Spell of the Unown

Pokemon: The Movie 3
Pokemon: The Movie 3
Japanese Title
Lord of the Unknown Tower
Movie Pictures
Movie Pictures
Release Date
July 8, 2000 Japan
April 6, 2001 US/Canada
Pikachu Short
Pikachu and Pichu
A young girl, Molly, she sends the powerful Unown out of control by accident; it's up to Ash and friends to save Molly, and Ash's mother, who has been kidnapped.
Character Appearances
Ash Ketchum, Misty, Brock, Jessie, James, Professor Oak, Delia Ketchum, Molly Hale, Spencer Hale, Skyler, Lisa
Pokemon Debuts
Unown, Entei, Flaaffy, Teddiursa, Phanpy, Kingdra, Mantine
Pokemon Appearances
Pikachu (Ash's), Meowth (Team Rocket), Togepi (Misty's), Charizard (Ash's)
One of the pictures in Molly's book looked like it had a Beautifly in it. Charizard returns from the Charicific Valley to help Ash out and then returns during the ending credits. A part of Ash's past is revealed in this episode: Ash met Molly prior to Pokemon I Choose You!. In the trailer included on the Pokemon 2000 VHS and DVD the movie was titled Lord Of The Unown Tower; the title was later changed as to not offend any religious groups. Pokegear makes an appearance in the movie. In the starting scene of the movie, an Espeon and Latias desktop icon can be seen on Prof. Hale`s computer screen.
Music Edits
As with the first two dubbed movies, the entire soundtrack was replaced. The ending theme in Japan is replaced with "To Know the Unknown" by Innosense, instead of random soundtrack music playing like in the past two Pokemon movies.
Dialogue Edits
In the dub, when Molly is playing with her Unown blocks, she says she can spell her mother and father's names with the block, while in Japan, all she says is that she misses her papa. When the Unown first appear, Molly pick up a book while remembering what her father said about how he's like an Entei; while in Japan Molly was silent.
Video Edits
The title screen is replaced with the dub with computer graphics.
Scene Shifts
Total Time: 20 sec

Originally, when Professor Hale escapes from the Unown, the scene happened during the ending credits, but in the dub it was moved before the credits; this was done to make sure the kids knew Molly's father was alright since most parents leave the second the film is over.

"These are legendary Pokemon, Molly. Lots of people believe in them, even though they've never seen them. And in this book, the artist imagined what some of them might look like."

Inside their illustrious mansion looming over the beautiful town of Greenfield, Molly Hale sits with her father, Professor Spencer Hale, as they both look through an old storybook together. Molly turns the page, and notices the strange-looking Pokemon pictured the book. She asks her father if those are the Pokemon he's been looking for, and he complies. Molly continues to go through the book, recognizing the Entei on the next page. Her father comments that Entei's a little too scary for him, but reminds Molly that she likes Entei. She says that it's real big and strong, but still nice, just like he is. Molly then climbs onto her father's back as he playfully imitates Entei, giving her a piggyback ride around the room. However, just as they're having fun, an important E-mail comes in. Molly's father checks it out, and it ends up that he has to go back to work. He tucks Molly in her bed and leaves, saying, "Keep me closeÖ in your dreams."

Someplace else, in the middle of the desert, Professor Hale and his assistant, Schuyler, investigate a hidden chamber concerning the Pokemon that they have been looking for, the Unown. Schuyler photographs the hieroglyphics on the wall depicting the mysterious Pokemon, while the professor walks over to a box containing many small tiles. As he picks a few up, he's surrounded by a group of Unown and is suddenly transported to another dimension. Not noticing what just happened, Schuyler turns to find himself standing alone.

The next morning, Molly runs down to the main hall, anxious to welcome her father back home. She instead finds Schuyler and one of the servants, looking troubled and distraught. The tragic news is broken to her. That night, Molly rummages through the strange box that was recovered from the chamber. Noticing that the tiles resemble letters, Molly spells out the words, "papa", "mama", and "me" on the floor. The tiles begin to glow, and dozens of Unown appear circling over her head. The entire room, as well as the rest of the mansion, starts transforming into a crystalline structure. Some of the servants wake up to see what has happened while Schuyler breaks through the door from which the crystallization is coming. He spots the Unown hovering over Molly, but the door seals back shut before he's able to do anything else. Molly picks up the storybook she was reading the night before and begins to hear her father's voice. Wishing for him to come back, Molly sits there crying. Something behind her suddenly begins to take shape. It turns out to be Entei, whom Molly mistakes for her father. Puzzled, Entei complies, telling her, "Ö if that is what you wish".

Meanwhile, on their way to their next Johto League Gym, Ash and his friends encounter a female trainer, Lisa, with her Aipom. Brock runs over to the girl and asks if he could be her boyfriend. She turns down the offer, and challenges Ash to a match instead. He agrees, and sends out Totodile. Lisa picks her Granbull, ordering it to attack. Totodile, however, stays one step ahead of Granbull, and Water Guns it into a tree, giving Ash the first win. Lisa calls Girafarig, her second Pokemon, while Ash chooses Chikorita. Girafarig leaps high into the air, hoping to attack Chikorita from above, but it misses. While Girafarig is still shaken from the crash landing, Chikorita trips it with Vine Whip. Chikorita then makes its way up a slide, dodging the volley of Psybeams being hurled at it, and retaliates with Razor Leaf. Girafarig ducks, and knocks Chikorita out with a final, well-placed Psybeam. Lisa congratulates her Girafarig for a job well done and motions for her Aipom to fight against Ash's Noctowl next. Aipom uses the jungle gym sets around the battlefield to avoid Noctowl's attacks, but it's eventually defeated when Noctowl swoops under and surprises its opponent from behind. Now past the halfway point of the battle, Ash sends Bulbasaur to use Vine Whip on Lisa's Butterfree. However, Butterfree's Reflect attack prevents it from feeling a thing as it flies down to use Sleep Powder, followed by a powerful Gust. Bulbasaur is blown away, making the playing field even once again. Ash brings out Cyndaquil, and Lisa decides to use Mankey. The two Pokemon end up charging toward each other, but Cyndaquil is the one who winds up flat on its back. Mankey quickly runs over to try and punch it, but Cyndaquil gets up and is missed by a few inches. As Mankey prepares for its next attack, Cyndaquil charges up and finishes it off with an impressive Flamethrower. Lisa's last choice is Quagsire. Ash summons Pikachu to go and Thundershock it, but Quagsire proves to be unaffected. Pikachu then tries to drive into it, but Quagsire's soft body cushions the blow while it swats Pikachu away with its tail. Quagsire then uses Water Gun, blasting Pikachu into a swing set. Pikachu uses the inertia of the swing to leap high into the air, smashing into Quagsire's head with its own. The impact causes both Pokemon to be dizzy, but Quagsire ends up falling first. Bursting in joyfulness, Ash runs over and gives Pikachu a big hug, winning the battle.

After the tough match, Ash, Misty, Brock, Lisa, and their Pokemon sit down to have lunch together. Lisa commends Ash for being such a strong opponent, but Ash tries to be modest, telling her that she almost beat him. Brock asks Lisa if there's a Pokemon Center anywhere around their location, and she tells him that the closest one is in a town called Greenfield. Misty, recognizing that name, says that ever since she was a little girl, she's always wanted to go to Greenfield. Lisa adds that she has too, and tells the gang that she knows the quickest way to get there.

Making their way through a small forest, Misty talks about how everything in Greenfield, from the gardens to the mountains, is beautiful. Brock concludes that if that's true, then he can't wait to see all the pretty girls. As they exit the forest, Lisa tells our heroes that Greenfield can be seen from the small hill in front of them. Everyone runs up the hill, anxious to see the lush fields and gorgeous landscape, but instead they're shocked to find that most of the "green fields" have been covered with crystal. Not too far away, Team Rocket spots this bizarre transformation as well.

Still standing in awe, the team spots Officer Jenny arriving on scene, followed by a news van. The van stops, and a reporter comes out with her cameraman to broadcast this unusual affair on television. Watching the news back in Pallet Town, Ash's mom, Delia Ketchum, hears the reporter mention that the strange crystallization seems to be coming from Spencer Hale's mansion. On the other side of town, Tracey and Professor Oak are watching this alarming chain of events unfold as well. Tracey remembers that Professor Hale was one of Professor Oak's top students, and Oak adds that Hale recently sent him some of his latest research uncovering clues about the Unown. Suddenly, Ash's mom enters the lab and asks the professor if he's heard what happened. Oak tells her that he's going to Greenfield, and Ash's mom decides to go with him. He lets her come, acknowledging the fact that she's known Professor Hale since she was a schoolgirl and that she must be very worried about him.

Oak and Delia arrive at the Greenfield Pokemon Center. Ash spots his mom and goes over to see her while the cameraman videotapes them together on TV. Molly, who is watching this, asks Entei for a mother. He obeys and rushes outside with amazing speed and agility.

As Ash, his mom, and the rest of the group are talking, Pikachu senses something nearby and gets in battle position. Ash asks what's wrong, when suddenly Entei comes from around the corner, puts his mom into a trance, and runs off. Ash gives chase while the television crew records everything, but Entei, who is moving too fast, escapes.

Delia wakes up to find Molly beside her. Unaware that she's been made to believe that she is now Molly's mother, Ash's mom gives her "daughter" a warm hug. Molly thanks Entei, and asks if they can stay in the mansion forever. He replies, "Ö if that is what you wish".

Meanwhile, everyone is grouped around Professor Oak as he tells Ash that Entei was the one who captured his mother. Schuyler says that the Unown inside the mansion must have something to do with Entei's appearance, but not knowing all the answers yet, Oak sits at the computer baffled.

Far, far away, in the Charicific Valley, Charizard Trainer Lisa watches the news regarding Greenfield with her Charizard, Charla. Behind them, Ash's Charizard spots the footage of Entei kidnapping his former master's mom. Shocked to see the tragedy that has taken place, Charizard looks toward the sky and prepares to take off.

Back in Greenfield, a bulldozer attempts to break through the crystalline structure. Molly demands for the bulldozer to go away, and the Unown begin to react very violently to her wish. Crystal shards erupt from the ground, destroying the bulldozer, and nearly trapping the conductor inside. Moments later, Oak gets an unexpected E-mail from Molly, who says that her mama and her papa just want to be left alone. Everyone is shocked to hear this, considering Molly's father disappeared a few days ago, and her mother has been missing for quite some time.

Not wanting to wait another second, Ash decides that he must save his mom on his own. Misty and Brock stop him, telling Ash that they're coming too. Lisa's Aipom approaches as well, handing Ash her Pokegear. Lisa tells Ash that with it, he can stay in touch with the Pokemon Center. She also tells him that that his "secret mission" is safe with her.

The gang wades through a small stream, with Team Rocket spying on them from above. Entei appears, but Jessie suggests that it's probably harmless. Entei then charges up and unleashes a purple fireball at Team Rocket, completely obliterating their balloon. Jessie, James, and Meowth end up some place inside the tower, hanging onto dear life as a seemingly endless drop lies beneath them.

Ash encounters a steep waterfall, so he uses Noctowl to bring Chikorita and Bulbasaur to the top, then commands both Grass Pokemon to use their Vine Whips as harnesses. The television reporter spots Ash and gets him on TV. Oak watches this, as well as Molly and Ash's mom. Seeing her real child in danger, Ash's mom snaps out of her hypnotic state, but doesn't reveal to Entei or Molly that she's back to normal.

After reaching to the top, Ash, Misty, and Brock continue down the stream. They find a gazebo at the end, which leads to the rest of the house. Ash is interrupted as he gets a call from Oak, who is very upset for not telling him what he has done. Oak explains, however, that he might know the cause for everything that has been happening. He says that after examining some of Professor Hale's research, he concludes that perhaps the Unown are tapping into Molly's mind and creating new realities based on her imagination.

Ash sends out Cyndaquil to use Flamethrower the gazebo door. It melts away, but quickly regenerates. Brock then uses Vulpix to help Cyndaquil out. After making a bigger hole, Totodile and Misty's Staryu aim their Water Guns through the opening, temporarily preventing the crystal from growing back. Pikachu, Misty, and Brock use the stream of water to blast their way to the other side. Ash, who can't leave the Pokemon behind, holds Totodile and Staryu in his arms and jumps through the hole in the last minute. The gang continues to make their way through the mansion, until they arrive in a field filled with flowers.

Meanwhile, James breaks through the mansion door and spots the Unown in a tight, spherical formation. Jessie asks if they're Pokemon, and Meowth comments that they look like alphabet soup; just without the soup. As Team Rocket tries to sneak past, James says that he hasn't seen so many strange letters since placed a personal ad.

Molly figures that Ash and his friends must be somewhere inside the house. Entei asks if he should send them away. Molly tells him not to, and wishes to for a Pokemon battle instead. Entei nods and leaves the room with a teenage Molly, around the age of 18, on its back.

Ash sees Entei approach and demands to know where he's been keeping his mother. Molly challenges our heroes to a battle, but Ash tells her not to change the subject, and asks Entei again. Molly tells Ash that there's no Entei; there's just her mama, her papa, and herself. Remembering that she can make anything she wants come true, Brock notes that the teenage girl arguing with Ash is Molly, and accepts her challenge, providing as a distraction while Ash and Misty make their way up the staircase from which Entei came.

The two agree on a 3 on 3 Pokemon battle. Brock chooses Zubat first, while Molly makes a Pokeball materialize in her hand, gives it a kiss for luck, and sends out Flaaffy. Brock commands Zubat to use Supersonic, and Flaaffy is caught staggering, dazed from the high pitched sound. Zubat follows up with Wing Attack, but Flaaffy dodges. Molly warns Flaaffy that Zubat's coming back for another pass, so it regains its balance and Headbutts its opponent as it swoops down. Flaaffy then uses Thundershock on the stunned Zubat, making it faint. Brock calls out Vulpix next, and Molly chooses Teddiursa. Brock comments that he'd figure a cute Pokemon Trainer would have a cute Pokemon. Molly assures Brock that Teddiursa's more than "cute", and orders it to use Dynamic Punch. Teddiursa charges forth and uppercuts Vulpix, sending it soaring 20 feet into the air. Vulpix lands on its feet, however, and strikes back with Quick Attack. Teddiursa counters with Fury Swipes. Brock begins to realize that the battle could soon be over at the rate he's going, while in the background, Team Rocket tries to sneak past the duel. Vulpix is eventually defeated, so Brock recalls it and tells Molly that if he wants to even have a chance of beating her, he'd better use Onix to start and rock and roll. Molly giggles at the thought, and Brock says that making her laugh is his first victory today. Molly giggles again, summoning Phanpy to use Rollout. Surprisingly, the small Pokemon, who is no more than half a meter tall, defeats the giant Onix in one hit.

While the rest of the gang continues to make their way through the crystal tower, Ash's mom discovers the storybook Molly and her father always used to look at it together. Molly mentions that she's been alone a lot and that she always used to feel a little lonely, but not anymore since she has a mama and a papa to be with now.

Ash and Misty arrive at a gorgeous beach with red flowers blooming in the distance. Teenage Molly appears beside our heroes, waiting for her next challenger. Misty decides to battle this time, and introduces herself as the former Gym Leader of Cerulean City. Molly, who was under the impression that only adults could become Gym Leaders, is surprised to hear this. She closes her eyes and transforms about 6 years younger, around the age of 12.

Ash runs up another flight of stairs, leaving Misty behind. Agreeing that only Water Pokemon will be used for the battle, Molly floods the area with a giant tidal wave. Misty thinks she'll drown, but remembers that in Molly's dream world, anything, including breathing underwater, is possible. Molly picks first; sending out Kingdra while Misty chooses Goldeen. Kingdra starts things off with a Smokescreen, but Goldeen tries stay clear from the murky water. Kingdra then suddenly emerges from the cloudiness as it Headbutts Goldeen, who retaliates with Fury Attack. Kingdra dodges, however, and rams into again, knocking it out. As Misty and Molly choose their next Pokemon, Team Rocket can be seen sneaking in the background once again. James wonders how it's possible to breathe underwater, but Jessie tells him that some questions are better left unasked. Meowth comes up a better question that he shouldn't ask, which is if they're going to get a bigger part in the next movie. Misty's Staryu appears from its Pokeball, and Molly's Mantine comes out in the same fashion. Mantine begins to chase Staryu around the battlefield in hopes of tackling it, but has no luck. Seeing this, Molly orders Mantine to keep Staryu contained inside a Whirlpool attack. Mantine obeys, and follows up with Bubblebeam. Staryu is hit several times before using Rapid Spin to break free. Mantine then tries Take Down while Staryu uses Tackle. Both Pokemon exchange blows, and Molly tells Entei that the idea of being a trainer is making her very happy.

Finally finding his mom with Molly, Ash explains to her the cause of the crystallization and the creation of Entei. Molly wakes up to find that the actual child of her "mama" is Ash, and that she has to get out of the mansion. Devastated, Molly refuses. Crystal shards erupt from the ground, separating Ash from his mother. Entei appears, and orders Ash to leave. Ash sends out Totodile and commands it to use Water Gun, telling Entei that he's not going to lose to an illusion. To prove otherwise, Entei avoids the Water Gun and fires a beam from its mouth. Totodile is hit and faints, so Ash tries fire next, sending out Cyndaquil to use Flamethrower. Entei's beam penetrates the flames, however, and Cyndaquil goes down. Ash, who is still not convinced that Entei's real, is told by Molly that he's wrong. Entei leaps over, pushes Ash aside, and begins to attack Pikachu. Pikachu tries to shock Entei, but it's ineffective. After a brief scuffle, Entei prepares to fire one of his attacks at Pikachu, but Ash jumps in front of the blast to protect his Pokemon. The ensuing explosion creates a hole in the wall from which Ash and Pikachu fall out of. Just as the two are about to meet certain doom, something suddenly flies under and carries them back to the tower. It turns out to be Ash's old Charizard to the rescue! Both Entei and Charizard lunge themselves at each other, but Charizard gets hit with the most recoil, pushing Ash toward the hole in the wall. Just as he's about to fall out again, Brock, Misty, and Pikachu all pull Ash back into the tower, saying they're like family too. Noticing that Jessie, James, and Meowth are also helping out, Misty asks why they're here, and they say that without Ash, they'd be out of show business.

Ash approaches Molly and tells her that that if she comes with him, she can have real Pokemon. Molly claims that she already has real Pokemon, and orders Ash to go away. Entei charges up and begins to fire a beam at Ash, who climbs onto Charizard's back, avoiding the attack. Charizard retaliates with Flamethrower, but Entei gets out of the way. Ash's mom tells Entei that he can't take the place of Molly's real father, but Entei replies that he is Molly's real father, as long as that is what she wishes. He then jumps and uses another attack on Charizard. It misses, and as the two Pokemon prepare to fire again, both attacks collide, exploding on impact. Entei jumps outside, and Charizard gives chase, spewing flames along the way. With no other way to go, Entei leaps down into the abyss. Crystal spikes come out from the walls, saving Entei and giving him stepping-stones as he climbs back up. Entei appears from around the corner and launches another attack, which barely misses Charizard as it tries another Flamethrower. Entei is singed. Ash tells Entei that if he really cares about Molly, he'll let her come with him. Entei doesn't listen, and fires its beam attack. Charizard dodges as Ash continues, saying that it's not right to keep Molly like this. Entei replies that whether it's right or wrong, he'll do as she wishes. He fires another fireball, but Charizard counters with Flamethrower. Their attacks meet in the middle, creating a giant explosion. Ash decides that he has to get Molly out himself. Entei hops over and pins Charizard down. Charizard then tries to fly away from Entei, but the crystal spikes appear one step ahead of everywhere it tries to go. Crashing into one of the spikes, Charizard falls down, and just as it's about to get back up, Entei fires one of its attacks at point-blank range. Ash and Charizard fall through the roof and back into the room where the group is. Entei comes down and steps on Charizard's neck. As it prepares to finish it off for good, Molly orders Entei to stop, telling him that she doesn't want anymore fighting. Entei obeys, and takes its foot off of Charizard's neck.

Brock and Misty run over, commending Molly for being such a great Pokemon Trainer, and that if she wanted to, she could probably become a Gym Leader easily. They then say that even though the battles may be hard, the friends are at least real. Turning to Ash's mom, Molly is assured that coming with them is just what her "papa" would want. Molly begins to cry, wishing for things to return back to normal. The crystallization begins to slowly disappear, and Entei walks away, telling Molly that if she'd be happier in the outside world, then he must go.

Suddenly, crystal shards begin to wildly sprout from the ground. Entei clears the passageway and directs everyone down the stairs. Ash calls Professor Oak via the Pokegear, who explains that the Unown have gathered so much psychic energy that they've run amok. Schuyler looks out the window and notices that the crystallization is headed for the Pokemon Center, so everyone evacuates just as it turns to crystal.

Meanwhile, Ash and the gang find the Unown in the next room. Deciding that they have to be stopped, Ash runs to the Unown, but discovers that a barrier is protecting them. Charizard tries to break through, but the barrier knocks it back. Charizard then uses Flamethrower. The barrier disappears, but another one replaces it, blowing Charizard away. Pikachu tries Thunderbolt, and Charizard helps it out with Flamethrower. Both Pokemon penetrate the barrier again, but like last time, the Unown create another one, blowing them away. The Unown become more violent, sealing off all the exits, preventing anyone from escaping. Suddenly, Entei comes blasting through the wall, and clears a pathway for himself. Entei tells Molly that he was happy and proud to be her father, and that the last thing he can do is help her get out. Molly asks how, and he says that if she believes in him, there's nothing that he cannot do. Entei charges at the barrier, telling Molly to believe in him. Molly encourages Entei to keep going as Pikachu and Charizard help out with their attacks. Entei breaks through the barrier and releases a devastating beam, stopping the Unown in their tracks. When the dust settles, Entei tells Molly that he has to leave, saying, "Keep me closeÖ in your dreams."

As Entei disappears, the Unown return to their chamber, bringing Molly's dad back to the real world. The crystallization disappears, and the rest of Greenfield is restored.

Walking out of the mansion the next morning, Ash, Misty, and Brock finally get the chance to see the beautiful fields of flowers Greenfield's famous for. Oak and the others arrive on the scene, congratulating our heroes for a job well done. Molly looks toward the sky, noticing the Entei-shaped cloud above, and thanks him for everything he's done.

Still in the tower, Team Rocket is distressed to find that the mansion is now swarming with police. Comparing himself to Entei, James tries to remain on the bright side of things. Jessie, who compares herself to Molly, does the same, realizing that it doesn't matter if they failed to capture a new Pokemon this time, because they'll another chance to fail next time.

"And until next time, Team Rocket's fading out again!"

Also, during the credits, we can see Molly's mother comes back as she gives her daughter a long, comforting hug. All is happy, and the story draws to a close.

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