Here's the page that will answer all those questions that the common Pokemon fan has asked at least once. If you have a question, send it to me by clicking here. If the question isn't already answered and I know the answer, I'll post it here.

Who is Ash's father?

Nobody knows yet, but rumor has it that it's Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket. In episode #2, the episode where Pikachu was at the Pokemon Center, Ash's mom did say that his dad was once a Pokemon trainer. There is also a chance it could be Professor Oak since they are always around one another.

What is Ash's mother's name?

In Pokemon: The Movie 2000 it was revealed to be Delia, which sounds like a flower.

What is Professor Oak's first name?

Also in Pokemon: The Movie 2000 it was revealed to be Samuel.

What is Brock's last name?

I have seen many sites say that it is Harrison, but it has yet to be confirmed on the show.

What is Misty's last name?

Rumor has it that it is Waterflower, but that has yet to be proven.

Will Ash and Misty ever fall in love?

Everyone knows that there is something between Ash and Misty. Misty drops many hints that she likes Ash throughout the anime, but I think that since Ash and Misty are so young that they aren't going to ever get together, but that is a pure guess. In the later seasons, they seem to talk more about boyfriends/girlsfriends, so perhaps there is a chance for AAML fans.

Who is older, Ash or Misty?

Misty is older than Ash.

How old is Ash?

Well when he started out he was 10, but I don't know how old he is right now. I really don't think that he acts 10, I mean he is on his own. I think that he is more like 15 or 16, but that is just my opinion.

Will Pikachu ever evolve?

No way, it will never happen! The whole show is based on the relationship of Ash and Pikachu and they already went over the evolution topic when Ash faced Lt. Surge, so it isn't going to happen.

Will Ash ever go back to the Indigo League?

I think it is more of a one shot thing, so I don't think he will go back, but I could be wrong.

What is that mysterious bird who flies over the rainbow in the first episode?

That is Ho-oh, one the of the new Legendary Birds from Pokemon GSC.

Will any of Ash's Pokemon ever come back?

Well Charizard returned to help Ash in Pokemon 3: The Movie. I know Butterfree isn't going to come back for sure because in the Japanese version of the show, they said that Butterfree fly over the ocean to die. Regarding the rest of Ash's Pokemon, your guess is as good as mine, but I think that it would make sense for him to meet up with some of them again.

Will Team Rocket ever capture Pikachu?

Well yes and no. Yes they will capture Pikachu, but no they will never actually give it to the boss. The closest Team Rocket has ever gotten to give the boss a Pokemon was when they gave him Togepi and he thought it was a paper weight and told them to get rid of it.

Where does Ash get his money from?

I have no idea, but maybe from his mother, but that is a pure guess.

Will Ash capture every kind of Pokemon?

No because he doesn't seem to care about completing his Pokedex.

What happened with Brock that makes him react so strangely to the mention of Professor Ivy?

Back when Brock came back, we were all delighted to finally get rid of Tracey, but we never really found out what happened to Brock and Ivy. Whenever someone would ask Brock what happened, he would fall to the ground and act really strange. From that I have drawn the conclusion that Ivy somehow took advantage of him in someway. Interpret that how you like, but that is what I think happened. For a more extensive explanation of what happened, click here.

Is Pikachu male or female?

In Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal it was revealed to be male, not female like I have heard on some sites.

Is James gay?

Many people want to know and I for a fact am not 100% sure, but I do believe he is. I mean he does cross-dress an awful lot (dresses, swimsuits, etc.) and he once said, "It's times like these that make me want to go straight" (The Water Flowers of Cerulean City). You be the judge, but you have my opinion.

What happened to Gary's cheerleaders?

After Gary lost at the Pokemon League, his cheerleaders were crying and that was the last we saw of them, but the show never says what happened to them. Well on a TV Tokyo site, it says that he encouraged them all to become seperate Pokemon Trainers. All they did was build his ego, which was hurting his relationship with his Pokemon, so he stopped the cheerleading. So now he grew stronger friendships with his Pokemon, matured, become nice, and that is what made him the great trainer he now is. The Writers don't say it in the anime because they probably want "the new" Gary to remain mysterious to the viewers.

Why is Ash so dumb?

That's a question everyone would like to know the answer to. I think that it's because the creators are trying to answer all the questions anyone would have, no matter how young they are.

How many Pokemon movies will there be?

As long as the anime remains popular in Japan, there will be a Pokemon movie for every season.

Will the Pokemon anime ever end?

Just like with Pokemon movies, as long as the anime remains popular, it will probably never end. The main series with Ash and friends might end, but that doesn't mean that there won't be new spin offs, such as a show based around Kenta. Besides, some animes in Japan, such as Sazae-san and Doraemon have been steadily airing new episodes every week for 30 years. So as long as fans are watching and Nintendo keeps coming out with new games, look for Pokemon to be around for years to come.

Whatever happened to the GS Ball?

Remember when Ash gave the GS Ball to Kurt for him to study it more closely? Well Ash was suposed to take it back eventually, but my guess is that the writers have abandoned this storyline, since it has been such a long time since it has been mentioned, which is a shame, since now we will probably never know if there's a legendary Pokemon inside of it. There were rumors that Celebi was inside, but after seeing the 4th Movie, which would have been the perfect place to have the GS Ball open, there was no mention of it, so my guess is that we'll never hear about it again.

Why did Gary leave to become a Pokemon researcher?

If you thought that this storyline seemed rushed and you didn't see it coming, then you're not alone. The reason Gary wanted to become a Pokemon researcher after the Johto League, was because his voice actor (Seiyuu) in Japan, Kobayashi Yuko wanted to leave the show, so they had to write the Gary character out of the anime. I'm not sure if Gary will ever appear again, maybe in just a cameo, but don't expect Gary to make regular appearances every so often like he used to. Heck, Tracey will probably make more appearances than Gary does from now on. The only way Gary will make an appearance is maybe in the last episode, but who knows when that will be.

How can Team Rocket always afford expensive robots, but they can't even afford to feed themselves?

That is a darn good question; I'll give you my take on that. Perhaps Team Rocket has a bad guy credit card that only lets them spend money at ACME stores throughout the Pokemon world. That means that they can only buy super weapons, since ACME doesn't sell food. That would explain many things, especially why Team Rocket's robots always malfunction just like another certain vile villain: Wile E. Coyote.

Team RocketWile E. Coyote
Seperated at birth?

How are there hundreds of trainers who qualify for the Johto and Hoenn League? Wouldn't that mean that the Gym Leaders lost hundreds of times? Doesn't that make them bad trainers?

Yes, the Gym Leaders are nowhere near perfect, but when you look at the whole picture it isn't that bad. Lets say 256 trainers qualify for the Hoenn League; that would mean that each Gym Leader lost once, so they have all lost 256 times in a year. Gym Leaders probably battle lots of trainers everyday. Lets say they battle 8 trainers a day everyday of the year, so 8 battle * 365 days = 2920 battles in a year. If you divide 256 loses by 2920 battles, then the Gym Leaders lose 8.77% of the time or 9 battles out of 100 battles. That is a pretty good ratio if you ask me. So basically they lose so much because they have so many challengers and the Gym Leader is at a huge disadvantage because they have no idea which Pokemon their opponent is going to use and they can't substitute their Pokemon either.

Why do none of the characters, especially children, riding bicycles wear helmets?

In Japan, where the show is made, it isn't against the law for children not to wear helmets when riding a bike like it is in Canada and America. I can't believe that Pokemon gets more heat over the racist Pokemon Jynx than none of the kids wearing helmets on bikes because it's showing a bad example. I think that they should at least paint in a helmet or edit out the scenes with bikes because it's showing a bad example of kids.

If Pokemon is Japanese, why are most of the main characters American-looking?

When Pokemon was made, the animators knew it was going to be shown outside of Japan; thus, they only made a few Japanese-looking characters and the rest of the characters like May and Misty look American so that the show would appeal to the American audience.

Will Sabrina, the Psychic Gym Leader, ever return to the anime?

I don't think Sabrina will appear again because if the writers wanted her to make another appearance she would have returned in the Battle Frontier since it took place in the Kanto region.

Why do legendary Pokemon have babies (for example the baby Lugia in the Whirl Islands) in the anime? Aren`t legendaries genderless?

Now you're right that legendary Pokemon in the game are genderless, but the anime as you may have noticed doesn't follow as strict rules as the games. So to answer your question, they have babies because the anime writers want them to.

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