The Crystal Onix

The Crystal Onix
Japanese Title
Crystal Onix
Who's That Pokemon?
Pikachu's Jukebox
First Aired
February 5, 2000
First appearance of Tracey's Marill.
Cut Scenes

Ash, Misty, and Tracey are riding Lapras to the next island. Tracey notices a bottle floating in the water and Lapras scoops it up. Inside is a piece of paper. Ash opens it up and reads it aloud. It asks for anybody who may know about a Pokemon called the "Crystal Onix" to come visit Marissa on Sunburst Island. Tracey tells the group that it's an Onix supposedly made out of pure glass crystal, and that only a few people have claimed to have seen it. They decide to go to Sunburst to find out more.

As Ash and his friends walk along the road, they pass stand after stand of glass and crystal objects. Tracey tells them that this is what Sunburst Island is famous for. They make the glass on the island and people come to buy it. They browse among some of the tables, and overhear a man talking to a little girl. He tells her that their shop doesn't have enough stuff to sell and that her brother should just give up. Ash and his friends run up and the man walks off, saying that being next to this stand is bad for his business.

Ash and his friends talk to the little girl and she tells them that her big brother, Mateo, has gotten really discouraged lately and doesn't want to make glass anymore. She tells them that her name is Marissa and Ash brings out the note they found, asking her if she's the one who cast it into the ocean. Her face lights up and she asks them what they know about the Crystal Onix. Regretfully, Ash tells her that they don't know anything about it, and Marissa is crestfallen. Misty asks to talk to Mateo, and they are ushered inside.

Ash asks Mateo why there is so little merchandise at their stand, and he tells a story of his grandfather who would make beautiful glass Pokemon. When he died, Mateo tried to follow in his footsteps, but was never good enough. He shows them several statues that he made, and says that they're worthless. He shatters a Poliwhirl, and continues his story. He tells them that his grandfather's statues looked like they would come alive at any minute. His just don't have that and he needs inspiration. When Ash asks about this, Tracey explains that it's a feeling artists get that allows them to create wonderful things. Without it, creating things are very hard.

Mateo tells them that he needs to capture the Crystal Onix in order to get that inspiration. He relates the story his grandfather told him: his grandfather was mining one day when he saw the Onix. He shows them another statue, the one his grandfather made of the Crystal Onix. His grandfather once told Mateo that whenever he needed inspiration, he would think back to when he saw the Crystal Onix and that's all he needed. Mateo has looked all over the island, but has never found it. Misty offers to help him look and Ash and Tracey agree.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket is browsing through one of the stands. Jessie and James are distracted, and Meowth yells at them. They drop the glass objects they were holding, and they shatter. Of course, the owner comes up and tells them to pay for the stuff they broke. Since none of them have any money, they need to work it off chopping wood. As they chop, they overhear the owner talking to a fellow worker about how "Mateo and a bunch of kids" have gone off in search of the Crystal Onix. The owner scoffs, telling him that there is no such thing. Of course, Team Rocket plan to catch this rare Pokemon for themselves.

After a few minutes of walking, Tracey sends out his Venonat to help them find the Crystal Onix. It uses it radar and runs off. Unfortunately, it leads them to a pile of rocks that only look like an Onix. Tracey has another idea, however, and sends out a different Pokemon. This one is blue, round, and has a long, squiggly tail. Who is it? It's Marril!! Ash's Pokedex tells him that Marril's ears help it hear far off things, and the round tip on its tail helps keep it afloat in water battles. Ash asks Tracey if it will really work, and he tells them that Marril can hear Pokemon long before he sees them. Misty comments that they must make a good team.

Tracey pulls out a small tape player and plays a recording of Onix's cry. After being instructed to find something that sounds like that, it runs off. After a while, it stops on the shore and points to another small island a short ways off. The water parts, and a sandbar connecting both islands appears. They start to run over, but fall into a hole. Of course, this is the handiwork of Team Rocket. They say their motto and run across the natural bridge.

Marissa starts to cry, thinking that Team Rocket will kill the Crystal Onix. Ash soothes her, saying that they'll beat the Rockets. They get out of the hole and hurry across.

Soon enough, they come to a cage. Team Rocket is already there, but they somehow managed to fall into the traps that they were trying to set for Ash and his friends. Meowth asks them to free them, but Misty refuses. Marril points inside the cave, and they enter.

They enter a huge cavern filled with large crystals and a lake in the middle. Marril jumps into the water, and Tracey points out that its tail floats so that you can see where it is. It pops out again and points into the water. Suddenly, a large creature rears up from the depths. It's the Crystal Onix! The light shining through a hole in the ceiling reflects off its body, making it glitter. Mateo sends a Cloyster who tries to squirt the Onix. The water has no effect however, and just bounces off it. Onix lunges and Cloyster slams into a wall.

Team Rocket runs in, and Misty asks them how they got out of the traps. They refuse to divulge that information, and demand they give the Crystal Onix to them. They imagine what they would do with it and send out some Pokemon. Victreebel eats James head, again, and Staryu and Pikachu send them running. They run into the Onix, and he whips them through the ceiling and out of the episode.

Mateo confronts the Crystal Onix once again, and sends out his "glass-making partner", a Charmeleon. Onix throws some crystals at Charmeleon, which it easily dodges. Charmeleon then uses a Flamethrower and an Ember (which looks more like Fire Spin) attack which heats up the Onix. Mateo is about to catch it when he stops and stares into the eyes of the Onix. Onix lurches, and falls into the water. Ash tells him to catch it, but he tells Ash that he's already gotten the inspiration he needed.

They go back to Mateo's shop, and he wastes no time in starting a sculpture with Charmeleon's fire. The next day, Ash and his friends walk off carrying a tiny glass Pikachu. Everyone notes that Mateo should do just fine now, and they leave the island.