Ash Ketchum

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General Information
Name: Ash Ketchum (American), Satoshi (Japanese)
Name Meaning: Satoshi is named after the creator of Pokemon, Satoshi Tajiri. Ash Ketchum's first name comes from the English word ash and, the last coming from "catch 'em."
Gender: Male
Age: Est. 20
Height: Est. 5 Feet
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Hometown: Pallet Town, Kanto
First Episode: Pokemon: I Choose You
Aspirations: To be the world's greatest Pokemon Master.
In the Games: Ash is based off of the main character in Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow.

Mother: Delia Ketchum
Father: Professor Oak (Speculated), Giovanni (Speculated)

Voice Actors
English (4Kids): Veronica Taylor
English (Pokemon USA): Sarah Natochenny
Japanese: Matsumoto Rica

Indigo League - Top 16
Orange League - A Winner
Johto League - Top 8
Hoenn League - Top 8

From the small town of Pallet, Ash is the main character in Pokemon. Ash is a Pokemon trainer who travels around different regions to earn badges from Gym Leaders to enter Pokemon Leagues. His goal is to be the greatest Pokemon Master there ever was. He started his journey when he woke up late and missed all the normal starting Pokemon, so he got paired with a disobedient electric mouse, Pikachu. They didn't get along at the beginning, but after their first few adventures, they became the best of friends.

Ash travels with friends. When he first met Misty he accidentally wrecked her bike, but in their travels together, they have become good friends. He then met Brock, a Pokemon breeder. Together they traveled around Kanto. From then Ash has made a lot of friends and enemies. On his travels, he has traveled with Misty, Brock, Tracey, May and Max. He has met people from the Elite Four and has received valuable advice from them. He has also met criminal gangs like Team Rocket. Some rumor has it that he has a crush on Misty.

Ash can be naive at times because he does things without thinking, but he always tries to do the right thing. Unlike other trainers, Ash cares about his Pokemon and would rather throw in the towel than risk a Pokemon's well-being. Ash is always trying to learn new things and help others out. Ash's determination has earned him many badges. His hard work has paid off as Ash owns a top 16 finish at the Indigo League, a victory in the Orange Islands competition, a top 8 finish at the Johto League and a top 8 finish at the Hoenn League.

Some say Ash is the luckiest boy alive, since he has seen so many rare Pokemon and beaten so many Gym Leaders with over 50 years of experience as Pokemon trainers. Ash is lucky, but that's what makes his adventures captivating, since you never know what's going to happen next. However, Ash does seem to be pretty forgetful, since he scans almost any Pokemon he sees, but that's because he wants to learn all he can about the world of Pokemon.

Ash has appeared in every movie and episode from the beginning. Ash trains very hard with his Pokemon, teaching them new attacks and just improving their skills. He can train his Pokemon in different and unusual ways.

Ash battles very well. He knows that Pokemon battling isn't all about power. He sometimes gets very cocky. Ash knows his types and what advantages they have over other Pokemon. In Gym battles, just when Ash is about to lose, most of the time, he comes from behind and finds a way to win.

Ash always has to be on the top of his game, since Team Rocket could attack at any second. If he sees another trainer in distress, Ash is always willing to lend a helping hand. Along with his friends, Ash will stop at nothing until he is the world's greatest Pokemon master!

Badges Obtained (Anime):
Boulder Badge Boulder Badge
Gym Location: Pewter City
Gym Leader: Brock
Given in episode: Showdown at Pewter City
Cascade Badge Cascade Badge
Gym Location: Cerulean City
Gym Leader: Misty
Given in episode: The Water Flowers of Cerulean City
Thunder Badge Thunder Badge
Gym Location: Vermilion City
Gym Leader: Lt. Surge
Won in episode: Electric Shock Showdown
Marsh Badge Marsh Badge
Gym Location: Saffron City
Gym Leader: Sabrina
Given in episode: Haunter Versus Kadabra
Rainbow Badge Rainbow Badge
Gym Location: Celadon City
Gym Leader: Erika
Given in episode: Pokemon Scent-sation
Soul Badge Soul Badge
Gym Location: Fuchsia City
Gym Leader: Koga
Won in episode: The Ninja Poke-Showdown
Volcano Badge Volcano Badge
Gym Location: Cinnabar City
Gym Leader: Blaine
Won in episode: Volcanic Panic
Earth Badge Earth Badge
Gym Location: Viridian City
Gym Leaders: Jessie, James
Won in episode: The Battle of the Badge
Coral Eye Badge Coral Eye Badge
Gym Location: Mikan Island
Gym Leader: Cissy
Won in episode: Fit to be Tide
Sea Ruby Badge Sea Ruby Badge
Gym Location: Navel Island
Gym Leader: Danny
Won in episode: Navel Maneuvers
Spike Shell Badge Spike Shell Badge
Gym Location: Trovita Island
Gym Leader: Rudy
Won in episode: Misty Meets Her Match
Jade Star Badge Jade Star Badge
Gym Location: Kumquat City
Gym Leader: Luana
Won in episode: Pokemon Double Trouble
Zephyr Badge Zephyr Badge
Gym Location: Violet City
Gym Leader: Falkner
Won in episode: Fighting Flyer with Fire!
Hive Badge Hive Badge
Gym Location: Azalea Town
Gym Leader: Bugsy
Won in episode: Gettin' The Bugs Out
Plain Badge Plain Badge
Gym Location: Goldenrod City
Gym Leader: Whitney
Won in episode: A Dairy Tale Ending
Fog Badge Fog Badge
Gym Location: Ecruteak City
Gym Leader: Morty
Won in episode: From Ghost to Ghost
Storm Badge Storm Badge
Gym Location: Cianwood City
Gym Leader: Chuck
Won in episode: Machoke, Machoke Man!
Mineral Badge Mineral Badge
Gym Location: Olivine City
Gym Leader: Jasmine
Won in episode: Nerves of Steelix
Glacier Badge Glacier Badge
Gym Location: Mahogany Town
Gym Leader: Pryce
Won in episode: Nice Pryce, Baby!
Rising Badge Rising Badge
Gym Location: Blackthorn City
Gym Leader: Clair
Won in episode: Better Eight Than Never
Stone Badge Stone Badge
Gym Location: Rustboro City
Gym Leader: Roxanne
Won in episode: The Winner by a Nosepass
Knuckle Badge Knuckle Badge
Gym Location: Dewford Town
Gym Leader: Brawly
Won in episode: Just One of The Geysers
Dynamo Badge Dynamo Badge
Gym Location: Mauville City
Gym Leader: Wattson
Won in episode: Watt's With Wattson?
Heat Badge Heat Badge
Gym Location: Lavaridge Town
Gym Leader: Flannery
Won in episode: Going, Going, Yawn
Balance Badge Balance Badge
Gym Location: Petalburg City
Gym Leader: Norman
Won in episode: Balance of Power
Feather Badge Feather Badge
Gym Location: Fortree City
Gym Leader: Winona
Won in episode: Sky High Gym Battle!
Mind Badge Mind Badge
Gym Location: Mossdeep City
Gym Leader: Liza, Tate
Won in episode: Solid as a Solrock
Rain Badge Rain Badge
Gym Location: Sootopolis City
Gym Leader: Juan
Won in episode: Eight Ain't Enough
Coal Badge Coal Badge
Gym Location: Oreburgh City
Gym Leader: Roark
Won in episode: O'er the Rampardos We Watched
Forest Badge Forest Badge
Gym Location: Eterna City
Gym Leader: Gardenia
Won in episode: The Grass Meangerie!
Cobble Badge Forest Badge
Gym Location: Veilstone City
Gym Leader: Maylene
Won in episode: A Triple Fighting Chance!
Fen Badge Forest Badge
Gym Location: Pastoria City
Gym Leader: Crasher Wake
Won in episode: A Crasher Course in Power!
Relic Badge Forest Badge
Gym Location: Hearthome City
Gym Leader: Fatina
Won in episode: Shield with a Twist!
Mine Badge Forest Badge
Gym Location: Canalave
Gym Leader: Bryon
Won in episode: Dealing With Defensive Types!

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