody thanks Manaphy for his help. Everybody on the ship shows a sign of relief after seeing on their radar that the submarine is out of the current. They then notices something heading right for the submarine and Jackie says it's Captain Phantom. The submarine trailing the group is one of Captain Phantom's and the pirate himself is inside.

Hiromi continues to steer the submarine but suddenly, thee submarine passes a point and disappears of everybody's radars. Up above the water, the moon suddenly turns to a red colour. The moonlight shines down onto the sea and something appears right in front of Ash and the group's submarine, Akusha. They've already entered the bubble with Manaphy leading the way.

Hiromi docks the ship somewhere and Ash opens up the hatch and sees that they're inside Akusha. He sees a large palace with many light overlooking the submarine, a sight you wouldn't expect to find in an underwater palace. The group all hops out of the sub and May quickly starts calling out to Manaphy. Manaphy hears her and swims up to her. It leaps into May's arms before handing her the bandana. May hugs it before she starts to cry. She soon stops and the group starts to explore Akusha. The group eventually wonders into a large room with water on both side of the pathway. Ahead is a large wall of water, blocking them. Manaphy then starts to sing and Akusha mimics the tune. Hiromi's necklace and May's bracelet then start to shine and before them, the wall of water opens up. Manaphy then dives into the water and swims ahead telling everybody to follow him.

The group all follow Manaphy as it swims through the small canals on either sides of the path. Meanwhile, Captain Phantom has docked in Akusha. The captain gets out of his sub before running ahead with his Chattot. Strapped onto he back of the sub is a large metal capsule. The capsule opens up and Team Rocket all crawl out. Jackie meanwhile is swimming to Akusha. He sees a school of Tamanta and uses his Capture Styler to capture one. The grabs onto the Tamanta and uses it to get him to Akusha.

The group eventually follows Manaphy to a room filled with paintings. It the middle of the room is a large stone block. Engraved on the block is an ancient form of writing that none of the group members can translate, not even Hiromi. Phantom then walks in saying that he could read. Ash starts shouting at him but Hiromi holds him back. The Phantom starts to translate it saying that ahead is the treasure room where many have slept. He then pulls out his bracelet he used to open the door back at the ruins. The bracelet starts to interact with the stone. The stone sinks into the ground and a puzzle much like the one in the ruins appears on the wall ahead of the group. Phantom solves the puzzle and soon, the wall in front of him opens to reveal another corridor ahead of him. He starts running ahead quickly followed by Ash and the group. Back on the ship, Minamo, Ship and Kai all notice that the red moonlight is starting to disappear and underwater, Akusha has completely disappeared, out of Jackie's sight.

In Akusha, everybody arrives inside another room. In this room, there are heaps of crystals stuck into some kind of structure. The structure is in water, which is being held up somehow. The pathway is all being held up in the air above the floor below by some supports. On the walls above the group are some holes. Phantom explains that he's been after these crystals for a long time just as Manaphy dives into the water, which the crystals are in. Phantom, then reaches into the water and starts to pull out a crystal. Manaphy tries to stop him but it is only thrown back onto the ground. May picks it up and suddenly, all the water collapses and water starts rushing in through the holes above the group. Another gush of water comes through, knocking Max off the floor but Hiromi barley manages to save him. Akusha now has become visible as Jackie continues heading towards it.

Seeing that they have to get out, Ash and the group quickly escape from the room, which is quickly flooding up with water, leaving Phantom behind who is too busy collecting more of the crystals. The group continues to rush through the palace and back to the submarine. Along the way, they meet Jackie who has managed to get into Akusha. The group explains to him the situation and Jackie tells them to keep going, as he'll take care of Phantom. He then runs off as Ash wishes him the best of luck.

Phantom has almost taken every crystal. Water continues to spout through the holes, smashing the platform. Jackie then appears behind him and soon starts to tease and insult Phantom. Phantom starts to get angry and wanting revenge for what happened before, Phantom starts to chase Jackie around the room. Jackie starts taking some crystals that the Phantom has put in his bag and places them back into the slots in the structure. They continue to fight back Jackie eventually gets cornered. Just as Phantom was about to finish Jackie off, a gush of water flows by and knocks them both of the path and into the water below them. From there, they are sent into different corridors that have been submerged in water. Phantom still has one crystal with him but drops in after riding on the water and into a pole. He tries to get it back but it flows out of reach.

Meanwhile, Ash and the group have reached the submarine. Brock and Max are in. May's about to get in but Manaphy leaps out of her arms and starts to swim back the way they came from. May runs after Manaphy leaving Ash and Pikachu to chase after them. Hiromi tries to stop them but the water has now has started to leak thought the barrier of Akusha and almost completely flooded the whole of Akusha. Because of this, she has to get into the submarine and escape. They head back the way they came from, following Manaphy. Manaphy dives through one of the holes and into the water. Ash and May are overlooking the place where the crystals are placed. Ash and May watch on as Manaphy leaps out of the water and tries to place the crystals back into the slots but can't due to its lack of size. They all dive into the water and swim up to where Manaphy is. Ash and May grab the crystals and place them back into the slots on the structure.

They soon finish placing all the crystals back into the slots. There is still one crystal missing though, the one that Phantom had. They then notice the water rising up to their feet. Meanwhile, Phantom is at where he's docked his submarine looking at what he has done. He then sees Team Rocket trying to steal his submarine. He runs over to them, opens the hatch up and pulls them out just as he does this; a massive surge of water sends Team Rocket blasting off through the water and causing the Phantom to lose grip on his submarine. Jackie is above the submarine, watching Hiromi's submarine glide away. Thinking that Ash, May and Manaphy are onboard. He jumps into the Phantom's submarine and with Chattot starts to drive away. Phantom though clings onto one of the torpedoes strapped onto the submarine. He pulls it off and rides it back up to the surface. Hiromi's submarine meanwhile gets caught up in the same underwater current from before.

Akusha is now sinking deeper into the sea. Inside, Ash and May are fleeing from a wave of water, which is quickly rushing up to them. They start running up a flight of stairs before running down another corridor. Pikachu then points out to something in a fountain, the last crystal. Ash quickly picks it up and runs off with May, escaping the water. They keep running until they reach the place where Hiromi had docked the submarine. Ash sees the capsule Team Rocket used to hide in and drags in out of the water. He opens it up and tells May to get in. May hesitates but Ash eventually forces her in. He also puts Pikachu inside and tells the three that he'll put the last crystal back before sealing the capsule up. May tells him not to but Ash has already ran off. Ash runs all through the palace to dodge all the water that was rushing through the palace. The capsule is now underwater and inside May starts to worry deeply about Ash. Ash runs onto of the bars overhanging the paths. He eventually reaches a dead end. The rooms ahead of him are completely flooded. Seeing that there's no other way, Ash takes one deep breath and dives into the water.

Ash eventually reaches the room where the crystals are kept. Ash runs out of air though and has to resurface but as he does this, a large gush of water flows in and pushes him back underwater and knocking the final crystal out of his arms. Ash surfaces again and takes one more breath before heading back down to retrieve the crystal. The crystal meanwhile has been wedged into a crack.

At the ship, Jackie surfaces in the Phantom's submarine. Ship tells him that Ash and May are still in Akusha and Jackie looks at this surprised after thinking that they left with Hiromi.

Akusha continues to sink deeper and deeper undersea. Ash meanwhile has reached the last crystal. He tries to pull it out from the wedge but can't. He finally gives one last effort and the crystal flies out. Ash starts swimming up but drops the crystal after running out of air. He starts to float lifelessly up to the surface. Meanwhile in the capsule, May is hoping the best for Ash and suddenly, Manaphy places both of its antennae in front of May and Pikachu. They suddenly start to glow red as May continues wishing the best for Ash. Ash then hears May and Pikachu and with this, he wakes back up and swims up to the surface for more air. When he reaches the surface, he starts to flail a bit due to the suddenly surprise of being awake again but he takes one last breath and dives down towards the crystal. He grabs it and places it into the last slot.

Suddenly, the structure and the crystals all start to glow with light, lighting the whole room up. Hundreds and thousands beams of light then shoot out from all over Akusha and soon Akusha starts floating back up to the surface. A beam of light also starts to carry the capsule that May, Pikachu and Manaphy are in back to the surface as well.

Meanwhile, Jackie is the submarine with Hiromi, Max and Brock heading down to Akusha. Along the way, they see multiples of Ramoraid, Seaking and whole other bunch of water Pokemon also heading to Akusha. Kyogre also passes them leaving the group stunned. On the ship, everybody watches as part of Akusha rises out from the sea. The barrier surrounding Akusha disappears as many Wingull fly pass.

On Akusha, May, Pikachu and Manaphy hop out from the capsule. The three turn around and sees that Akusha and May realizes that Ash has saved the palace. The three though don't know if Ash had drowned in the process of saving Akusha though. Suddenly, Phantom swims up from behind and grabs Manaphy. He then jets off on the missile Thinking that's he's succeeded in capturing Manaphy, Phantom starts to laugh but soon stops after seeing some under him. The thing then rises out of the water. It Ash engulfed in one of the beams of light. Ash starts to chase Phantom as the submarine of Hiromi's surfaces in front of May. Ash continues trying to take Phantom out but Phantom somehow manages to dodge all of his assaults. Phantom then goes underwater forcing Ash to go as well. There, as massive barrage of Ramoraid swim around him in a turbine like shape. Phantom manages to escape but almost hits a few Wailmer and Wailord. Phantom also dodges them but something starts to swim under him. Phantom is then pushes out of the water by Kyogre (if your wondering, Kyogre's Drizzle ability was not active). Ash takes back Manaphy leaving Phantom to fall back into the sea.

May and Pikachu are in the submarine with Jackie and the rest of the group heading to where Ash is. Jackie then notices the Phantom riding out of the water of another one of his submarines. Several Wailmer and Wailord start to hammer the submarine from the bottom. Inside, Phantom's first mate releases a screech like sound that starts to deafen all the Pokemon, even Kyogre. Humans though don't appear to be affected by this.

All the water Pokemon flail around in the sea. Manaphy then leaps out of Ash's arms and starts to sing like it did before. Suddenly, the screeching sound disappears and Manaphy leads the water Pokemon into attacking Phantom's submarine. Wailmer and Wailord continue smashing at the hull of the submarine as several Mantine leap out of the water and hits Phantom with Bubblebeam. Some Chinchou somehow manage to get into the submarine and short circuit everything, causing everything electrical in the submarine to mal-function. Phantom is hanging onto the front of the submarine as Kyogre swims over to him with Manaphy on top. Kyogre then fires a Hyper Beam, blasting through the sub and creating a massive explosion.

When all the smoke clears, everybody sees that the Phantom is still holding up a bar but also something else has been revealed. Phantom isn't actually very strong, he just wears a device on his elbows and knees that gives him incredible strength. Devices then fail due to being hit by Kyogre's Hyper Beam and with this, the beam falls on Phantom, trapping him in the debris of the submarine. Under the water, Hiromi's submarine heads for Manaphy and Ash to. Manaphy swims up to May who is inside the submarine. The two smile at each other, knowing that Akusha is safe.

Later, everybody begins to fly in the air and under the sea like Ash with the help of the beams of light. Under the sea, most of the Water Pokemon are there (ones like Totodile are missing) as Manaphy starts swims circles around May. More beams of light stretch out from all parts of Akusha, engulfing it. The lights all head into the water, creating a sort of crown like shape.

That evening, everybody is on the ship as Jackie contacts the Ranger Union telling them: Mission Complete. May watches Akusha as the barrier forms around it again and as it sinks back under water, sad that Manaphy has left. She then notices something swimming up to the boat, Manaphy. She quickly rushes down to it before it leaps into May's arms. The two hug as May almost cries, sad that Manaphy has to leave. With this, Manaphy then tries to say something, Haruka (May's Japanese name). It manages to say it a few times before diving back into the water. A gentle breeze blows past, as Ash and the group all look out to sea, happy for glad the Manaphy and Akusha's safe.


The group all head back with Hiromi and her family back to meet Ship's old friends. Jackie is with Officer Jenny talking at the fallen submarine. Phantom and his first mate are locked up in jail. The group leaves the circus family for some new adventures. Jackie is seen in the mountain region. A Zapdos is there and he captures it with his Capture Styler. He then hops on it and starts to ride off. Team Rocket has been swept away by an enormous wave before riding into the air on a Wailord's Water Spout. Akusha has been inhabited many kinds of water Pokemon including Manaphy. The group is sitting beside a campfire talking. The next day, the group then set off for whatever adventure and mystery that awaits them.

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