Lucario and the Mystery of Mew

Pokemon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew
Pokemon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew
Japanese Title
Mew and the Wave-Guiding Hero - Lucario!
Movie Pictures
Movie Pictures
Release Date
July 16, 2005 Japan
September 19, 2006 US/Canada
Ash along with Lucario travel to the Tree of Beginnings to find Pikachu.
Character Appearances
Ash Ketchum, May, Brock, Max, Jessie, James, Lt. Banks, Kid Summers, Sir Aaron, Lynn, Lady Eileen, Eileen's Maid, Freddy
Pokemon Debuts
Regice, Regirock, Registeel
Pokemon Appearances
Pikachu (Ash's), Meowth (Team Rocket), Lucario, Mew, Munchlax (May's), Combusken (May's), Corphish (Ash's), Squirtle (May's), Houndoom, Mime Jr., Weavile, Chimecho (James'), Bonsly
Bonsly is pronounced incorrectly in this movie; it is supposed to be pronounced Bon-sly, but it is pronounced Bon-slee. Pidgeot is pronounced Pid-jit.
This marks the first time since Pokemon Heroes that the season's theme song has been played during the opening credits. This marks the second time a Pokemon has truly died; the first was Latios in Pokemon Heroes. The castle is based on Neuschwanstein, a castle in Allgäu, Bavaria, Germany. Diane and Butler, from Jirachi Wish Maker, can be seen in the end credits sequence with Kid Summers at Forina. The end credits show a scene where Sir Aaron and Lucario stand at the top of a hill; to prove it is not a flashback, Sir Aaron brings out a bar of chocolate-the same bar Max used to cheer up Lucario. This movie went into production before the last movie, Destiny Deoxys was completed. At the beginning of the movie, scenes from the previous movies and of Kyogre and Groudon can be seen.

The narrator explains about the world of Pokemon and how there are many mysteries in the world yet to be solved. He then starts the storyline.

A dense fog descends towards the Kingdom of Orudoran. A Lucario is from rock to rock jumping by an ample valley. It stopped and closed its eyes and somehow, was able to see that two massive armies have gathered in the distance ready to fight one another. A Ho-oh starts flying overhead as Lucario was up to a crystal in the ground, trying to contact somebody.

At the castle, Aaron, a faithful friend and servant of the queen was in the balcony of the castle observing the whole land with Queen Lin. He then hears Lucario's voice originating from a crystal formation on the balcony. Lucario tells him about the two armies and how they were going to fight. He also says that the castle in caught I the middle. Hearing this, Aaron gets ready to set off but he first tries to convince the queen to come with him since the castle will be destroyed. The queen says she has to stay and Aaron mounts his Pidgeot and flies towards the valley.

Lucario starts running to Aaron but with its eyes closed. Suddenly, three Houndoom appeared. The three started to attack Lucario but Lucario hopped away from the attacks of three Houndoom. The Houndoom pursued after Lucario. They eventually cornered Lucario by a small cliff. Lucario had no other option but to fight. One Houndoom attacked but Lucario leaped up into the air and took it out with Pulse Bomb before taking the other two out with the same attack.

Meanwhile in the air, Aaron is riding his Pidgeot to a large tree in the distance from the castle Suddenly a couple or Skarmory started attacking Pidgeot. Pidgeot landed in some bushes where Aaron hopped off. Pidgeot then flew off. Aaron started walking but heard Lucario. Aaron saw that Lucario's eyes were damaged but he told Lucario that he's abandoning the queen and that he's leaving forever. The then started running off Lucario tries to follow him. Aaron threw his staff down and sealed Lucario inside.

Aaron eventually reaches the tree just as the two armies begin to clash. Inside the tree was the Ho-oh from before who was actually Mew who had transformed into Ho-oh. Aaron found it and with its help was somehow able to stop the fighting a restore peace to the land. From the balcony of the castle, the Lin watches on as a green light is emitted from the crystal formations.

The rest of the movie:

Ash, May, Max and Brock are walking along a stone bridge to Orudoran Castle for the annual festival in honor of Sir Aaron. Lights hang from one lamppost to lamppost on the sides of the bridge. A Taillow high above the group flies towards the castle. It lands on the roof of the castle and the changes form into a Pichu. Pichu sides down the roof and leaps into a room with an open window.

Meanwhile, the group is in another room with costumes from medieval times. When they were on the bridge, the many people walking by were all dressed in medieval clothing. The group then splits up in the room and look for more suitable items of clothing to wear. Pikachu stands by a window. The Pichu peeks out from behind the window curtains before changing into a Treecko. It then climbs out and crawls along the walls of the castle. May then comes out, dressed in a pink, white and red gown with small Beautifly wings on her back. Max then comes out dressed like a bard. Brock's dressed in a long, brown coat and white trousers like a squire. Ash then jumps out, dressed like a hero, a bit like what Aaron was wearing. Everybody then turns their attention on Pikachu who starts to freak out. They quickly get Pikachu dressed in a cute jester's outfit before hurrying along to a tournament that Ash's entering.

Team Rocket then comes into the room after Ash and the group has left. Jessie quickly finds a costume and comes out dress in it.

The tournament is held in a coliseum like structure in the castle. Eileen, the queen, declares the start of the tournament with her maid and Mime Jr. who is mimicking everything she's doing. The tournament begins with Ash and Pikachu and a Breloom using trainer. Pikachu is out of its jester costume. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt then following that up with Iron Tail. The battle ends very quickly with Ash winning. Meanwhile, a trainer dressed in a suit of armor like a knight is battling a Tropius with Weavile. The match ends with Weavile's Shadow Ball attack.

Back where Eileen's watching, a Treecko leaps onto the balcony beside Mime Jr. and transforms into a Mime Jr. The maid sees this and also sees one of the Mime Jr. turn into an Aipom and almost faints.

A few battles end. It's now the finals. Ash is up against the knight. Ash uses Pikachu and the knight uses Weavile. Weavile starts using Shadow Bal but. Pikachu counters with Thunderbolt. The two start jumping around the stadium until Pikachu finishes the battle off with Thunderbolt, knocking Weavile out. Everybody claps and Aipom jumps down and starts to celebrate Pikachu's win. Ash thanks the knight trainer for a great battle. The knight removes the helmet reveling itself to be a girl, surprising May and leaving her to wonder where Max and Brock have wondered off. The trainer introduces herself to be Kid. Brock then suddenly appears behind her and starts to flirt but as always, Max drags him off. Eileen then announces that there's going to be a ball in honor of Sir Aaron.

That night at the ball, Ash is presented with the staff Sir Aaron had before and is presented to sit on the throne. A gem of some kind is on the end of the scepter. The ball starts and everybody starts dancing around. May starts dancing with somebody this guy. Brock's dancing with Kid after getting the guts to ask her to dance. Max is at a table stuffing his face full. Pikachu and Aipom are dancing. Seeing this, Ash decides to let his all his Pokemon out. May also does this.

Ash starts to get bored on the throne and asks the maid if he could join everybody but he's told to act like a hero and keep dignified. The ball continues and Team Rocket are dancing. Jessie and James then suddenly switch partners and Jessie is dancing with the person May was dancing with while May has to dance with James. Aipom starts showing the Pokemon around the castle. Seeing this from under a table, Meowth decides to follow them.

Kid wipes her forehead and asks Brock if he could get her a drink. Brock goes allowing Kid to slip away and head for the Pokemon. The Pokemon head through a few rooms with Meowth a Kid following unnoticeably. Kid activates some kind of headgear device and sends a message to a van nearby the castle. The message is then sent to a satellite and finally to an office building. Inside is a computer system and somebody on a treadmill walking. He responds to Kid. After explaining that she thinks there's Mew in the castle, Kid turns off her device and climbs out of a window. Meowth then starts to follow her.

Back at the ball, Max realizes that Pokemon are all gone. He then sees Munchlax coming back and taking a plate of food. Max peruses after Munchlax. Aipom is now showing the Pokemon the attic. There are toys everywhere and the Pokemon start to play around with them. Squirtle and Corphish head up to a second floor of the attic. They find a wooden train set and decide to bring it down but they smash into a shelf, knocking over boxes of colourful balls. The Pokemon starts rolling around on top of the balls. Aipom then notices changes into a Pikachu and Ash's Pikachu becomes very surprised.

Kid's now on one of the roofs of the castle; she shoots a grapple to another section of the castle. She leaps across from roof to roof. Seeing this, Meowth tries to follow her but he slips of the sloped rooftop but manages to grab hold of a rod on the roof with his tail and save himself. His tail then slips and Meowth falls through a window and into the attic where all the Pokemon are.

Kid gets a few binoculars and peers through a window. She sees the two Pikachu and the other Pokemon. In the attic, everybody gathers around Meowth. One of the Pikachu changes into a Mew, which is its normal form. Suddenly, two Weavile barge through the window with one equipped with a device. They start attacking Mew with Swift. Mew dodges and heads for the door. The two Weavile then attack with Blizzard at Mew but instead of hitting Mew, it hits Munchlax as it came through the door. Munchlax is frozen, carrying a bowl of food. Just when the Weavile carrying the device was just about to place the device on Mew, Pikachu shocks it. The two Weavile use Blizzard again but Mew and Pikachu dodge. Instead, the rest of the Pokemon get frozen. Mew then flies over to where Meowth is and transforms into one. Mew tries to trick the Weavile but is unsuccessful. The two Weavile launch a Shadow Ball each at the Meowths. Pikachu manages to intercept the attacks and blocks with a Thunderbolt. But Pikachu gets knocked out.

Max has been following Munchlax up the attic. He tries to open the door but can't. He continues to try and finally manages to open it but only a tiny crack. He watches everything, amazed at the site of Mew. Kid had watched the whole thing from the roof with her binoculars. Mew had transform back to its normal self a teleports away to another part of the tower's steeples with Pikachu and Meowth. Mew then transforms into a Pidgeot and flies away with Pikachu and Mew. Kid compliments the efforts of her two Weavile. The other Pokemon at the attic have all defrosted from the ice they were incased in.

Back at the ball, Brock has Kid's drink but notices that Kid's nowhere in the ballroom. Ash sits on the throne bored and asleep sort of. Everybody suddenly stops dancing as Eileen then announces the next part of the ceremony. The maid tells Ash to do the hero pose. Ash looks at her confused but she points to a picture of Aaron holding his staff. Everybody stares at Ash as he stands up to do the hero pose. But as he does, the gem at the end of the staff starts to glow. Suddenly, the gem releases a blue, black and yellow Pokemon with a spike on its chest. It's Lucario. Lucario is still seeing things like it was back in the time Aaron was around.. He mistakes things like Ash's form. Lucario goes up to Ash and bows down to him. Lucario then realizes that it isn't Aaron he's bowing to after Ash says something. Lucario then looks around confused before Lucario heading outside through the mass of people in the ballroom. It starts to inspect if it's the same castle from before but still concerned, thinking that there's going to be a battle.

Lucario then has a flashback about something in the past. Aaron appears in the flashback with Lucario as they walk down a corridor and into another room with antiques in glass cases. Lucario then turns around when some lights are tuned on as the flashback ends. Ash, May, Brock, Eileen and the maid walk in. Eileen goes up to Lucario and explains that she's the descendant of the former queen in charge then, Lynn. Eileen then gives Lucario a hug. Lucario pauses for a moment in disbelief.

The group head back to the throne room. Ash asks why Lucario had mistaken. Lucario says to him that he had the same wave and Aura as Ash leaving everybody puzzled. Eileen then tells everybody what Aaron had done. Just as she finishes, Lucario says that Aaron had betrayed the queen. Ash and Lucario then turn their heads to a painting of Aaron doing the hero pose on a Pidgeot. Jessie and James watch everything from a higher area of the throne room unaware that Meowth is missing. Max then runs into the room exclaiming that he saw a Mew getting attacked by two Weavile. Mew had taken Pikachu and Meowth away. Team Rocket now realizes that Meowth's missing. At first nobody believes him but when Kid comes through the door dressed like she was when she was at the ball and confirms it, everybody does. Kid tells everybody that Mew turned into a Pidgeot and took Meowth and Pikachu to somewhere called the Tree of the World's Beginning. Eileen walks out onto the balcony and shows everybody that place. She points to a large tree surrounded by some mountains in the distance.

Eileen explains about the tree's healing powers and how with Mew, it can revive the world and soothe hearts. Ash says that he has to go to the Tree of the World's Beginning to get Pikachu back. Lucario also wants to go because he wants to know what happened to Aaron. Kid then comes out to the balcony dressed in a slick, pinkish outfit like she was when she tried to capture Mew. Brock then exclaims that he knows exactly who Kid is. He grabs his book on women and starts reading about her. Brock continues to go mental (not literally) over what an honor it is to meet her. Kid tells everybody that she has a vehicle that can get everybody there fast. Ash stares at the tree as many thoughts seem to run through his mind.

Later that night, Lucario goes to the ballroom. All the lights have been turned off. He looks at the two painting of Aaron, the one of him on a Pidgeot and the one where he's doing the hero pose. He then hears something. Lucario jumps onto the wall and pauses before leaping at Ash who had just entered the room. Ash pushes him off and Lucario tells him that he doesn't liked to be snuck up on. Ash asks him if he had any friends but Lucario says no and walks of.

The next day, Ash, May, Max and Brock are in Kid's vehicle as she drives to the Tree of the World's Beginning with Lucario running ahead. The group discusses what wave is and what Aura is. They eventually come up with a conclusion that Aura is an invisible sense inside of you that can normally not be seen by some people and Pokemon can. Eileen stays back at the castle, watching on. Jessie and James have hid in the back of the vehicle.

Soon later, the vehicle stops and Ash, Brock, May, Max and Kid are all preparing for lunch. Lucario sits on a rock and seems to meditate. Brock hands out the plates of food for everybody but when he reaches of Kid's, a Bonsly takes the plate and starts to eat the food. Brock gets angry and yells at Bonsly and it starts to cry. May and Ash say that Brock's too harsh on Bonsly but Max just says that Bonsly's using Fake Tears. Bonsly then runs off to Lucario's direction. Lucario offers it a berry and takes the food. Bonsly keeps running and hides behind a rock with the berry.

At the Tree of the World's Beginning, Pikachu finally awakes in a leaf filled wooden cot. Pikachu starts playing with Mew. Meowth tries to lye back on a tree but it falls into a portal like hole. Pikachu and Mew poke their heads in. They see a tunnel with green bubbles floating up. Pikachu and Mew jump onto a bubble. Mew bumps into Pikachu causing Pikachu to fall off its bubble but it manages to land on another. Meowth then gets hit but it to but like Pikachu, Meowth lands on another bubble. The bubbles continue to float up. They reach another portal and Pikachu and Mew comes out followed by Meowth. They're on a ledge as they look below at the misty land below them.

The group continues to travel towards the tree but is stopped. This time, erupting geysers stop them. May then looks out the window and spots a hot spring. The group then decides that they should wait till the eruptions stopped and takes a break in the hot spring. All the Pokemon except Phanpy along with Ash, Brock and Max are in the spring. May then comes out of the vehicle from changing into her swimsuit. Bonsly had been traveling on top of the vehicle leaps upon her head. May tries to take it into the water but Bonsly hides behind Phanpy. Max tells her because Bonsly is a rock type Pokemon so it's afraid of water.

Sitting by the water's edge, Lucario has another memory. He pictures Aaron along side him, dipping their feet into the water. The memory ends when Ash tells Lucario to come into the spring with them. Lucario refuses and wonders off causing Ash to get annoyed by this. May then notices something up upon a few rocks. Ash climbs up the cliff towards the thing May spotted. Kid and Brock watch on commenting on how good Ash is at climbing. Ash grabs the thing but as soon as he does, he slips and falls back into the spring, splashing May, Max and some of the Pokemon. May caught the thing and shows it around. It's purple and seems to be crystallized flower of plant. Lucario then has a memory about the plant. He remembers when he and Aaron planted the flower. Aaron called it a Time Flower and it could only be used with the power of Aura.

Later that evening, the group decides to plant the flower. Suddenly, the flower starts to shine and a reply of Ash falling into the spring earlier fills the area. Kid then exclaims that she knows what the plant is. She says it's a Time Flower, a flower that can reply something in the past when activated.

The night, the group crowd around a fire as the stop and rest. Ash tells about his first day with Pikachu. Lucario then has another flashback on how Aaron was training him. He was training Lucario so that he could see Aqua even when blindfolded. He was doing this by dodging about ten logs in five seconds, sensing their movements when being swing by a rope. Lucario then asks Ash why doesn't leave Pikachu behind like Aaron did to him. After receiving an answer, Lucario walks off saying how pathetic he is. Ash gets angry about what he just said and runs up to block Lucario saying that he probably abandoned the queen himself. Lucario then says that Ash could simply leave Pikachu if he had a choice and because of this, Ash tackles Lucario. They roll into a nearby creek after sliding down a ledge. The two fight in the creek until Lucario throws Ash onto shore. May then comes running up, trying to break the fight up. Lucario walks off as Ash wipes his hair with a towel.

Later that night, Lucario leans on a tree with thoughts running through his mind. Then, Max offers him some chocolate. Max explains what it is. Hesitant, Lucario takes apiece, sniffs it and then eats it. Lucario grins a bit when tasting the chocolate.

Back at the tree, Meowth rests while Pikachu and Mew play with all the toys shaped as Pokemon. Mew tries to amuse Pikachu. Pikachu only manages a slight smile as it continues to wonder about Ash.

Ash suddenly wakes up, thinking he heard Pikachu's voice. He gets out of the vehicle everybody's sleeping in and sees Lucario. Ash tries to help Lucario by telling him about his first times with Pikachu. Lucario just doesn't understand the concept of being along side a person as a friend.

The next day, they continue heading towards the Tree of the World's Beginning in Kid vehicle with Lucario running ahead. Lucario stops when he reaches a cliff. He stares up at it. Lucario tells the group that this is where Aaron sealed him up. Lucario then accidentally hits a Time Flower with his foot. A vision just like before, fills the area only this time, it's showing the time Lucario got sealed into the staff by Aaron. After sealing Lucario away, Aaron flies away on a Pidgeot. Suddenly, the two armies earlier appear and start charging at each other, fighting. Max cowers up to May scared. Lucario then starts to use Pulse Bomb at the armies. Ash tells him to stop and that these are only illusions. The illusions then disappear as Lucario stops. Ash comes up to it, apologizes for not believing it before. Lucario smiles at him, knowing that Ash isn't a total jerk.

After all that's done, from out of the ground, a Regirock appears. Regirock starts attacking everybody with a Hyper Beam attack. Jessie and James just manage to get out of the trunk of the vehicle but quickly rush back into to avoid another Hyper Beam. Regirock fires another Hyper Beam attack on the group. Lucario quickly blocks it by using a Pulse Bomb attack at the beam, causing it to explode. Kid finds a pathway and she and everybody else quickly retreat to it. Lucario keeps Regirock busy. Lucario then tells everybody to head into the tunnels. They do so. They seemingly have lost Regirock. The group continues to walk through the crystal filled tunnel until they reach the end. Everybody seems to be surprised at what they're seeing. It seems like another world. A large crystal hangs from the ceiling while a large tree stump seems to support the ceiling. A vast lake is also in there. A number of fossilized Pokemon along with many others dwell in the tree. Ash heads up along a path to get Pikachu with Lucario following on.

Kid gets her glasses or specs out a sends information and pictures to her boss, Banks. She then gets told that there are many tunnels in the tree to make a network of vessels. After that, Kid then sends out a few sphere mini helicopters. She then with Brock, May and Max follow Ash and Lucario. The mini helicopters cling to some of the crystals in the tunnels that grow in the tunnels ahead but as soon as they try to, the crystals turn red and start to devour them. Kid then gets a signal that a defense system in the tree has been activated from Banks.

As Ash and Lucario reach the end of another tunnel that they had been going through, they see that they're on one of the leaves of the tree. Ash calls out for Pikachu. Pikachu wakes up from its slumber and hears Ash. It calls back and Ash hears it. Ash continues running for Pikachu, which is still along way up. But a Regice's Ice Beam attacks Ash. Regice attacks with another Ice Beam but Lucario this time jumps in front of Ash and fires a Pulse Bomb and blocks the Ice Beam. Ash and the others then head to another tunnel while Lucario keeps Regice busy. The group keeps running until the reach the end of the tunnel. They were at the edge of a cliff. Jessie and James then jump down from above, landing with a crash. Regirock and Registeel then appear from the other side of the cliff.

Blue pillars are all around inside the cave. Lucario spots one pillar leading to another tunnel. Everybody runs along the path to the tunnel. Jessie and James reach the end of the tunnel first but stubble a bit along a narrow, stone bridge. Everybody carefully walks across the bridge with Pikachu, Meowth and Mew watching from somewhere higher. Everybody gets across safely as Lucario reaches the end and notices that Registeel and Regirock have been following them. Lucario then blasts the bridge with a Pulse Bomb, collapsing it and preventing the two Regis from getting across.

One of Kid's mini helicopters flies towards a crystal and just like the one before a red blob eats it. Jessie and James run on ahead. James slows down and Jessie turns around to tell him to hurry up. James then points at something behind Jessie. A red blob shaped as a Cradily starts to swallow her. James sends out Cacnea to save Jessie with Pin Missile but the attack is hopeless. Jessie gets swallowed up. Then, another blob starts to eat James. Just before he gets eaten, he sends out Chimecho. James meets the same fate as Jessie. Ash and the group witnessed this event. Another blob appears in the shape of an Aerodactyl but Lucario destroys it with a Pulse Bomb. Another blob comes and almost takes Kid but Lucario jumps in the way. The blob tries to take Lucario but doesn't and disappears. It seems like they don't eat Pokemon.

The two Regis then suddenly appear, chasing everybody. The group keeps running through the tunnel until they reach the end. They arrive inside a cave with two separate tunnels leading different ways. They decide to split up. Ash and Lucario in one group while May, Max, Brock and Kid in the other. Ash's group head one-way while May's heads the other. Ash then sends out Corphish and Grovyle to attract the Regis. The Regis chase after Ash and Lucario.

Meanwhile, Pikachu, Mew and Meowth crawl through a small tunnel. The tunnel leads to a larger tunnel. Pikachu sights a red blob but the blob disappears.

May, Max, Brock and Kid continue running soon they meeting up with one of the blobs. The blob manages to get Brock. Like James, Brock sends out his Pokemon just before the blob engulfs him. Max also gets engulfed by one of the blobs. May desperately tries to save him but can't. May falls to her knees crying but soon the blobs also take her. May releases all her Pokemon so that they won't suffer the same fate. The Pokemon look on both confused and sad as their trainers disappear. Kid manages to escape though.

Ash and Lucario meanwhile have lost the Regis. But they have come to a massive crevasse with crystal pillars going from one side to another. Out of the tunnel on the other side are Pikachu, Mew and Meowth. Ash runs to Pikachu along the crystal pillars but slips a few times due to the heavy wind but manages to get back onto a pillar. Pikachu on the other hand has no troubles getting from one pillar to another. Ash continues to run to Pikachu, slipping along the way and his hat falling off. Mew catches it. Pikachu then stumbles and falls off the path but Ash's leaps off one of the paths and manages to grab it. Luckily, Kid swings by on her grapple and catches Ash and Pikachu and swings back to Lucario.

Ash introduces Lucario to Pikachu. Mew hands Ash's hat back and now, the group has to get out. While running through the tunnels, Kid tells Ash what had happened to the rest of the group just as the blobs strike again. The group come out of the tunnels and into another cave, this time, filled with the crystals. Lucario wonders about something but Registeel and Regirock then appear and grab Lucario. The blobs then attack Ash and Kid, devouring them. Just before they perish, they release their Pokemon. Ash's Pokemon try to save Ash but can't. Lucario kicks Registeel that causes it to lose grip. It tries to save Ash but also can't. The Pokemon watch on, tearful of what just happened.

Mew goes over to pick up Ash's hat. Then it goes over to one of the crystals and starts to glow green. All the crystals in the tree start to glow green. The blobs then start to appear from the ground, this time, green. The blobs then disintegrate into the ground and all the victims are left. Their Pokemon cheer as May, Max and Brock are alive. Ash and Kid are also alive at the cave full of crystals. His Pokemon then all jump on him, celebrating that their trainer is safe. Lucario sees Ash and his Pokemon, how much they love each other. It seems like Lucario understands what friendship is now. The Regis then walks off through a tunnel seeing that Ash and the others are no threat.

Kid grins a bit before noticing that one of the crystals has turned red. Then all the crystals suddenly turn red. Mew falls to the ground weak as Kid picks it up discovering that Mew's turned burning hot. Kid's boss tells her that the tree is unstable and if the tree's destroyed, it will mean disaster for the world. The crystals begin to break and smoke rises throughout the tree. Eileen watches on from Orudoran Castle, seeing the smoke.

Mew starts to float into a cave with Ash, Lucario and Kid following. Mew leads them into a room where they can restore the tree but the only problem is that Mew doesn't have enough strength to tell Ash, Lucario and Kid how to do it. Lucario looks to one side and spots something strange in the crystals. He spots Aaron's gloves in the crystal in the room. Ash then accidentally hits a Time Flower. It starts showing a holographic image pf Aaron coming through the entrance. Mew comes in with Aaron and Aaron starts to transfer energy to Mew so it can do the restoration. At the end, Aaron falls to the ground in pain.

Now, seeing that, they know now how to do it. Lucario declares that he can do it and starts to transfer energy to Mew but it halts. Lucario isn't strong enough. Then Ash remembers that he has the same Aura pattern as well. Ash slips Aaron's gloves on. Kid questions his moves but Ash responds saying that the world is more important than his life. Ash and Lucario start transferring energy to Mew. Mew absorbs the energy as Ash and Lucario transfer energy to Mew. Near the end, Ash and Lucario start to strain. Lucario then shoves Ash out of the way, saving him from death. Lucario completes the transference and Mew quickly rushes to the core of the tree and stores the energy. Then a green light shines through the tree. The crystals also shine green and the tree and the world been saved.

Kid contacts her organization, telling them that it's all over and everything's all right. Lucario then falls to the ground, much like Aaron. Lucario accidentally hits a Time Flower. It then starts to show Aaron on the ground. He says a few final words. He thanks Lucario and also says that he sealed Lucario up to protect him. He finishes up by saying that Lucario was his friend, not his servant. Aaron then disappears. Lucario quickly follows him, also disappearing. Their spirits float up into the sky in crystallized form. Ash and Kid then rush outside to where May, Max and Brock are. Banks then contacts Kid, telling her that this will give her popularity a boost but Kid tells him that if that does happen, the Tree of the World's Beginning will be ruined by tourists and she doesn't want that. All five of them then look up towards the sky, wondering about Lucario.

Ending Credits:

The group travel back to the castle in Kid's vehicle. They run to Eileen and see on of the paintings with Aaron doing the hero pose, now has Lucario beside him. Ash smiles at this. The group now takes a cable car down. On their way, they see Kid packing her stuff into her vehicle. Brock moans over his loss of Kid. Ash and the group are traveling through a town, probably Alto Mare judging by all the buildings. Kid is in Ferrina with Butler and Dianne, building some kind of building. Somewhere nearby the castle, Lucario and Aaron are walking down a path. Aaron shares some chocolate he has with Lucario.

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