Pokemon Heroes

Pokemon Heroes
Pokemon Heroes
Japanese Title
The Guardian Gods of the Water Capital - Latias and Latios
Movie Pictures
Movie Pictures
Release Date
July 13, 2002 Japan
May 16, 2003 US/Canada
Pikachu Short
Camp Pikachu!
Ash battles to save the town of Alto Mare from two thieves.
Character Appearances
Ash Ketchum, Misty, Brock, Jessie, James, Annie, Oakley, Lorenzo, Bianca
Pokemon Debuts
Latios, Latias, Wailmer
Pokemon Appearances
Pikachu (Ash's), Meowth (Team Rocket), Wobbuffet (Team Rocket), Aerodactyl, Kabutops
In the scene before the movie where Brock tells how Ash got Pikachu, Ash is pictured fully clothed; however, in the episode, Ash was still in his pajamas.
With a very limited release of 196 theatres in the US, Pokemon Heroes was the last Pokemon movie to appear in theaters. Director Kunihiko Yuyama looked to Venice, Italy for inspiration when designing Alto Mare. The city's name, Alto Mare, literally means "high sea" or "high tide" in Italian. Latias is the second Pokemon to have have a crush on Ash; his Chikorita being the first. Latias and Latios are the only legendary Pokemon with genders; Latias is female and Latios is male. This is the first movie that Ash and gang do not encounter Team Rocket at all. In a throwback to The Power of One, Annie and Oakley are reading about Lawrence III during the credits of the movie. Images of Mewtwo, Lugia, Entei, and Celebi were hidden in the movie. This is the first movie to feature the death of a Pokemon.
Dialogue Edits
Annie and Oakley are made members of Team Rocket in the dub (called spies for Giovanni), while in japan they are just called thieves. During the opening theme, Brock talks to the young lady, while in Japan his mouth moved, but there was no sound. In the dub, when Ash first meets Latias he asks Pikachu if it wants any ice cream, while in Japan he thanks Latias for turning on the water for Pikachu. In the dub, Lorenzo talks about how long ago, the Aerodactyl and Kabutops were taught by an evil trainer to attack people, so everyone lived in fear until Latios came and brought water to the town, drowning the evil pokemon and turning our streets into canals; while in Japan, the Pokemon don't attack and the water isn't just brought to the town. In the dub, Oakley says: "I can control the whole world from in here!"; while in Japan, she only states how much power she has.
Music Edits
The dub replaces the opening theme with a remix of Master Quest. The ending theme is replaced with a mix of American anime music.
Cut Scenes
Total Time Cut: 1 min 54 sec

The entire opening scene is cut from the dub; in Japan, the movie starts with the telling of the legend of Latios and Latias. A young couple was walking on the beach when they find two young children, a young girl and her older brother. The couple decides to raise the children as their own. One day, there is storm that spreads evil rain across the city, but when all seems lost, the children reveal themselves to be the legendary Pokemon Latias and Latios and they use their combined powers to repel the evil rain and save the city. The two parents are given the "Drop of the Heart" for raising the legendary Pokemon, as they depart. Since then, the city has worshipped the two Pokemon as gods.

Brock explains about the world of Pokemon and how trainers travel around different lands, attempting to conquer various goals.

The scene then changes to two women reading a book about something called the guardians of Alto Mare. They then find something called the Some Dew in the book. Suddenly, a security guard hears them and calls out. The two women though escape through a nearby window. The security guard flashes his light around the area, checking for anything strange. He finds a rose and a card with the names Annie and Oakley on it that the two women left behind.

The two women meanwhile are on the road, driving in a very stylish car. They then board some kind of plane. The plane then takes off over the ocean, heading to a town on an island, which is apparently called Alto Mare. On the plane, the two women talk about capturing these Pokemon called Latios and Latias for their boss, Giovanni. The two then laugh, as they're about to unleash havoc in Alto Mare. The title then appears before the main movie starts.

Many people in Alto Mare have all gathered around the canals to get a view of the city's famous, The Le Tour De Alto Mare, a race standing on a water chariot while your own water Pokemon pulls you through the track all the way to the finish line. The Ash and Misty are competing. Ash is using Totodile while Misty is using her Corsola. The announcer informs everybody that when the Xatu calls out its name the race will start. Everybody watches on eagerly, waiting for the Xatu to speak. The Xatu does and the race gets under way.

A pretty girl walks up to Brock, asking him if she could stand there. He says yes but somehow accidentally knocks Pikachu off the bridge but it lands on Ash's head. Pikachu hops onto Ash's shoulder and Ash continues on with the race. Ash, Misty and another competitor, Ross jumps to the lead early, racing around the track. As they do that, two-mystery figure loom around Alto Mare passing people and Pokemon but nobody but a baby and an Aipom notices them because they're invisible. Team Rocket are enjoying a meal until Ash, Misty and Ross zip by and water splashes all over them and their food. The leaders head towards a tricky turn. Ross and Misty make it but Ash doesn't but luckily Ash hits one of the figures from before and falls into the water. He gets back on his chariot, desperate to make up some lost ground. The figures decide to help Ash. One of them get a grip on rope connecting Totodile and Ash's chariot and starts pull it. Ash flies right past everybody.

Meanwhile, Misty and Ross are almost at the finish line but Ash and Totodile, unaware that they're being pulled, swiftly passes Misty and Ross. Just when it looks like Ash is going to win, the mysterious figures pull him to the left, which is the wrong way. Misty and Ross are dead even as they approach the finish line. They reach it and Misty falls off the chariot. The winner wasn't seen so the officials check a replay to see who had won. The replay shows that Misty's Corsola had just inched in front of Ross's Wailmer. From the replay, everybody sees that Misty had won. Some of the crowd cheers while some are just shocked. Ross congratulates Misty on her win and offers to show her around Alto Mare. Brock though is wondering where Ash is.

Totodile is feeling depressed, thinking it was his fault for turning the wrong way but Ash cheers it up saying that everybody makes a wrong turns. They then all start laughing as the mysterious figures fly away, past some windows, which reveal a red and blue Pokemon.

Later, Ash, Misty and Brock are on a gondola being rowed by Ross. Misty thanks Ross for the ride before noticing two Pokemon engraved on the medallion she won for winning The Le Tour The Alto Mare. She turns and see the two again, only statues and on two separate pillars. Ross starts to tell everybody that the two Pokemon are Latios and Latias and how they are the Guardians of Alto Mare.

Meanwhile, a small robotic device scurries from a window ledge and a camera on it starts to activate. Two women are spying on the town, searching for Latias and Latios. One explains that they can take the form of any thing, even human. The radar then picks up something. Using the equipment they have, the women identify that the thing they spotted is Latias since it has taken the form of a girl. They quickly rush over to it. The women speed past Jessie, James and Meowth who are sitting by the canal eating ice-cream and wetting them. James then mentions that the women are Annie and Oakley and that they work for Giovanni. They decide to follow them, thinking that it could lead to something big.

Ash and the group say good-bye to Ross as they get off the gondola and head to an ice-cream shop. Pikachu then notices a tap and heads towards that instead. Pikachu watches a drop of water drip from the tap. Unable to reach the handle of the tap, Pikachu hangs its head down but a young girls pushes down on the handle, allowing Pikachu to soak itself in the water. She smiles as Pikachu moves its head under the water. Ash soon rushes over for Pikachu. The girl goes up to Ash but doesn't say anything. She starts to revolve around Ash, staring at him before running off.

The girl starts to walk along the canal when suddenly Annie and Oakley appear in their speedboat. They spot the girl, which happens to be Latias. They pull the speedboat along side of Latias and start to talk to Latias before saying her name and sending out their Pokemon. Latias starts running while Annie's Ariados and Oakley's Espeon chase her. Pikachu notice something and runs off quickly followed by Ash.

Meanwhile, Espeon and Ariados have Latias who is still in the form of a girl cornered. They start to fire attacks at Latias while Annie and Oakley pull their boat up. Ash and Pikachu quickly rushes over and Ash rips apart the webbing Ariados shot at Latias. Annie gets Espeon to fire a Psybeam at Ash. Ash takes the hit and tells Pikachu to use Thunderbolt on Annie and Oakley. Espeon retreats back to the boat. The Thunderbolt hits everybody on the boat and causes Annie to fall off and into the water. Ash pulls the girls along with him through the confusing alleyways of Alto Mare, unaware that the girl is actually Latias. Espeon and Ariados chase them. After a while, Ash stops, deciding which way he should go but his gets dragged by Latias. They arrive at a building top. Ash looks out seeing Misty and Brock below. Ash then remembers about the girl (Latias) and wonders where she is.

Later that day, Ash rejoins with Misty and Brock and they all arrive at the city's museum. The robot from before is still spying on everybody. The group heads into the museum. Inside they see fossils of accident Pokemon engraved in the floor. An old man comes over and starts to tell the group about a legend about Alto Mare. A long time ago, an Aerodactyl and a Kabutops that were trained to attack humans terrorized the city. Everybody lived in fear until Latios came and flooded the empty canals of the city, drowning the Pokemon. That's why it's called Alto Mare, which means high sea. He continues to explain about the city's defense mechanism system that was in the museum while Ash spots the girl from before on a balcony above him. He walks up, trying to get a closer look but accidentally touching the mechanism. The old man yells at him for it. The girl then walks off. Seeing this, Ash thanks the old man and runs off, leaving everybody else confused.

Ash chases after the girl, calling out to her to get her attention. Ash is unaware though that the machine from before is still trailing him. He eventually does get the attention of the girl but the girl simply says to him that she doesn't know him and walks off. Ash tries to keep up with her but arrives at an intersection (sort of). He chooses a street and heads off in that direction. They stop and Pikachu spots the girl and Ash questions her on why she keeps disappearing. The girl runs off again, having Ash and Pikachu following her. They eventually arrive at a tranquil part of the city. Ash watches the girl as she somehow walks through a wall. Pikachu decides to also run through the wall. Ash also head to into the wall and also comes out the other end.

On the other side, Ash and Pikachu sees an enormous garden filled with trees, ponds and all sorts of Pokemon. They take a few steps into the garden before noticing the girl again. She runs off and like before, Ash and Pikachu starts to chase her. The girls rush and start to play on a swing. Ash and Pikachu watch on. Suddenly they hear wind chimes go off in the background. From the water, a figure from before charges at Pikachu and Ash wit tremendous force. Pikachu tries to hit it down with a Thunderbolt but can't because of its invisibility. The figure hits Pikachu, knocking it back. Ash runs over to its aid. Pikachu gets up and Ash's shields it as the figures charges at them again. The girl then jumps in the way and the figure stops its assault. It then reveals itself. Ash looks at it shocked, seeing that the attacker is actually Latios.

Another girls with looks exactly like the one protecting Ash, appears and shouts out to Ash, asking what's he doing to Latios. Ash pauses for a moment before explaining to her that he wasn't doing anything to him. He introduces himself and Pikachu but the girl still orders an attack from Latios. They're stopped though by the old man from the museum. He then asks the girl, calling her Latias if she wants to play with Ash. She nods and pulls Ash along with her to swings she was on before. Ash sits down and says to her that he thought Latias was a Pokemon not a person. The girl then transforms into her real form, Latias! Ash falls off in shock and Latias helps him up. While Latias is helping Ash, Latios apologizes to Pikachu for the misunderstanding. Pikachu smiles and rushes up a tree. It then jumps onto Latias' back. Pikachu then leaps from Latias' back to Latios' and back. The girl apologizes for before to Ash and introduces herself to be Bianca. The old man introduces himself to be Lorenzo and explains to Ash that Latias has the power to transform into humans and that's why she looked exactly like Bianca.

Pikachu then jumps onto Ash's head as Latias takes Ash cap. Ash chases Latias for the cap and eventually gets it back. Latios' eyes suddenly begin to glow and so does Latias. Latios then dives into the water and through the canals of Alto Mare. Latias then makes everything seem like it's underwater. Bianca then explains to Ash that he as well as her and Lorenzo are seeing through the eyes of Latios because the vision is being transmitted to Latias and being beamed to them, which is called Sight Sharing. Latios swims through the canals, past many various Pokemon.

Later, Ash asks how they came to know Latios and Latias while looking at some carvings of Latios and Latias in the floor. Bianca tells him that Lorenzo has known them from when they were just orphans. Lorenzo then explains that their father, Latios, gave his life up to save the city from the evil Pokemon at a cost of his life though. Lorenzo then shows Ash the Soul Dew that is in the garden. He explains that inside there is savor Latios's spirit. If it was removed, the consequences could be disastrous. He then tells Ash that this why all of this is kept secret and that Ash must keep it a secret too. Ash says yes just as Latias picks him up. Latias carries him over a pond and drops him but Latios catches him. He brings Ash back to where everybody else is gathered. Latias goes up and hugs him. Ash tells Latias that he has to leave and Latias' head drops. Ash, Bianca and Lorenzo exit the garden and head to where Ash is going. Latios and Latias fly back to the garden but somehow, the same robot from before somehow managed to get in and is spying of the two Pokemon.

Lorenzo leads Ash and Bianca into his workshop. Bianca explains that Lorenzo makes gondolas. Lorenzo gets Bianca to take Ash the rest of the way. On the boat, Ash asks Bianca why Annie and Oakley were attacking her before but Bianca says that nobody attacked her. Bianca then realizes that people were attack Latias and she gets a concerned look on her face.

That night, Annie and Oakley leap from rooftop to another, dressed in spy outfits. Watching them are Team Rocket from a distance. They start to follow them, thinking it could lead to something big. Annie and Oakley run along the roves stealth fully and skillfully while Team Rocket clumsily clatter across them. The two pies leaps onto another roof but the task is too hard for Team Rocket and Jessie, James and Meowth fall down onto an overhanging lamp. Wobbuffet appears from its ball and the lamp starts to bend down before breaking and Team Rocket fall to the ground.

Meanwhile, Lorenzo is carving out another gondola. An Espeon walks into the room. Lorenzo offers to help it if it's lost but Espeon uses Psychic and Lorenzo falls to the ground, unconscious. Annie and Oakley step in and compliment Espeon.

At the secret garden, Latios and Latias are sleeping peacefully. They're wakened up though by the wind chimes fluttering. Annie and Oakley then walk in each with their Pokemon out. Latios suddenly starts to charge at them but Annie and Oakley easily and superbly dodge the attack. Latias heads over to Latios and after some talking they turn invisible. Annie and Oakley though aren't worried even after an attack by Latios that Annie somehow manages to dodge. Annie and Oakley quickly reach for some glass and put them on. With them, they can see the invisible Pokemon even if they are invisible.

Pointing at Latios, Annie gets Espeon to use a Swift attack and Espeon does, striking him down. Latias stops the attack by barging into Espeon. Oakley points to Latias and Ariados fires a Night Shade. Latias gets hit but Latios flies into the attack to take the hit. Oakley then throws for kind of electronic gadget which enlargers revealing it to be a net. The net brings Latios down to the ground with some kind of shock. Latias tries to make an attack but also falls to the ground after getting hit by Espeon's Psybeam attack. Espeon goes in to finish Latias off with a Tackle attack but Latios slides in front of it to stop the attack. Seeing that Latios wants to be a hero, Espeon hits it with a Psychic while Ariados uses Spider Web. Latias goes over to try and help Latios but Latios tells it to go and save itself. Latias does but Annie and Oakley start to chase after it. They throw one last net at Latias but Latios gets in the way and takes the hit. Latias dives into a pond and swims off depressed and upset.

Even though they only caught one of the Pokemon they were looking for, Annie and Oakley don't seem to be concerned. They head over towards the pool containing the Soul Dew. Oakley pulls it out and Annie mentions how beautiful it is. Oakley then scans the tiles with the engravings with her laptop. The laptop soon decodes everything and now they two spies' head to the city's museum with Latios.

Meanwhile, Latias emerges from a canal and flies off through the town. Bianca with Lorenzo who has gained consciousness rush to the Soul Dew but find that they're to late.

At the museum, Ariados carries Latios into the building and onto a circular block with stairs leading up to it. Light starts to be emitted from it and soon, Latios is encaged in some rings. The city's defense mechanism starts to activate and arm stretch out and starts to swing about. Oakley then places the Soul Dew where it's supposed to be placed in order to activate the machine. Suddenly, Bianca and Lorenzo rush in but are quickly and effortlessly taken out with Espeon's Psychic attack.

Meanwhile, Latias has flown to the room where Ash and his friends are staying. Latias then transforms back into a copy of Bianca. Ash wakes up but mistakes Latias as Bianca. Pikachu, Misty and Brock also awaken as Latias falls onto Ash's shoulder, crying. Later, Ash explains to them that it's actually Latias. Ash then nods his head to Latias and Latias turns back to her original self. Misty and Brock are quite intimidated and shocked at this.

Meanwhile, Bianca and Lorenzo are tied up to a giant spider web. Bianca tries to wake Latios up and does so successfully. Latios tries to break out of the circles but can't. His eyes soon start to light up and at the room where Ash and his friends are, Latias. Like before, the whole surrounding changes to what Latios sees. Misty and Brock become even more shocked but Ash explains to them that this is Sight Sharing.

Ash sees Bianca and Lorenzo tied up to the spider web and the people behind all of this, Annie and Oakley. One of the arms from the machine swings down and Oakley hops it but there isn't enough room for Annie. The sphere closes and Oakley starts to somehow bring the prehistoric Pokemon that terrorized Alto Mare before back to life from the fossils. Oakley then tells them to bring Latias to them and the two Pokemon brought back to life, an Aerodactyl and a Kabutops race out of the museum and out into the city. Latios then closes his eyes and the image ends.

Oakley then initiates a citywide lock down and barriers start to block many paths entrances to buildings and any other place people can get in out of buildings. This includes windows. Seeing that the barrier is coming around the window in his room, Ash quickly jumps out and into the water with Pikachu. He tells Misty and Brock that he's heading towards the museum and swims off. After as while Ash sees a gondola floating by a footpath along the canal and climbs on it. He starts paddling it.

After a while, the Aerodactyl Oakley brought back to life swoops down and grabs Latias with its claws. Ash then jumps onto Aerodactyl, trying to get it to release Latias. Pikachu them fires a Thunderbolt attack. It strikes Aerodactyl and it lets go of Latias as Ash falls into the water. Aerodactyl then blasts an attack at Pikachu. Pikachu jumps off the gondola just before it is demolished buy the attack. The attack sends Ash sinking deep underwater. Latias swims down and pulls him back up to the surface. Latias drags Ash along for a bit before Ash notices something.

Latias starts to pull Ash along the water as Ash rides the water chariots he had spotted. Aerodactyl continues to chase after Latias and Ash. Latias with Ash speeds around a few corners quickly followed by Aerodactyl. They soon come to a narrow gap. Latias manages to fit through with Ash but Aerodactyl can't and hits the buildings.

Meanwhile, Misty and Brock had managed to get out of the room but are trapped again behind some bars. Seeing that they can't get through, they send out their Pokemon, Crobat, Corsola and Politoed to go and help Ash. The three Pokemon head off as Brock continues trying to get through the bars.

Latias is still pulling Ash along the water when suddenly to Kabutops Oakley brought back to life starts chasing and attacking Ash and Latias. Latias swerves a bit in an attempt to dodge Kabutops but Kabutops is able to stay within reach of them. Ash then falls off his chariot and onto the footpath. Kabutops goes in to finish him off but Crobat swoops in a takes out Kabutops. Politoed and Corsola then drive it away with a combined Water Gun attack. Ash thanks the Pokemon and heads off once more with Latias to the museum.

Oakley using the machine spots Ash and Latias though. Lorenzo and Bianca yell at her to get her to stop but it no use. Oakley then controls the water and suddenly in front of the museum is a wall of water. Latias and Ash gets out of the water and runs towards the museum. The water though runs along the cracks in the ground and soon surrounds Ash and Latias. The water then starts to rise and soon the swamps Ash and Latias under the control of Oakley. The water pressure's choking Ash and Pikachu. Latias suddenly starts to glow and soon emits a white aura, which makes all the water vanish. Ash and Pikachu fall to the ground and quickly rush over to Latias to make sure that she's all right. She is and they now head towards the museum.

Oakley loses control over the machine it starts to spin around uncontrollably. Lorenzo and Bianca can only watch as sparks fly from the machine. Ash along with Pikachu and Latias rushes into the room. Pikachu thunderbolts Annie and Espeon as Latias fly over to Latios who is still trapped in the rings. Ash runs over to Bianca and Lorenzo and frees them. Latias starts barraging into the rings but it's no use. She tries again and this with the help of Pikachu but still they can't penetrate the barrier. Latias then starts to have the aura glow around her again and she charges at the rings, this time having more of an effect. Ash, Bianca and Lorenzo pulls Latios out from the rings and they check to see if Latios isn't hurt. It isn't and Latias flies down to Latios for reunion.

Annie goes over to Oakley who is still is the machine and check to see if she's all right. She then walks over to the Soul Dew, which has turned dark and has a red glow (like when a shadow Pokemon goes into hyper mode in Pokemon Colosseum). Annie reaches her hand out to pick up the Soul Dew and even after a warning from Lorenzo she still touches it. The Soul Dew breaks into pieces and Annie is sent flying back into the machine with Oakley and the machine starts going out of control with Oakley and Annie inside.

Brock and Misty arrive in time to hear Lorenzo explain that if the Soul Dew was destroyed, terrible things will happen to Alto Mare. Ash, Misty, Brock, Bianca, Lorenzo, Latias and Latios quickly rush outside but to their horror, they see that all the water in Alto Mare's canals are flowing back out to sea. Latios and Latias then flew up into the sky and devised a plan but soon they see along with Ash, Misty, Brock, Bianca and Lorenzo a huge tidal wave heading towards Alto Mare. Latios and Latias flies out to the wave and together, they begin to glow and emit a white aura. They hit the wave and like before, they water simply disappears back into the sea. All the water starts flowing back into Alto Mare.

In the aura, Latias looks about, searching for her brother, Latios. She eventually sees him but Latios is sort of transparent, unlike Latias who isn't. Latias knows that the time has come and her and Latios touch hands. Latios then pull Latias back as he disappears. A white light shoots into the sky, piercing through the darkness of the night. Everybody watches as all the water continues to flow back into Alto Mare. Team Rocket is blow away by the water and all the prehistoric Pokemon all are back as fossils in the museum.

The morning arrives and Ash and the others ride out on a gondola out of town to search for Latias and Latios. They then all spot Latias being carries back to the boat by some water Pokemon. Ash and Bianca drags Latias onboard and Latias opens her eyes. Bianca asks where Latios is and Latias turns her head and faces to where the shining light was. Everybody then realizes that the light was actually Latios and that he had actually gave his life just like his father did to save the city of Alto Mare. Latias' eyes suddenly begin to glow and in an orb, everybody starts to float up inside it. They then all realize that this is Sight Shearing. They continue to float up, up, up into space. Everybody looks down towards the Earth as they ascend higher and higher. Suddenly, everything goes dark and the orb now becomes smaller and floats in front of Bianca. Bianca then reaches her hand out and grabs it realizing that it's the new Soul Dew. The Sight Shearing ends and everybody is back on the boat and even though Latias is sad about her brother disappearing, Ash cheers her up.

At the secret garden, Bianca places the Soul Dew in the pond, on the stand where it's supposed to be. Lorenzo then mentions that now there's a new Guardian of Alto Mare and Bianca thanks Ash for all his help.

Later that day, Ash, Misty and Brock are just about to leave Alto Mare on a boat. They pass by Lorenzo's house and say good-bye to him. Lorenzo then remembers about Bianca and calls for her but reports that she had left for the markets. The driver then drives the boat off. Just as the boat leaves town, Ash spots Bianca and the driver pulls over by a dock. Ash hops out to greet Bianca but strangely enough, Bianca doesn't say anything. Instead she gives Ash a roll of paper and kisses him on his cheek. Misty and Brock watch on shocked and Pikachu excited. Bianca then runs off, leaving Brock extremely jealous and the group with a question in there minds, "was that Bianca or Latias?" Ash then opens the roll of paper Bianca gave him. On it was a beautiful painting of Ash and Pikachu smiling at each other.

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