The Power of One

Pokemon: The Movie 2000
Pokemon: The Movie 2000
Japanese Title
Revelation Lugia
Release Date
July 17, 1999 Japan
July 21, 2000 US/Canada
Pikachu Short
Pikachu's Rescue Adventure
Ash tries to save the world due to Lawrence III, who throws the universe into chaos after disrupting the balance of nature.
Character Appearances
Ash Ketchum, Misty, Tracey, Jessie, James, Melody, Lawrence III, Maren, Professor Oak, Delia Ketchum, Professor Ivy, Brock, Elder
Pokemon Debuts
Zapdos, Articuno, Lugia, Slowking
Pokemon Appearances
Pikachu (Ash's), Meowth (Team Rocket), Togepi (Misty's), Moltres, Bulbasaur (Ash's), Squirtle (Ash's), Charizard (Ash's), Psyduck (Misty's), Marill (Tracey's)
During the Japanese release, the first run of Ancient Mew had 'Nintendo' spelled as 'Nintedo'. This was corrected for future runs (and the US release) of the card. When Ash and Maren are going to the first Island in her boat, watch carefully the scene when the rudder comes off; you notice it starts falling off before they hit the rock if you slow it down. Melody calls Misty by her name before the two are ever introduced.
Delia Ketchum and Professor Samuel Oak's first names were first revealed in this movie. Lawrence III's actions in this movie were set in motion due to an Ancient Mew card. When the movie was released, select theaters would dispense exclusive cards; the first week, the card was a replica of the Ancient Mew card that featured in the movie, while the consecutive weeks were random between the legendary birds. Brock makes an approximately 5-second cameo appearance in Professor Ivy's transmission to Professor Oak, running back and forth - most likely due to the hectic situation at the time, as hinted by Professor Ivy; he also appears in the credits when Professor Oak calls her again; this time, Brock is trying to gain attention. When Oak and Delia are watching a videocast of the global weather news, the bottom left corner of his computer desktop displays the icons of the original seven types from the Pokemon Trading Card Game. The movie breaks the fourth wall at least two times: first when Team Rocket does their motto, Jessie says, "Prepare for more trouble than you've ever seen!" James says, "Make it double - we're on the big screen!" Ash says, "I'm gonna have to catch this on video!" and at the end of the movie, Team Rocket is upset that they did something good and no one saw, but Slowking says a lot of people out there were watching. Lugia's voice is done by Dan Green, who has also done the voices for Mewtwo and Entei; maybe he has a thing for doing the voices of Legendary Pokemon. This is the third time time that Ash nearly dies of drowning; the first one being The Pi-Kahuna and the second being The Joy of Pokemon. When Melody kisses Ash, it marks the first time a girl actually kisses Ash. The beam attack Lugia uses when it's about to be captured was its Aeroblast, not to be confused with Hyper Beam.
Music Edits
Like the first dubbed movie, the entire soundtrack was replaced in the dub. The ending theme in Japan, toi et moi, is replaced with various songs from the movie soundtrack.
Dialogue Edits
Throughout the film, the Legendary Birds are never called gods like in Japan; instead they are referred to as Titans, Guardians and Beasts. The dub also adds in the mention of the three treasures. The dub messes up when Maren says "That's Shamuti--we're right in the middle of the Orange Islands" since they're actually on the edge of the Orange Islands. In the dub, Ash asks if he gets to wear a costume and then demands a boat be prepared for him, while in Japan, Ash asks where the treasures are located and Melody tells Ash there's a boat ready for him. In the dub, Lawrence III says that that he began his collection with a Mew card, while in Japan he talks about how collections are best when displayed, and they can't be displayed if they're captured using PokeBalls, since in Japan the viewers already knew about the Mew card due to the booklet they received for attending the movie. In the dub the explanation from Professor Oak about the weather is simplified; in Japan, he says explains that the balance of the three Gods creates life and when the God of Fire melts the ice created by the God of Ice, an underwater current is created and after the God of Thunder's electricity is added to the water, protein, the basis of life, is created. In the dub, the Team Rocket motto was changed, while in Japan it was the same from the anime. In Japan, when Lawrence III picks up the Ancient Mew card at the end of the film he says nothing, but in the dub he says that the card is what started his collection and he vows to start over.
Video Edits
During the underwater scenes in the dub, dust is added to the water.
Cut Scenes
Total Time Cut: 11 sec

Right before the cage holding Fire explodes, a scene where Tracey talks to himself is cut; he says that with the Water Gun and Electricity attack, the electricity separates water into hydrogen and oxygen, and that if fire comes into there, there will be an explosion and yells for everyone to get down.

The movie starts with a man talking. He says: "My goal isn't to capture the god of ice, the god of fire, or the god of thunder. My goal is.... the god of water....". The computer informs him, "The god of fire is Moltres, the god of thunder, Zapdos and the god of ice, Articuno." It also tells him that they are located near the orange islands.

He tells the computer to go to the Orange Islands, and scan the area for the closest Legendary Bird. The computer finishes, and it tells him the closest one is the island of fire's bird. He tells the computer to go, and then there is a shot, showing the top of what looks like a huge building, which ends up appearing as a giant airship. It reaches its destination, and then starts to shoot shot of ice from a cannon.

The computer announces, "Moltres has started to move", and then a giant stream of flame comes shooting out of the island, which Moltres comes out of.

The man says, "I've found you, god of fire." And taps a computer screen-containing desk, as a chessboard. "Check.... mate." The airship shoots another ball of ice, which Moltres dodges, and then it deploys two rings, which surround Moltres, and start shocking it. After a bit, Moltres can't stand it anymore, and faints, and then the rings capture it in a small cage.

He announces: "My collection has grown by one. Next, is the god Zapdos, then on to Articuno. Then to make my amazing collection complete, I will capture the god in the sea no one has ever laid eyes on, Lugia!"

Ash, Pikachu, Misty and Tracey are sitting on a boat, searching for the next island to get an Orange League badge.

They decide that because the weather is so nice, they're going to let their Pokemon out. They start letting their Pokemon out, and they start to play.

Suddenly, a periscope comes out of the water, and it goes down to show a giant Magikarp, which Jessie and James are steering.

The sky starts to cloud, and the ocean starts to make large waves. Almost everyone on board falls off, and suddenly, a swarm of more than 50 Magikarp comes from nowhere. Ash, Misty, and Tracey call back their Pokemon, while the captain of the boat tries to steer it, and Pikachu holds onto a pole.

Jessie and James' Magikarp ship starts to go off course, because of the Magikarp, they start getting control back, but then they suddenly start to swerve into a giant rock, which they hit and blow up. The storm starts to calm, and they reach an island, which the ocean drift took them to.

The scene shifts to Pallet town, which is having a warm, sunny spring day. Professor Oak on a bike passes by Ash's mom, and comments on the nice weather, but then suddenly the sky starts to cloud, and snow. Ash's mom's Mr. Mime puts up an umbrella over her head.

Ash and friends get off of the boat, but are greeted by some strange looking people with bird masks along with sharp sticks and spears. Our heroes start to nervously stare at them, but the boat captain calls out to one of them, and they end up being related. She takes off her mask, and says that there's going to be a festival soon. A girl, named Melody and not in costume comes out, and asks whom Ash is. She turns her head away, not really interested in what he says.

Dumbfounded, Ash just stares there, but the boat driver answers for him. "A Pokemon trainer?" Everyone stares at Ash, including Melody. "A POKEMON Team RocketAINER????" Melody comes down, and kisses Ash, which annoys Misty. Melody looks at Misty, and asks if Misty is Ash's sister. She angrily says no, and Melody then asks if Misty is his Girlfriend, and gets the same reply.

The town has a celebration, because it is the festival of the legendary birds. Ash and Misty are eating dinner, and Misty is still mad at Melody for asking if Misty is Ash's Girlfriend. Suddenly, a beautiful girl with a hand flute (sort of looks like an ocarina) starts playing her instrument. After Ash stares at her for a second, he realizes that it is Melody. She jumps down, and tells Ash that in order to calm the God's anger, someone must find three treasures from three islands, and places them in a special place, while she plays her flute, they will be calmed. She also tells him that it is pretty easy to do. Ash immediately gets up, and decides to go and start looking early.

The boat's captain says that she's ready. Ash asks if the others want to come, but all of them besides Ash decide to stay at the festival. Pikachu grabs Ash's hat, which was on the table, and suddenly runs towards the boat with it. Ash, Pikachu, and the captain get on the boat and leave.

Next, you see Jessie and James' destroyed Magikarp boat, with the top knocked off, with them paddling with their feet. They suddenly see a Pikachu, then Ash. Ash's big boat makes a huge wave, which suddenly knocks Jessie and James' Magikarp over. Shipwrecked, they watch Ash, wondering where he is going. It suddenly starts to rain and thunder, with the dark sky overhead.

"The god of Fire, the god of Thunder, and the god of ice's rage is increasing... Oh dear....". Suddenly, you can see a dark figure, which looks like a Slowking.

The scene shifts back to the boat, going over big waves, and Ash, scared for his life, asking if this was supposed to be easy. The scene shifts again to Misty, Tracey, and Melody, with strong winds almost blowing the torches on the island out. Melody is worried that she sent Ash to his doom, saying that it was too easy. She decides to go after Ash. She runs out to the dock, and Jessie and James are there, crawling up from their wreck of a boat, and they see Melody, Misty, and Tracey. Misty decides to go too, and Melody asks why. She tells her that she's not his girlfriend, or his little sister, but she just wants to. Melody tells her that she just happened to want to follow him all the way here. Then, Misty gets really mad at her, telling her that she is a girl and Ash's friends, but she isn't his girlfriend. Tracey catches up, and stupidly asks them if they were talking about him.

They get on a boat, and they start on their way, hoping that Ash is still okay. Jessie and James have also stolen a ride on the ship, hoping to capture Pokemon for the boss.

The scene next shifts to the giant Airship, with Lawrence III in it. He realizes that because he has captured Moltres, the balance of the three birds was disrupted, and that the remaining two will try to control the land that Moltres had once had. The computer tells him that it appears that Zapdos is trying to take over, or move to Moltres' island. Suddenly, the whole world's strange weather patterns are from the deep, deep ocean current, which affects the world's weather. At the same time, Ash's mom, Delia and Professor Samuel Oak are watching a weather report saying that in the middle of this whole deep ocean currents are right in the Orange Islands. Ash's mom starts to get worried, realizing that Ash is right there.

Professor Oak then gets a call from Professor Ivy, telling him that there are more different kinds of Pokemon living in the Orange Islands, apparently for no reason.

The scene shifts back to Ash, and the boat driver. Ash notes that the sky is clearing up, because the rain is stopping. Unluckily for them, the ocean is still horrible, and they can't even steer the boat. They crash into the island, but the boat isn't that hurt, it's just on dry land. Ash gets off the boat, but the captain tells him to stay, because there is a risk of the weather starting again, but he tells her that he's going to grab the treasure, and come right back. He runs up the long rock staircase, leading up to the treasure. The scene goes over to Melody, Misty, and Tracey, riding a motor-powered boat on the rough waves, at top speed. Melody tells the others to hold on, and starts to go into the rougher parts of the water, then riding a wave. Suddenly, a big wave comes, and throws the boat upside down, but flips back over, before it hits the water again. Melody and the others hold on, but Jessie and James fly off of the boat.

The scene goes back to the boats captain, eating dinner. Out of nowhere, Melody's boat comes over the horizon, flies up, and lands on a rock, out of water. Ash's ship's captain comes out, and asks to herself what they're doing here. Melody asks if the captain is okay, but the captain tells them that the only one in danger is Ash. She tells them that Ash has gone out to find the treasures in this horrible weather, shocking everyone but her. Suddenly, Melody's boat starts to slip from the small rock platform they're on, but she pulls a lever, which brings up a sail. They start to float up into the air, using the sails to carry them up. Melody tells them that they're going up to where Ash is, and picking him up.

You suddenly see Lawrence III, looking at Moltres, telling him that he cannot struggle out of the cage he has put him in. The computer tells him that Zapdos has taken over Moltres' island.

You then see Ash, running up the stairs. He tells Pikachu to stay back, but he keeps on following. He tells him again, but Pikachu keeps on coming. You can also Jessie and James hiding behind a rock, waiting to capture Pikachu. Ash comes up to a shrine-looking place, and wonders what it is, but Pikachu comes up, and shows him that there is an orb in the shrine, which is the treasure. After a bit of struggling, Ash gets the orb out, and looks at it. The orb is strangely filled with fire. While he admires the orb, Jessie and James come behind him, and start the Team Rocket motto. He interrupts them, telling them that what he is doing is much more important than what they're up to. They pay no attention, and announce that they're going to capture Pikachu.

Suddenly, a giant flying boat comes down, and misses crushing them by inches. Misty starts to talk to Ash, but suddenly, Zapdos comes out behind them, and everything starts to crackle with electricity. Ash wonders what Zapdos is doing on Moltres' island, when Pikachu suddenly starts to shock Zapdos. Meowth tells Team Rocket that Pikachu isn't attacking Zapdos, but he is talking to him. They ask what he is saying, and Meowth says that Zapdos is telling Pikachu that if he was wondering why he is on the island, and not Moltres, it is because the island's master isn't there. As long as the master is gone, he will take over the island. Suddenly, he starts to shock something in the sky, which turns out to be the Airship. Everyone looks up to see it, and stares at its size.

You then hear the computer on Lawrence III's computer informing him that the electricity from the attack has been absorbed. He tells himself that he is looking forward to a new addition in his collection. The computer tells him that it is firing a capture ring. It shoots out a pair of rings, which surround Zapdos, and starts to bring him up to the ship. By accident, it also takes up Ash, Melody, Tracey, Misty, Team Rocket, and the ship. Lawrence III tells himself that only Articuno stands in his way in order to capture Lugia. The computer then tells him that they have picked up an extra surprise.

Next, you see the captured kids/Team Rocket/Pokemon in cages. Ash and the others look around, and see Zapdos, and Moltres in cages. While he is looking around, Lawrence III comes out, asking whom, or what is his new addition to his collection. He sees everyone, and introduces himself as a collector of rare things, including Pokemon. He tells them to have fun, and releases them, and goes back upstairs. Melody realizes that he is going to go capture Articuno next, and starts to worry.

Then, you see a helicopter in snow, with many Pidgey surrounding it. The news helicopter announces on TV that many Pokemon are suddenly rushing over to the Orange Islands, and he has Prof. Oak, and Prof. Ivy with him. Professor Oak explains his theory that the three legendary birds keep the earth's weather in control, each controlling a certain part, so everything, from weather, to Pokemon's behavior patterns. When the birds get taken out, then things get out of balance. That is why it is snowing, because only Articuno has not been captured. The reporters then turn to Ash's mom, and ask her why she is there, and she tells them that her son is in the Orange Islands, worrying them all. Next, you can see a Slowking, looking over a cliff, saying that he is worried as well.

Lawrence III and the airship then go to capture Articuno, and he notices that the east ocean has turned to ice. Melody goes to read a stone tablet nearby. It says "Do not touch the god of ice, the god of fire, the god of thunder, or the world and heavens will rage, and the earth will be destroyed." This used to be a legend, but became reality. Ash thinks that he should release the two birds, and gets his Pokemon out, and they all start to attack the protected sphere that Moltres is in. Tracey looks at the sphere under fire, and thinks that the water gun, and the thunderbolt would be water and electricity, or H2O and an electric current and if you add the fire... He then yells out, and jumps away as the sphere explodes in a cloud of smoke. Moltres and Zapdos are let free, and start flying around.

Zapdos shocks the airship with a thunderbolt attack, and it starts to go down. It then makes an emergency landing in the island of thunder. Everybody but Lawrence III rushes outside, right before the ship comes crashing down, in a huge crash. As Ash dives for cover, an orb rolls past him, and he picks it up, later realizing that it is the orb of Thunder, one of the treasures he needs. He looks over, and sees a crushed shrine, where the orb used to be. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning comes down near Ash, and everyone looks, seeing the three birds raging. Meowth says that they are really angry. Everyone jumps into a big boat, but a huge wave hits them, knocking them off of a waterfall. Suddenly, a stream of water comes up, with a strange sounding music. Melody realizes that she has heard that sound before, while Jessie and James try to unhinge the safety boat. They are successful, and jump in.

Right before J&J leave the ship, the stream of water shoots up, and they land on a flat part of a mountain. Ash and the others land near a Slowking, who tells Ash to place the treasures in a box-like container. He places the two he has, and the Slowking comes over, and asks Ash why there are only two, and that he's missing one. Suddenly, everyone looks up, to see the three birds fighting. Ash suddenly gets up, and runs in front of the three birds, almost getting killed, but right before he does, a stream of water comes up and hits the three birds. Everyone looks at the water, and then a strange looking Pokemon comes out of the water. No one knows what it is, but then Slowking realizes that it is the god of water, Lugia. Suddenly, Lugia starts to make a strange noise, which Melody realizes is the same sound as her flute.

Lawrence III also has his eye on Lugia, from a trap-shooting gun, aiming at him. The three other birds start attacking Lugia, and he dodges the hits at first, but eventually, they hit him, making him fall into the frozen sea in a gigantic crash, making everyone panic.

Ash's mom is still in a helicopter, with Prof. Oak, and Prof. Ivy, worried about Ash in danger. Prof. Ivy tells her that the whole world is in danger. The reason that hundreds of Pokemon have gathered is because they cannot do anything about what is happening. Slowking goes on to tell everybody that the sooner that the chosen person retrieves the three treasures, the sooner the gods anger will be quieted. Everyone suddenly looks at Ash, who asks if he is supposed to be the chosen one. Slowking tells him that he is, because he retrieved the first two treasures. Ash tells them that he wanted to be a Pokemon master, not someone who saves the world. Misty tells Melody that he always acts this way. Melody suddenly remembers that if the whole legend is right, she should try playing her flute. She starts, and suddenly, Lugia shoots up from the water, in a stream over thirty feet high.

Lugia tells them that, not only do they need the flute to calm the bird's anger; they also need the three treasures. He also says that the chosen one isn't only a person, that it is a person and something else. The remaining treasure is the treasure of Ice. He then tells Ash that he needs to go to the island. Pikachu then starts pulling on Ash's pants, wanting to help. All of Ash's other Pokemon then come out, wanting to help. Ash starts to tremble, and almost cry. He puts his head down. Then, he pulls his cap backwards, and announces that he's going to go save the world.

In the next scene, Ash is stumbling through some snow, and trips. While he's lying on the ground, he sees Melody's wrecked boat, and then sees some rope and a good piece of metal. You next see Ash on a sled built out of scrap metal and rope, with Charizard, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle running ahead, like a dogsled. Everyone else, from Misty, Tracey, and Melody, to Team Rocket are watching Ash. Jessie and James are watching Ash, and wanting to get some action, but can't because they're stuck in a ditch with a lifeboat. They suddenly see something in the sky, and it is the helicopter that Ash's Mom, and Prof. Oak are in.

It crashes close to Team Rocket, and they watch the people in the helicopter come out. They see a propeller, and then get an idea. The scene goes back to Ash, going along with his poke-sled, with Lugia behind him. Suddenly, Articuno comes from nowhere, and tries to hit Lugia with an ice beam. Lugia makes a shield around him, but then Zapdos shoots out a thunderbolt in front of Ash, which causes his sled to go completely off-course, and his Pokemon don't have the will to go on. He sees the mountain where the last treasure is, and realizes that this is as far as he's going to go. He hears something behind him, and sees Team Rocket with a raft with a propeller on it. They say the Team Rocket motto, as usual. Ash wonders what Team Rocket is doing here, and just stares at them. He gets on the lifeboat, and asks why they are saving him. They say that if the world stops existing, evil can't exist either, so they decided to help Ash for a short time.

The birds start to try to destroy the raft, but they dodge the attacks. Then, they see a small opening to a cave, and Ash tells them to go in. At the exit, they stop, and Pikachu jumps out, while Ash is running to catch up to him. Pikachu shows him where it is, and he gets the orb. Suddenly overhead, Zapdos and Articuno start to fight. Ash and Team Rocket try to escape, but suddenly, a huge crash comes in front of them, which is Articuno. The impact causes their raft to be destroyed, so Ash and Pikachu start running down the sharp slope of the cliff. Lugia starts to fly along Ash, and tells him to jump on. He jumps on, and then Team Rocket comes along and jumps on, holding on to Lugia's leg for dear life. Lugia tells everybody to hold on. Team Rocket realizes that they might be slowing Lugia down, and they decide to let go.

Ash yells for them, but its too late, and they have already let go. They think that they are all right because the ocean is below, but then realize that the ocean has frozen, and they're going to die when they hit the ice. Suddenly, they hit water, and are completely confused. They surface, and see hundreds of Pokemon. Ash then asks Lugia if he is really a Pokemon. Lugia replies, saying that he is a Pokemon, just like the others living on the earth. Ash asks why all of this is happening, and Lugia tells him that it is because you cannot disturb the worlds. Ash asks what he means, and he says that there are two different worlds, Ash's (the normal world), and his (with the three birds). If one disturbs the other, everything goes wrong. Lugia then asks Ash if he can restore the two worlds, and Ash agrees.

Then, Ash calls out, catching the attention of Melody, Misty, and Tracey. Suddenly, Ash looks behind him, and four rings that generate electricity come from nowhere, piloted by Lawrence III, who still has his eye set on Lugia. Lugia cries out in pain, and then shoots out a beam, blowing up Lawrence III's ship. The four rings still surround Lugia, who shoots out another beam, taking out the other birds. Lugia falls into the ocean, and the other birds onto an island. Ash is unconscious, with Pikachu trying to wake him up. Lugia, falling through the water thinks that it's all over. Melody then asks Misty to hold her flute, but Misty declines. She tells her that the flute isn't her job, but its Melody's, and jumps into the water, grabs Ash, and drags him back to the shore. Tracy asks him if he's okay, and he slowly returns to consciousness.

He suddenly gets up, and starts running, telling them that he has something that he has to do, looking at the orb. Slowking, with Togepi on his hat greets Ash, and tells him to put the third orb in the container, and a greenish liquid starts to come out. It starts flowing everywhere, while Melody plays her flute. The three birds wake up, and start to fly in the sky, which is clearing up, and becoming sunny. A whirlpool of water comes up, and Lugia bursts out of it, and greets Ash. The platform that they are standing on has bloomed with flowers around it, like nothing ever happened.

Lugia goes up to Ash, and tells him to get on. Ash goes on, while Melody is playing her flute, and he flies with the three birds and Lugia. You can see the broken figure of Lawrence III's ship, and all of the Pokemon leaving, going back to their natural living places. The strange looking ocean current has also cleared up, and strangely, it is up in the sky, flowing away. Ash is happy everything is back to normal, like the storm clearing up, the clouds going away, and the ocean going back to normal. He then asks if Lugia is really going to leave to be with his world. He tells him that he is, and he also asks Ash to keep Lugia a legend, and not tell anyone about what has happened and he then goes back to the ocean.

Ash's mom suddenly comes out of nowhere, looking for Ash. She tells him that she was really worried, and that he could've been in a lot of danger. Misty tries to tell her that he was saving the world, but she said that she wouldn't care about the world if Ash were gone. She asks what Ash wanted to do during his life, and he replies being a Pokemon master. She tells him not to get all caught up in this, and just try to become a master.

Later in the night, Lawrence III comes out of his wrecked ship, and then picks up a strange looking card, which turns out to be an Ancient Mew card.

Team Rocket has also been crawling around, and end up on Slowking's beautiful island, with flowers and trees blooming everywhere. Slowking greets them, and they start to relax.

"Looks like Team Rockets feeling good again!!!"

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