Some Like it Hot!

Some Like it Hot!
Japanese Title
Magcargo! Catch in the Hot Spirit
Who's That Pokemon?
First Aired
March 29, 2003
Cut Scenes

Ash is talking about his next badge (as usual), but Misty is complaining about the heat. Brock mentions that there are lots of volcanoes and hot springs around, which just makes Misty complain more.

JessieCo are soaking in the hot springs, so relaxed that Jessie doesn't even get mad at Wobbuffet when it pops up. Meowth spots AshCo, but they all decide to ignore them for now. Suddenly a huge geyser (sp?) erupts. JessieCo admire it until another geyser erupts underneath them, blasting them off.

It is now so hot that everyone is complaining, not just Misty. Misty yells at Ash for complaining, even though it's mostly her, and they get into an argument. Brock then gets annoyed at both of them, when suddenly they notice a magcargo. Ash looks it up in his pokédex and Brock notices that there are lots of them. However, rather than try to catch one of them, AshCo decide that they'd rather get out of the heat quickly. Finally, it they get to a slightly cooler place, however they come upon a huge magcargo blocking the road. Ash wakes it up by yelling at it. He tells it to get out of the way and makes a comment to himself on how dumb it was to sleep in the middle of the road. However, the giant magcargo just uses its flamethrower on them. Luckily, they dodge, but AshCo start to yell at it, which makes it even angrier. It uses its flamethrower on them again, then goes back to sleep. Ash then decides that they have to battle it in order to get it to move, but Misty says that she'll battle it because it's weak against water types. She calls Poliwhirl, but Psyduck comes out instead. She yells at it, but it just goes up to the magcargo and pops the bubble coming out of its nose, waking it up again. Psyduck then runs and hides behind Misty's leg. Misty gets annoyed at it, then calls out Poliwhirl. She orders it to use water gun, but the magcargo just uses withdraw to escape. Misty makes a comment on how unfair that is, and the magcargo uses rockslide by banging its body against the cliff. Poliwhirl dodges it, and then dodges a body slam, but the magcargo just uses flamethrower to finish it off. They hear someone laughing. The source is a little boy who then proceeds to make fun of Misty's battle techniques and makes a comment on how you can't win by just running away. Misty yells at him and he says that he is going to jump off the cliff he's on, but seems a little afraid of doing it. Brock makes a comment on how he might want to reconsider, but he just says that he has "fire spirit" and proceeds to jump off, landing right on his face. Ash asks if he's okay and he says that that was just a ploy to get his opponents to lower their guard. Misty then starts to yell at him for insulting her, but he just makes fun of her some more and offers to show her how it's really done. However, the magcargo has started to move on, and he yells at Misty for making it go away, along with a few more insults. She says that if she's going to be this mad at someone, she should at least know his name. He then introduces himself as Egan, the Prince of Fire. Misty does a similar introduction, introducing herself as the Water Princess. Egan and Misty keep throwing insults at each while Ash and Brock make comments on the two children should just calm down and if they can't get along, then they should just take a time out. They eventually challenge each other to a battle, but Egan says that he has to look for magcargo and chases after it, but not without an insult aimed at Misty.

JessieCo are in their balloon, talking about how refreshing that last blast-off was, when another geyser blasts them off again.

Misty is still complaining about Egan when suddenly AshCo see him running out of a cave. He asks them if they've seen the magcargo, and Misty makes fun of him for not capturing it yet. He gets angry with her, when suddenly the magcargo comes by. Egan challenges it to a battle and sends out a flareon. Flareon uses flamethrower, but the magcargo just uses withdraw the same way it did with Poliwhirl. It then uses rockslide again. Egan orders a quick attack, but the rocks hit Flareon anyway. Flareon uses another flamethrower, but the magcargo withdraws again. Egan calls it a loser, and it gets angry and uses flamethrower on Flareon. It is about to use body slam, when Misty tells it to dodge it. Egan yells at her to stay out of this and tells Flareon to use a ìflaming tackleî. However, the magcargo is stronger and knocks Flareon down. Misty says that Flareon is in bad shape and Egan should call it quits, but Egan refuses. They both use flamethrower at the same time, but the magcargo's is stronger and Flareon gets knocked out. Ash and Brock tell him that he put up a good fight, but Misty makes fun of him. She claims that laughter is the best medicine and she's just trying to help. Egan begins to thank her, but then gets stubborn and starts another fight. Brock says that everyone's blood sugar is a little low and that they should eat. Egan says that he's not really hungry, but he'll eat just to be polite. His stomach then growls and Misty makes fun of him for it.

JessieCo, who have been spying on them, are disappointed. They were planning on stealing the magcargo from Egan after he captured it. Meowth then mentions that he's hungry and James points out the fact that they don't have any food. Jessie then complains about the heat and everyone turns around to discover the giant magcargo is using flamethrower. They then all run off in the distance with their bums on fire.

Ash comments on how mealtimes are his favorite times of the day, while Egan and Flareon are sitting apart from everyone else. Misty offers him some hot cocoa and Egan thanks her. He then admits that he feels a little guilty for pushing Flareon so hard. Misty says that it looks like Egan takes perfectly good care of it. Egan says that his Flareon is very important to him, but when he battles, it feels like there is a fire inside, and if he doesn't keep battling, it'll consume him. Misty says that she feels the same way, and Egan makes a comment on how bad of a temper she has. She tells him to be more polite, and they both agree to stop the rivalry they had started earlier. Egan asks why she likes water types so much and Misty starts talking about how they can adapt to situations, just like water. Egan makes fun of her a little and says that he'll remember her advice next time he battles.

They later run into the magcargo and Egan once again challenges it to a battle, using Flareon. This time it starts off with a rockslide, Egan remembers Misty's advice and tells Flareon to study the flow of the rocks and dodge them. He does successfully, and then uses flamethrower. The magcargo uses withdraw again, but this time Egan tells Flareon to get on top of the magcargo. The magcargo comes out of its shell and Flareon uses flamethrower on its head. The magcargo tries to shake it off, but Flareon holds on tight and uses flamethrower again. The magcargo withdraws again, but Egan tells it to use tackle. Flareon jumps off of the magcargo and uses a nearby rock to use tackle on it, forcing it out of its shell. Flareon uses flamethrower to knock it out, allowing Egan to capture it. While he's celebrating though, Team Rocket uses a giant arm to steal the pokéball. Egan yells at them. Prepare for trouble like a hot lava flow/ and make it double or to the showers you'll go/ to protect our team from the volcano's wrath/ we keep cool while you get a hot rock bath/ to denounce truth and love form our very first pitch/ hit it out of the park, wouldn't that be a switch/ Jessie/ James/ winding up we prepare for a home run (Jessie throws a flaming baseball)/ keep your eye on the ball here comes a hard one (James catches the ball and throws it)/ (Meowth catches it and starts crying) I thought this was softball. AshCo and JessieCo then exchange their normal threats and Misty sends out Poliwhirl. Poliwhirl uses water gun to break the hand and Egan catches his pokéball. Jessie sends out Arbok and Victreebell starts to bite James again (strangeÖI don't recall him calling it out). Egan responds by sending out Magcargo. Abok uses poison sting, which is taken care of by Poliwhirl's water gun and Victreebell uses razor leaf, which is burned up by Magcargo's flamethrower. Poliwhirl and Magcargo attack together, knocking Arbok and Victreebell out and Pikachu blasts them off again. Egan and Misty make friends and promise to battle each other next time. They all part ways.