Jirachi: Wish Maker

Pokemon: Jirachi - Wish Maker
Pokemon: Jirachi - Wish Maker
Japanese Title
The Wishing Star of Seven Nights
Movie Pictures
Movie Pictures
Release Date
July 19, 2003 Japan
June 1, 2004 US/Canada
Pikachu Short
Gotta Dance!
Ash must stop Butler from using Jirachi's power to summon Groudon.
Character Appearances
Ash Ketchum, May, Brock, Max, Jessie, James, Butler, Diane
Pokemon Appearances
Pikachu (Ash's), Meowth (Team Rocket), Wobbufett (Team Rocket), Torchic (May's), Salamence (Butler's), Dusclops (Butler's), Absol, Jirachi
The color of Butler's eyes switches between light blue, blue, and teal.
Even though Misty is absent in this movie, Ash mentions her. This is the first Pokemon movie to go direct to video for its American release. Butler's sole purpose of being a magician is to find a boy who should be chosen to protect Jirachi for the nights it stayed awake. When May sings in the dub, they used the Japanese vocal track of Kaori, May's Japanese voice actor, instead of Veronica Taylor. The music that plays in the background while Ash and the others are in Diane's bus traveling to Forina is a slightly different version of the Japanese Season 6 opening. The ending song, Make a Wish, is the first time that the dub left the original Japanese lyrics preformed by Hayashi Asuka; it was also combined with English lyrics preformed by Cindy Mizelle.
Dialogue Edits
Pretty much all of Team Rocket and Max's lines were rewritten in the dub. There was also a lot of grunting and gasping added in the dub when characters were on screen. The dub also constantly mispronounces Jirachi's name as "Jeer-ratch-ee," not the correct way, "Ji-rah-chee". During the opening scene, the narrator in the dub talks a lot more using puns about legendary Pokemon. In the dub, Team Rocket says that they don't want the Pokemon to teleport before they can wish, while in Japan they say they're going to wish for a promotion from the boss. In the dub, Ash first identifies Absol, while in Japan it's Brock who does it.
Paint Edits
The Japanese text on Butler's poster, which said "The Great Butler's Magic Show", was painted away in the dub; however, there is one frame that they forgot to edit it from.

The movie starts off with the narrator explaining about the world of Pokemon as multiple kinds off Pokemon from all the different movies are shown on screen like Entei, Latios and Latias. The scene changes to a stadium with two trainers battling each other as the narrator explains about battles. (If you have watched the movie, the two trainers look a lot like the male trainer from Ruby and Lady eh) The narrator then explains about Team Magma who try to capture Groudon for the wrong reasons. The narrator then introduces the story of man finding something that will fulfill his wish but he actually unleashes a bigger mystery. From there, the narrator introduces Ash Ketchum and his friends, explaining what they do and all.

The title appears on the screen before we see Ash and the group traveling at night through somewhere, which seems deserted. Ash asks Brock if they're getting close to where some kind of festival is and Brock says that they're pretty close. Ash then races everybody to the top of the hill. As excited as he was, Ash arrived at the top first only to see the festival but he was only confronted with a barren wasteland a few trees in the background. Everybody curiously asks Brock if this is the right place. Brock says yes just as Ash's and Max's stomachs grumble. Ash and the group sit and eat as the narrator explains why Ash and the group are here, to witness the Millennium Comet.

Later that night, the fire is out and everybody is sleeping. Suddenly, Pikachu wakes up along with everybody else to the sound of trucks. Everybody watches on surprised as all the workers set up tents and stands for the festival. Ash and the group walk into all the commotion, excited to see everything. More trucks arrive and from one of those trucks, a man dressed in formal clothes carrying a trunk steps out. He pulls out a red cloth and turns it into a wand. He then opens up the trunk with the wand and large pink balls bounce out. The balls arrange themselves before bursting. Some wooden containers of some kind are left. They start forming a track before more wood stretches out until they all meet at the center. Supports rise from the track and attach themselves together. Colored flaps then appear from them and what is left is a giant tent. The setting up continues with a machine laying railway tracks out while a train drives on them.

The festival starts the next day and Ash and the group rides the dodgem cars. Team Rocket are throwing flyers around exclaiming about the easy job and shoveling manure unaware of what it is. Team Rocket then sneak away as they see Ash and the group reading one of the flyers. Seeing that the same person constructing his tent is from last night going to be performing, Ash and the group get excited to see the show.

Later that day, Ash and the group are at the show, watching the magician make around out ten or so Swablu fly out from his top hat. The crowd what on amazed as they eat treats like popcorn and ice cream. Team Rocket, dressed as clowns, wheel something out onto the stage. The magician taps the white top hat that was wheel out and a Kirlia appears. The magician hands his hat over to a Mightyena as it walks off. The magician then conceals Kirlia, gets his wand and incinerates the tip of it on fire. He then taps the box with it and a lady appears, holding the same stone the magician found earlier in the introduction. Everybody stunned, cheers. The lady then raises the stone and suddenly, it starts to shine. Max then hears something, which nobody else seemed to have heard. The magician then introduces himself as The Great Butler and the lady as his assistant, Dianne.

Everybody starts clapping except Max. He hears the voice again and without any hesitation, he runs up to the stage after realizing it came from the stone Dianne was holding. Ash chases after as Max runs onto the stage. Ash also arrives on the stage. He tries to get Max off before Butler tells the crowd that they are volunteers for their next trick. Dianne asks for their names and Ash and Max tell her. Team Rocket then wheel a box out. Butler introduces it as his Burning Box. He then explains the objective to Ash and Max and to the whole crowd, to escape it before they are blown to smithereens be Butler's Dusclops. May and Brock watch on, green with envy (not literally green) as Ash and Max are pushed into the box. Butler then explains the trick again that Ash and Max have only got ten seconds to escape before Dusclops blows it into flames. Butler counts the seconds down, as Dusclops gets ready to fire a Hyper Beam. Dusclops fires and just before the attack hits the box, Ash and Max and dropped down into a seat under the stage which rides a rail to the top of the grandstand. Flowers appear on the stage before Ash and Max show up at the top. The crowd is left wondering.

The crowd cheer for Ash and Max as they run on stage again. Suddenly, Pikachu is snatched away by the two clowns who later reveal themselves as Team Rocket. Team Rocket float away on a trapeze attached to a balloon with not only Pikachu but also with Kirlia and Mightyena. Butler then makes all this seem like its part of the performance. Dusclops then fires a Willo-Wisp attack. Team Rocket gets hit with the attack and drop Pikachu. Ash just manages to catch it. Mightyena and Kirlia fall to the ground safely. Pikachu then uses an electrical attack and Dusclops uses Night Shade. The crowd cheer, believing this was all part of the show. Max then gleams at the rock Dianne's holding.

After the show, Butler explains everything to what possibly Max had heard. He explains that he heard Jirachi, a special Pokemon that only awakens every thousand years and that it's sleeping inside the rock Dianne was holding. Butler tells everybody that in order for Jirachi to awaken, it needs the Millennium Comet and a friend. Max then says hi to Jirachi. There's no response and May thinks that Max is just plain crazy. Butler then hands the rock over to Max. May tries to touch the rock but Max says the things May said to him about being friend with a rock. He then runs off but May quickly peruses him.

That evening, Ash and the group explore the fair grounds a bit more with Max still carrying the rock with Jirachi inside. May then finds something and the shopkeeper tells her that it's a wishing star. He explains that on all seven night when the Millennium Comet appears, you fold one of the flaps down and make a wish but you only get one wish. Fireworks then are shot into the sky, exploding into all different Pokemon.

Later that night, Ash and the group are sitting outside the fairgrounds. They get a bit worried that because of the clouds, they might not be able to see the comet. The entire fair then shuts down all its lights. The clouds start to move away and there, in the sky, the Millennium Comet. A slight breeze sweeps by Ash and the group as the gaze up at the comet. May then realizes about the Wishing Star she bought earlier. She drags it out and folds one of the flaps down. May then notices that Max had fallen asleep. She hops down from the rock she was sitting on and gently rubs his head. May then closes her eyes and starts to hum the tune of the song Make a Wish.

The rock Max is holding suddenly starts shining. May stops humming and Max wakes up. Jirachi starts to talk again. It says that the star is falling.

Back at the place where Butler found Jirachi, an Absol appears before leaping off.

Light stats running from the ground and into the rock. The rock then floats up into the air and starts to shine even more. Finally it transforms into Jirachi. Jirachi floats down and Max catches it. It opens its eyes and everybody introduces themselves to it. Dianne then runs over and sees Jirachi. She runs back to tells Butler while telling Ash and the group that they can sleep in their bus tonight.

Dianne runs to Butler telling him. Butler then exclaims that the legend was true and a few devices of some sort a raised for the stage one of the pointing to the Millennium Comet. Dianne gives a worried sigh.

Ash and the group are at Butler and Dianne's bus. Curious, Max asks Jirachi if it can grant wishes. May and Ash ask Jirachi for it to make their wishes come true. Max then yells out that he's first before finally thinking up something. He wishes for candy. Jirachi then floats up, closes its eyes and the daggling parts on its head start to shine. No candy appears and everybody wonders about where all the candy is. Suddenly, Max finds a bag of candy in his lap. Jirachi then floats about the bus shouting out candy and hundreds of bags of candy start appearing although Jirachi actually teleported the candy from a candy shop at the fair to the bus. Ash, May and Brock appear from all the candy and start fighting over Jirachi, begging it to grant their wishes. The bus is still being loaded with candy and with Ash, May and Brock fighting over Jirachi, the bus doors swing open and all the candy along with Ash, May, Max and Brock tumble out. Butler and Dianne rush over to see what all the fuss is about.

Ash, Pikachu, Max and Brock surface from all the candy. Max pulls Jirachi out and explains to Butler and Dianne that he wished for lots of candy and that Jirachi granted he's wish. Dianne then picks up a bag of candy and exclaims that it's all actually from the fair. Butler tells everybody that Jirachi has the ability to teleport things. May then rises from the candy after finding a chocolate bar and starts eating it. May then looks without a clue at everybody, as their faces turn even more shocked. Meanwhile at the candy stand, the owner is going nuts about him being ruined.

Back at the bus, May starts blaming Max for everything that happened here. She then yells at Jirachi to get rid of the problem. Jirachi pauses for a moment before teleporting May off. Everybody wonders where May is before hearing her desperate cries for help from the pile of candy. Ash and Brock rush over to pull her out while Jirachi exclaims that it's very sleepy. Butler explains to Max that Jirachi is just recharging itself. May then yells out that this wasn't very funny as Ash and Brock bring her down from the candy stack. They then say that they have to take all the candy back by hand. Hearing this, May gives a sigh.

The next morning arrives and Max eagerly stares at Jirachi, waiting for it to wake up. Jirachi does and Max greets it. Jirachi floats up until it hits the roof of the bus before floating back down. Jirachi then starts calling Max wish maker and Max and Jirachi go outside. Ash and Brock are outside but are dressed as clowns. Max then runs off wish Jirachi telling everybody that it's going to play with Jirachi in the fair.

At the fair, Max and Jirachi ride all sorts of rides for the suspended swinging ship to the Ferris wheel, unaware that Team Rocket is spying on them. They argue over what they should wish for.

That evening, the same Absol from before leaps onto a rock, overlooking the fair. At the tent, Ash and Brock are thanking everybody for coming to the show. Meanwhile backstage, May's wheeling some equipment as well as lights around. She accidentally hits a bit of wood and the equipment starts to topple over. May quickly rushes to try to keep the equipment for falling over. Max helps out too. Want Max to play with him, Jirachi takes Max's glasses and Max starts chasing Jirachi. The equipment collapses On May and also takes out a few curtains. Ash and the other quickly run over to see what happened only to see May crawl out from under the curtains. Max chases Jirachi through all the props. Eventually he catches him.

Suddenly, max hears a rip at the top of the tent. He then hears an Absol from behind a mirror. Absol then using Razor Wind, which breaks the mirror and strolls through. Absol fires an attack at Max who's trying desperately to flee but luckily for him, missing. Ash and the others arrive at the scene and Butler tells them that Absol is said to appear when a tragerty is about to happen. Absol fires another shot, missing but knocking Max back. Max, holding Jirachi runs onto the stage followed by Absol. Everybody else chases after them. May then sends out Torchic. Torchic smashes an Ember attack at Absol but the attack seemingly had no effect. Pikachu then uses Thunderbolt. Absol gets sent flying backwards but it lands on its feet. Jirachi then says to Max that Absol is here for him. Jirachi then teleports Pikachu and Torchic away, to the top of the tent. Absol turns its attention now to the group. It starts to charge at them. Ash, May and Brock flinch but Butler, using his wand, activates a trap door in the stage. Absol falls into the stage and into a cage. The cage rises from the stage with Absol bagging the bars of it with its head. Butler then releases Kirlia and tells it to uses Hypnosis. Kirlia does so, putting Absol to sleep. Butler takes a bow as Pikachu and Torchic run to their respective trainers. The group starts trying to figure out why Absol attacked them. Max tells everybody what Jirachi said to him when being attack. Max asks Jirachi if it knows anything else but Jirachi only responds by telling everybody that it's sleepy.

That night, while everybody else is sleeping, May runs to where she was when Jirachi woke up yesterday for her Wishing Star. After folding down one of the flaps, May sees Butler walking out of the bus and into the tent.

Inside the tent, Butler has Jirachi on one of the devices from earlier and is talking to Dianne. Dianne says to him that they shouldn't have taken Jirachi away from Ferrina. The some the devices from before are on the stage. Butler presses a button and one of the devices lifts Jirachi up. Butler says to Jirachi that when you see the comet with your true eye, you will absorb its energy. Butler holds up a container of some sort with a rock inside. A flash starts playing of when Butler was still with Team Magma.

Butler is standing in the center of the spotlight with heaps of Team Magma members all surrounding him, waiting for him to create Groudon. Confident, Butler walks over to the machines he invented and places the container with fossilized remnant of Groudon inside the machine. He then pulls the lever and the machine starts generating Groudon. The machine suddenly malfunctions and breaks. The container with the remnant is destroyed and all the Team Magma members start to laugh at Butler's failure. Butler explains to them he needs a more powerful energy source. Butler runs over to pick up the boiling hot remnant, dropping it first. Butler is then banished as he picks up the remnant. Butler then threatens Team Magma by saying that this isn't the last they'll hear of him. The flashback ends there.

Desperate for revenge, Butler places the remnant once again in the machine. Dianne worriedly states at Butler as he uses Dusclops's Psychic to open up Jirachi's true eye. An eye appears in the center of Jirachi's belly as Absol tries to get free from its cage.

May is at the van trying to wake everybody up. They do and she exclaims that Jirachi is gone. Ash and the group run outside a see a beam of light shot at the Millennium Comet and back from the tent. The beam hits the machine, blowing it up. Smoke engulfs the whole stage as the group runs in. Max sees Jirachi hurt and injured. He runs over to pick it up. Butler then gets up, astounded by the energy he saw. He then tries to take Jirachi away but is stopped by Dianne trying to change his mind. Max starts running. Butler flings Dianne away and gets Dusclops to you Psychic on Max. Max starts to float into the air but is brought down when Pikachu hits Dusclops with a Thunderbolt attack. Jirachi then cries out making its own wish, wishing it could be back home at Ferrina. Absol still is trying to break free. May then pulls Max away and Dianne quickly tells everybody to follow her. Dusclops tries to stop them but Absol breaks free from its cage a launches an attack at Butler and Dusclops before running off. Butler then sends out Mightyena.

Everybody follows Dianne to the bus. They all get on and Dianne drives off. Team Rocket spy on them from their balloon. Butler's Mightyena unnoticed chases after the bus. Eventually it places a tracking device on the bus.

On the bus, Max tells Dianne that Jirachi said that it wants to go back home to Ferrina. Dianne mentions it's Jirachi's home before telling the group why Butler wants Jirachi so badly. The group then head off to Ferrina after deciding, but the group is unaware that Butler's Mightyena has placed a tracking device on the bus and that Butler is watching where they go on radar. Butler then activates another machine with his wand and grits his teeth after thinking Dianne out of all people new the way he felt.

The next comes and Dianne is driving on a very bumpy surface. May and Max have to get a grip on something just to stay on their seats. Ash and Pikachu though fall off their seats, causing May and Max to laugh. The tracking device that Mightyena put on earlier had fell though. That night, May folds down another one of the flaps on her Wishing Star; Ash, Pikachu, Max and Jirachi have all fallen asleep around the campfire. May walks into the bus and see Dianne looking at one of the flyers advertising Butler's show. Dianne realizes her and May goes over to the sink to wash her face. Dianne then explains her childhood with Butler to May. After finishing, Dianne walks over and peers out of a small window in the door at Ash and all the other crowded around the campfire. Dianne mentions that she wishes for the real Butler to come back, the one that isn't all serious about getting revenge against Team Magma. From somewhere high where the group can't see, Absol watches over them although this time, not as worried.

The next day, Ash and the group are still riding in the bus as it droves along some narrow mountain paths. The road is still quite rugged. Team Rocket still is pursuing Ash and the group from their balloon as they eagerly slurp some noodle. A while later, the bus becomes bogged in some mud. Ash, May, Max, Brock and even Jirachi push on the bus as Dianne pushes on the accelerator. The bus eventually drives out of the mud. A giant splash of mud though lands on everybody (except Dianne). Jirachi then shakes all of it off and everybody laughs. That night, May folds down another flap on her wishing star as Ash and Max skip some rocks across a pond.

The next day comes and everybody is still riding in the bus. That night, May folds down another flap on her Wishing Star mentioning that there are only two night left until her wish comes true. Max then suddenly tells her to stop count and runs off quickly chased by Ash. Ash sits down with Max by a body of water and asks him why he's feeling so down. He tells Ash that he only has two days left with Jirachi. Ash then tells Max that friends will always be apart of you forever. He then mentions about a friend of his that left him but he will always remember her (probably Misty although Ash doesn't say). Max then looks at Jirachi, smiles and nods.

The next day, the group finally reach Ferrina, a place with a lush overgrow of trees and magnificent scenery. Many Pokemon live in Ferrina and they all stare at the group when they walk past them in Ferrina. Jirachi asks Ash and Max if they like Ferrina and they both say yes. That night, May folds down another flap on the Wishing Star as Max and Jirachi fight over a stick. May then tells Max to go the sleep. Max tries to argue with her but loses. He then lays down and says to Jirachi that they'll only pretend to sleep so they can play later. May stares a Max for a while before she starts singing Make a Wish.

The next day, they group are walking through Ferrina. They stop though when they see Absol ahead. Absol though walks forward and everybody realizes that Absol is only leading the way.

That evening, the group is still following Absol. Many more Pokemon appear to welcome Jirachi back home even a Flygon. The group continues following Absol as it leads the group into a dark cave. Dianne turns on a light to brighten up the path ahead. The group follows Absol through the cave for a bit before stopping. Absol runs off as everybody looks up and sees the Millennium Comet through a hole in the roof. Jirachi then says out aloud that the star is calling him and tries to float away but Max grabs him and exclaims that he doesn't want Jirachi to leave. Jirachi says to Max that he must and floats up. Jirachi then opens its true eye and starts to absorb the Millennium Comets energy as Dianne explains why Jirachi absorbs the energy.

Suddenly, some devices break through he cave and fire some kind beam at Jirachi. The devices also create a force field to seal everybody in. Jirachi is then lift up to platform in the sky attached by ropes. On the platform is Butler, who makes a speech out to everybody before placing Jirachi in his machine. Butler then pushes a lever down to activate another part of the platform. Jirachi's true eye starts to absorb the comets power. A beam of light like from before is shot into the sky and back at the comet like before. Butler then activates a few buttons and more machines rises from the platform. From the bottom of the platform, something is fired at the ground and Groudon has started to be created by carving a picture of Groudon.

Meanwhile, Pikachu tries to break out of the force field but can't. Absol then comes running back and blasts the machines, as a result, destroying them. Flygon also comes and helps with a few blasts (maybe Hyper Beam). The force field in broken and Ash gets on Flygon to try and stop Butler. Max also goes with him and Flygon takes off for Butler with May worriedly watching on. Below them, Ash and Max can see that the Groudon has almost been created. Butler then sees Flygon and sends out his Salamence to try and stop it. Butler then gets on Salamence and the battle starts.

Salamence chases after Flygon while firing a few Flamethrower attacks at it but missing. Ash then comes up with a plan for Max and Pikachu to go onto the platform to free Pikachu while Ash keeps Salamence. Flygon soon lands on the platform to stop the machine while Ash and Flygon keep Butler and Salamence distracted. Pikachu fires at the machine and the machine start losing power. Jirachi then becomes free and Max grabs him. The creation then stops and Flygon flies down to pick them up. Even with the creation process stopped, Butler still smiles though at his creation.

Max tries to wake Jirachi up. Ash and Max then notice that Jirachi's closing its true eye. Jirachi then wakes up and Max gives it a hug. Flygon lands where everybody else is and then takes off. May runs over to Max and gives him a hug, telling him how worried she was.

There's a rumble before Butler's work suddenly begins to rise up from the ground, roaring and the exact mark that are on the real Groudon, are on this one. As Groudon gets up, all trees start to decay and Butler realizes that this isn't what he intended. Groudon starts to walk, bumping into Butler's platform. Some ropes of the platform snap and the platform become only supported by the cliff. Groudon keeps on walking around and wherever it goes, trees start to rot. Butler flies over Groudon, exclaiming that that isn't Groudon.

Ash and the group watch at Groudon and seeing that it's sucking energy from the Earth. Absol then runs by and fires an attack at Groudon but it's ineffective. Groudon notices it and reveals an abnormal feature that it has. Groudon fires some things that seem to be tentacles at Absol. Absol gets hit with them and is dragged into Groudon! Tentacle then suddenly starts appearing from all over Groudon. They stretch out through all of Ferrina, grabbing all the Pokemon and dragging them back.

Salamence lands where the group has gathered and Butler hops off. Dianne runs up to him and desperately asks him if he has a plan to stop all of this. Butler replies with an answer of no as the tentacles from Groudon stretch father into Ferrina. Team Rocket hover above Groudon as Swablu and Altaria fly past and just like them, Team Rocket is snagged.

Inside Groudon's stomach, the victims that have fallen prey to Groudon are seen. Butler steps forward, exclaiming again that the monster he created isn't Groudon. Butler continues to step forward and Dianne realizes that there's a tentacle coming his way. Dianne intercepts the tentacle and it grabs her. Butler tries to save her he can't. Dianne's finally words were, "My daring, if this is the end, then I'll glad that the last thing I see is you" and with that, Dianne is pulled right out of Butler's grasp. The tentacle now start to come after everybody else, even Butler. The tentacle grab May and Brock, pulling them away. With nothing they can do, Ash and Max keep running but the tentacle grab them as well. Jirachi saves them though with its power to teleport. Ash and max are now on high ground but the tentacles still keeps coming after them. Once again, Jirachi teleports them away, but like before, the tentacles still keep on attacking.

The tentacles almost seize them again but Salamence blasts them away. Butler then tells them that Groudon is after Jirachi's energy. Salamence then flies off, firing more attacks at incoming tentacles. Another tentacle heads for Ash and Max but Flygon fires an attack at it. Flygon lands and Ash and Max quickly get on. Flygon takes off just before another tentacle strikes. The tentacles chases after Flygon in the air. Flygon flies underground and even then, the tentacles chase after it. The tentacles almost catch Flygon but Jirachi uses its teleportation powers once again to save Ash, Max and Flygon. Salamence then flies beside Flygon with Butler on it. Butler then declares a plan to Ash and Max and asks them for their help. Ash is a bit sketchy but Butler convinces him in the end to help. Butler mentions to them that Jirachi should be able to absorb energy out of Groudon if they put Jirachi into Butler's machine. All they have to do is to reverse the polarities.

Suddenly, more tentacles come from out of nowhere and ambush Butler. One of the tentacles grabs Salamence and Butler falls off. Jirachi uses his teleportation powers once again only this time to save Salamence and make it reappear to catch Butler. Max questions Jirachi on why he saved Butler and it answer with "He can't be all bad. After all, he loves Dianne." Groudon continues to come after Jirachi and inside its stomach May, Brock and Dianne are floating around in a bubble.

Ash, Max and Butler are now on higher ground with Butler discussing the plan to the others. He tells them to keep Groudon distracted whilst be sets his machine up. Ash and Max gets on Flygon and heads for Groudon. Groudon launches its tentacles at them but Flygon dodges. It then flies under Groudon as the tentacles chase after it. Ash smiles in success as he sees the plan working. Salamence flies Butler to his platform. Butler jumps on and the platform starts to shake due to its unstableness. Butler runs to all the switches and pulls them back down. After pulling up all the levers, Butler drags to container with the meteorite inside out from the machine. The platform then starts to shake again and Butler accidentally drops the container and it falls off the platform. Ash flying on Flygon, just manages to catch the container though as Butler looks on with relief. Ash flies back to the platform and hands Butler the container. Butler places it in his machine and Max puts Jirachi down on the machine to start the process. Groudon continues to come towards Ash and the group as the platform becomes even more unstable. Flygon and Salamence charge towards Groudon, firing attacks at it. Groudon easily takes the attacks though.

Back at the platform, Butler pushes all the switches down again before falling off due to the platform moving again. Butler just manages to grab one of the ropes supporting the platform as Flygon and Salamence fires even more attacks at Groudon. Just like before, Groudon easily takes the hits before firing tentacles back at Salamence and Flygon. They both get hit and dragged into Groudon. Ash then runs over to the last lever and grabs a hold of it. He yells out to Jirachi to gets ready and pulls it down. The three devices at the bottom of the platform suddenly start to fire a ray at the ground. The same lights that ran through the ground like when Jirachi woke up run through the ground again as Jirachi starts to glow. Without warning, some tentacles head for Jirachi. Butler courageously takes the hit, thus saving Jirachi. Butler's final word are, "This way I'll be with Dianne," and with that, he gets dragged away.

Groudon starts to roar in pain as it goes for one last effort for Jirachi by blasting out more tentacles at it. The platform shakes wildly as Pikachu fires some electric attacks at the tentacles. Groudon then suddenly starts to melt. The searing oozes drips all over Ash and Max and engulfs Jirachi. Jirachi then starts to emit an even more powerful light as it floats away. The light become bigger and brighter as Jirachi floats off to the Millennium Comet, carrying Groudon with it. Jirachi fires up into the night sky like a shooting star before the light bursts, creating a spectacular display of lights.

All the Pokemon that were absorbed by Groudon tentacles starts to reappear again, Flygon, Salamence, Absol and all the other. May, Brock, Butler and Dianne also appear. They all run to Jirachi as it floats back down. Jirachi then asks Max for one last wish, to sing the lullaby May was singing earlier. Ash, May and Brock say to Jirachi that they'll also sing it. With that, May starts it off with the rest joining in. Midway through the song, Jirachi starts to glow again before turning back into a rock. Max stops singing and tears drip down his face. Max says one last good-bye as Jirachi descends into the Earth. The same lights from before starts to run all through the land once more. Even Team Rocket watches on from somewhere undetected, regenerated by all of this.

The next day, Butler and Dianne announces that they'll be staying in Ferrina and that they've finally realized what's important, to be together. Butler offers the group a ride back to town. Hearing something May had just said, Ash asks May what Dianne's wish was. May doesn't tell him saying that her lips are sealed. Ash then makes a witty comment on how that'll be a first. Brock then questions May about her Wishing Star. May then panicky pulls it out. Due to all of the excitement, May didn't get a chance to fold the last flap down last night. Disappointed, May accepts it and says that you have to make your own wishes come true. Everybody except for Max walks back into the bus. Max stares out at Ferrina before hearing Jirachi's voice. He then walks back into the bus as a slight breeze starts to blow.

Just like all the Pokemon movies, the credits involved showing everybody that helped in the creation of the movie as well as the main song from the movie, Make a Wish. Also in the background, the scenes change from constellations of Pokemon to Ash and the group in various destinations doing various things.

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